Wednesday 29 September 2021

Fall fashion trends 2021. that you'll want to wear

 Hello lovelies!

Today we're going to have some fun, chatting about new fashion trends for the fall 2021. season.

I don't have a lot of items on my wish list, because I alraedy have pretty much everything that I need, but I always like to share some of my favourite pieces with you, so hopefully you can get inspired and see what do you want to add to your existing wardrobe to update it for the new season.

Here are some trendy women's tops that I really like:

This cozy sweater comes in a whole variety of different colours, but my favourite is this baby blue. It looks very cozy and comfy, and just perfect for the fall! In my opinion, it's better to opt for pastels and bright colours, rather than all grey or black wardrobe. Colours can bring cheerfulness and improve your mood so everyday tasks can become easier to handle!

I also really like this grey sweater with flower print. It's very unique and special, and I really like the idea of layering it on top of a simple white shirt, or even a denim shirt, for a more casual look.

Ninacloak is a fashion brand that offers latest fashion trends, and also basic must have items, at very affordable prices.

When it comes to shopping for clothes, I'm always for a good bargain, and affordable, yet cute and good quality items.

This season is going to be all about casual sweaters womens and here are some basic ones that you'll want to have if you're just starting to build up your wardrobe for the fall.

This white turtleneck sweater will really keep you warm during those chilly fall days. I really like the buttons detailing, it adds to the whole outfit. This sweater also comes in a whole variety of different colours, so you can choose your favourite one, but I think a white thick sweater is definitely a must have, basic and timeless piece in everyone's closet.

This beige knitted cardigan is another very nice piece to add to your fall wardrobe.

I really like this white and beige trend for the colder months. It looks very chic!

Leopard print will never go out of style, and it's a print that goes well all year round! I really like how here it's mixed with two different shades of beige, and this cozy sweater looks just perfect paired with jeans.

For this new season, I recommend cozy and comfy clothes that looks good on you, light colours to brighten up the days that are getting shorter and shorter, mix different prints and styles and create your unique "signature" look!

I hope this inspired you! Let me know what are your favourite fashion trends for this fall season, and check out Ninacloak if you're looking for a place to do some affordable on line shopping!

* in collaboration with Ninacloak

Saturday 18 September 2021

Last summer OOTD of this year


Hello lovelies!

This is my last outfit post from the magical island of Rab in Croatia. I guess this might just be my last summer OOTD post for this year! 

The forecast says it's going to rain from now on, for a good couple of weeks, we'll see, but I think fall season is slowly, but surely knocking at our doors.

I'll try to take pics of some fall inspired outfits that I'll be wearing in the next few weeks, because I want to keep my blog active, and also a fun & inspiring place for you to stop by.

These here are some photos I haven't posted yet, I'm wearing just a trikini and a beach cover up, as we were spending the day at the beach.

Trikini is this season's, from New Yorker, and the bikini cover up is from H&M and I've had it for a couple of years (I love it, it's so pretty!)

I guess that's that! Time to say goodbye to summer '21. with this outfit post :-)

I'll chat to you soon!

Friday 17 September 2021

Vero Moda second hand dress (Textile House awesome finds!!!)


Hello lovelies!

I'm here with a new OOTD post from the wonderful island of Rab in Croatia :-)

What can I say, this place really inspired me to start taking OOTD pics again and share them here on my blog! I don't know if you guys already know this fact about me, but I looove second hand clothes, thrifting is my big passion :-)

I've been a big fan of thrifting ever since I lived in London and worked in a charity shop, back in 2004.!

It was a long time ago, but I still have very fond memories of that, and I still actually prefer thrift stores to  regular high street fashion stores!

This lovely dress I picked at Textile House in Rijeka Croatia for only 1-2€! Textile House is my fave store to shop at when I'm in Rijeka, because they have really amazing clothes, different brands (from designer, to high street), at very affordable prices. I was always able to find such a great gems there!

This little summer dress by Vero Moda I wore to the beach, and it was just perfect for the summer heat.

I hope that you like this look :-)

Leave me your comments!

 Hello lovelies!

This post is a bit different, because it's not about fashion, but about food and vlogs, so I'm going to write it in croatian language, because the videos that I filmed on those subjects are in croatian, so it seems appropriate!

Bok drustvo! 

Imam novu ideju za videe na kanalu, ovo je nesto sasvim drugacije od onoga sto ste navikli gledati, ali malo promijene uvijek dobro dodje!

U novom videu prelistavam katalog Lidl Italija za aktualni tjedan, pokazujem vam sto je trenutno na ponudi i kakve su cijene, te sto bih si ja kupila, sto vam mogu preporuciti. 

Mislim da je to dobar nacin da usporedimo malo cijene sa drugim zemljama u odnosu na Italiju, te koliko kosta zivot u Italiji. 

U Lidlu znam cesto kupovati jer imaju super ponudu, ok cijene, uvijek se nadje nesto novo i fino!

Sto se tice zivota u Italiji i cijene hrane, imam dojam da su se "mic po mic" cijene utrostrucile i to sve u ovih zadnjih godinu i pol dana od kada traje "pandemija". Dok sam inace tjednu kupovinu mogla obaviti za €70 za cijelu obitelj, sada je za napuniti potrosacku kosaricu potrebno izdvojiti puno vise novaca.

