Tuesday 15 October 2019

Fall 2019. Jewellery Trends

Hello guys!

After a longer pause, I'm back with a new post!
I'm here to talk about this season's jewellery trends, and some of my favourite pieces.

I'm a big fan of accessories and jewellery, because I think with just a few right pieces, you can definitely transform your style, or update your wardrobe, without breaking a bank.
I love custom jewellery, unique and handmade pieces, trendy bits, but also more expensive, classic and timeless pieces, it all depends on my mood and the occasion.

In this post I teamed up with getnamenecklace, to bring you some of their most popular and requested pieces!

We all like personalized pieces, as those have a special meaning and are timeless, and are also a great gift ideas. We're getting closer and closer to holiday season, so why not choose to give something meaningful to your someone special, cheap personalized Jewelry is great option and is available for any budget.

Let's see a few of my favourite pieces:

This Engraved Heart Sterling Silver Monogram CZ Ring is very popular, and a cute statement piece, but you can also layer it with some more dainty rings from your collection.

Another simple, but cute ring is this Engraved Sweetheart Ring with Double Initials Sterling Silver, I like the fact that you can engrave your initials, or yours and your loved one!

Bracelets are also a very nice gift idea! I love to wear meaningful, dainty bracelets all year round, not only in summertime.
There is a big selection of bracelets available here: https://www.getnamenecklace.com/best-bracelets-for-girlfriend

This is by far my favourite one, and I hope my hubby is reading this post! haha ;-)

I like to wear both silver, and gold, and this time I opt for Engraved Heart Bangle with Birthstone in Gold. How do you like it?

You might be surprised, but there is also a necklace for ashes available at getnamenecklace. 
I must confess, it's the first time I hear about this idea! I don't think it's for everyone's taste, but some people might find the confort in wearing it.

However, I only want to think about the positive things, because Fall itself with those rainy and foggy days, can be a bit depressing, so only happy thoughts are welcome here!
On a different note, there is also a Halloween special going on, with promo codes, and cute jewellery for the occasion, so take a look!
Have you already made some plans?
I can't believe how time flies so quickly, soon it'll be festive season again!

I'm sending you lots of love from Italy and hoping to talk to you soon!

* in collaboration with getnamenecklace.com
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