Thursday 30 August 2012

Holiday Outfit Vlog # 2. Fringe Vest & Boyfriend Fit Shorts

Hello girls!

When you're vacationing on the island, it's all about the sun, the sea, and going to a different beach every day!

One of my favourite locations on the island of Rab is called Suha Punta. It is a very green part of the island, and there are plenty of nice beaches there.

Here is what I was wearing that day, for the beach:

(hit the play button to watch my OOTD vid!)

One of the essential items in my beach bag:
A bottle of water!

As long as I have enough fresh water with me,
I'm smiling! :)

Outfit of the Day:
Fringe vest for the beach!

Acting a bit silly...trying out some dance on the camera OMG ;D

Sunset at the beach of Suha Punta, Rab <3

Bikini by H&M

My 2nd day at the beach: Still need to work on that tan, lol!

Hubby ♥

One of my summer fashion must- haves!
I don't go anywhere without this hat!

I was wearing:

Straw fedora: Jennifer
Fringe vest: H&M 
Leopard print bandeau top: Bershka
Seashell necklace: Italian open market
Boyfriend fit shorts: GAS (my hubby's, from his teenage days...)
Havaianas flip flops
Seashell anklet: Bought at the island of Rab, back in 2002. !!
(I still wear this anklet EVERY summer!)
Bikini: H&M
Beach bag: Juicy Couture

Later on that evening...

...we went for a walk at the center of the Rab town, and to grab some yummy ice- creams!
I haven't had a chance to film my Outfit of the Night...anyway, it wouldn't work out as I didn't have the appropriate lighting ... so we just took a few pics of my outfit instead...

Shall we do my hubby's outfit first? ;)

He was wearing:

Jeans: River Island
Grey polo shirt: H&M
Green shirt: H&M
Sneakers: Puma

I guess that's it, as he wasn't accessorizing much! :D

I was wearing:

Tank top: DIY project (from my Dad's old Tee)
Pink/lace bandeau top: H&M
Crochet shorts: Zara
Wedges: H&M
Grey beaded necklace: Promod
Long chain necklace: H&M
Clutch: H&M
Chanel style jacket: Stradivarius
Watch: Fossil "Stella" in rose gold

Those were our outfits!

I hope I managed to transfer to you, through these pics, at least a little bit of the taste of our vacations on the island!
More OOTD pics & vids are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Looooveee youuu all so much!!!
xoxo Sonja

Holiday Outfit Vlog # 1. Tribal Dress & Studded Denim

Hello lovelies!

Upon our arrival at the beautiful island of Rab, the first thing we did, after we unloaded our suitcases, was changed into our bathing suits, and hop to the beaach, to catch the last sun rays for the day & to watch the wonderful sunset!

I managed to do a Holiday Outfit Vlog video, where I catched the beauty of the sunset, and quickly showed you what was I wearing to the beach that afternoon...

You can check out this short little OOTD vid here:

& here are a few pics that we've taken that afternoon:

Golden Point bikini & Havaianas...
anklet made of sea shells...
what else do I need for the perfect holiday??

The vacation can finally begin!

After just one afternoon at the beach, my hair has gone all wild & crazy, lol!

the beauty of the sunset...

my hubby, acting silly ;))
I had to include this one!

Summer bliss... ;)

Just an "artistic" one...this has caught the eye of the photographer ( hubby's)

I hope you liked the pics!
More to come, from my magical island :)

xoxo Sonja

OOTD: Travelling to My Summer Vacations Destination!

Hello girls!

Here is what I wore for my trip to the island of Rab.
There I spent my summer vacations :)

It's a beautiful croatian island, and I often vacation there.
I used to live there when I was a child, and I still have some good family friends there, so it's always nice to visit!
Rab feels like home :)

Just before my trip, I filmed a quick OOTD video, I wanted to show you guys how I like to travel: being casual, but still with a trendy twist ;)

Check out my video here:

It took us less than 3 hours to arrive to the island, and the trip included a short (15min) ride on the ferry.
It is always windy on the ferry, so for that occasion, I brought with me this light fabric, "Chanel style" jacket, from Stradivarius fashion store.

Here are just a few pics that we took during our trip:

My hubby on the ferry

On the ferry...mainland is behind me.

On our way to my happy place :)

For this trip, I wore:

Chanel style jacket: Stradivarius
White tank top: Bershka
Boyfriend fit shorts: GAS (those were actually my hubby's jeans when he was a teenager. We cut them into a shorts and now I enjoy wearing them!)
Bag: H&M
Sunnies: H&M
Earrings: Promod

I hope this inspired you if you're about to go on a trip and wondering what to wear, to be comfy, yet stay stylish ;)

xoxo Sonja

OOTD: Floral Jeans & Alexander Wang Style Jacket

Hello lovelies!

In one of my past videos, I've shared an exciting purchase with you: My new "Alexander Wang" style, denim & leather jacket!

Here is my jacket styled in one of the OOTD videos that I filmed during my stay in Croatia:

Alexander Wang style jacket: ZARA TRF
Floral print skinny jeans: H&M (L.O.G.G.)
Studded sneakers: NADHI footwear store in Italy
Clutch: H&M
Sunnies: H&M
Skull print Tee: ZARA TRF
Earrings: PROMOD
Charm bracelet: SOUFEEL

I hope you like it!
Leave me your comments :)

xoxo Sonja

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