Kamo to sve vodi?

Ideju za video "pokupila" sam od Josipe sa JosephineJLO kanala! Ja sam zainteresirana za uvesti neke novosti na kanal pa zbog toga i eksperimentiram sa snimanjem razlicitog sadrzaja, a na vama je da li ce se takvi videi i zadrzati na kanalu, ili ne!

Nadam se da vam se svidja, u svakom slucaju, javite mi vase misljenje!! Javite mi, da li biste zeljeli vidjeti jos ovakvih videa na mojem kanalu?

Ujedno, podijeliti cu sa vama i par videa, vlogica, koji su vec na kanalu, pa ih pogledajte ukoliko vam se vlogici svidaju. Snimala sam u Italiji i u Hrvatskoj, ima i dosta snimaka mora, prelijepih plazi, relax, opustanje, uzivancija, a ima i one "dosadne" svakodnevnice.

Ostavite mi svakako vas komentar jer mi vase misljenje o daljnjem usmjeravanju kanala (sto najvise volite gledati) puno znaci!

Novi vlogici na kanalu, pogledajte:

Very basic OOTD with DIY camo spiked tank top


Hello lovelies!

How are you doing? I'm here with a quick outfit post from my past trip to the island of Rab in Croatia.

We went to the beach every day, and I wanted to share with you some of the outfits I wore during my stay there! This outfit is very simple & basic, but I love it because it's super comfy and I feel very at ease wearing something like that.

My tank top is super old, it was actually my Dad's old T-shirt, that I did a DIY project on, and transformed it, something like 8 years ago, but as you can see, I still very much love it and enjoy wearing it.

Have you guys seen this DIY tutorial that I filmed 8 years ago??

I'll include it here bellow so you can take a look, I think it's fun to see such a #throwback video!

Back to this outfit, here are a few more pics...

Basic cotton shorts: H&M

DIY spiked camo print tank top from my Dad's old T-shirt

sandals: Noracora, available here

Noracora shop: Unlimited 20% off on orders over US$1 Code: SNS2021

sunnies: Vans

Have you seen my recent fashion haul video yet?

Wednesday 15 September 2021



Hello lovelies!

I have a new hair colour review video up on my channel, so I wanted to share it here, so you can watch it, if you haven't yet!

In this video I try Schwarzkopf Palette Instant Colour in shade 0 frosted blonde and share my review with you. Here is an effective way how to upkeep blonde locks and say bye, bye to brassy yellow hair!

This product works really good on already bleached blonde hair. It'll freshen up your blonde, but it doesn't have any power to change the colour of your hair, or cover up your greys. In fact, I'd compare this to a purple hair conditioner, or a mask.

I picked it up at my local Drogerie Markt drugstore, and as my hair is quite long, I got two packages.

I left it on my hair for 5-10 minutes and the result was very nice (but note that it didn't have any effect on my darker roots, that needed to be touch up). 

If you're a blondie too, share with me some of your fave products and best tips on how to upkeep your blonde locks and make them healthy and shiny!



Hi guys!

In this post I'll show you one cute two piece sports set that I ordered from Noracora. 

I love the colour pink and the fit this set has. The pants are high waisted, and the top part with the hoodie is cropped, so it's perfect!

The material is very lightweight, even seethrough, so I think it's good if you have a bathing suit underneath, or for lounging around in the privacy of your own home.

I ordered it in a size S, and it fits true to size. Lately I've been loving sporty and comfy clothes, so this set is perfect for me.

Noracora shop: Unlimited 20% off on orders over US$1 Code: SNS2021

This two piece set is available here

Trikini that I'm wearing underneath this set is from New Yorker, and the slippers are Adidas.

Let me know how do you like this sporty summer look?

xo from the island of Rab in Croatia!

Sunday 12 September 2021



Hi guys!

I filmed this video some time ago, but now I found the files on my computer and decided to edit it! I think it's going to interest you :-)

My son was so little here, yet already he was helping me out with this project, how cute! :-)

In this fun and simple, easy DIY project, I gave my old Diesel sweatshirt a second life and transformed it to a cool new thing to wear! Actually, this was my hubby's sweatshirt when he was a teenager, or a young adult, and then he gave it to me, and I used it for years to sleep in it. It got stained and it just looked awful, but I still wanted to try and give it a second chance!

I used Coloreria italiana fabric colour and did some fabric cutting to update the style of my sweatshirt. In my video I also talk about being less consumist and just appreciate the thing we already have in our wardrobe, and make the most out of what we already have instead of constantly buying new stuff.

I hope you like this video! Please support my channel by liking & subscribing, it really means a lot!

this is how my old sweatshirt looked like

this is how my old sweatshirt looked like

I used Coloreria Italiana colour for fabric in "Grigio Antico" to update my sweatshirt

I also cut the sweatshirt to update the style a bit, and my doggy (and my little son), were helping me out :-)

The whole process of coloring is super simple and the instructions are pretty clear and easy to follow!

I'm super happy with my cool, "new" sweatshirt! I'll definitely be making more of these DIY projects, giving my clothes a second life!

Let me know, have you ever done similar DIY projects with your clothes, and transformed something you weren't wearing anymore, into a super cool "new" item that you wanted to wear all the time?

I hope this inspired you to do so!

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