Wednesday 27 April 2022

Choosing the right underwear for your body shape

 Hello there!

Since the spring season has started and we're approaching summertime and hot weather, you guys know that I have been doing a series on how to look and feel your best in the clothes you're wearing 😊

I think one of the most important things when renewing your wardrobe for the new season is to pay the attention to choosing the right kind of underwear to accentuate and flatter your body figure.

For this post I teamed up with lover-beauty, they're on line web store specialized in under garments that will dramatically change your figure for the better!

I recommend body shaper buttock lifter as one of the very popular choice for shaping and accentuating your behind.

This nude 4 steel bones high waist shape wear thong body slimmer is a must have for any kind of important occasion when you are wearing more revealing or body fitting clothes, as it will instantly give you a more charming shape and it is completely seamless under your clothes.

It also comes in black version, but I prefer it in nude as I can wear it under both dark and light colored clothes.

Another huge success is the item that is designed to shape your waist.

Waist trainer wholesale is very popular and here are just a few of the examples.

This light green removable strap sticker waist cincher is powerful enough to smooth your tummy and your can easily achieve better results when you're doing yoga, running, rope skipping, gym, or just daily wearing.

Another must have is this waist trainer in nude color:

When you wear it around your waist it increases your body temperature and burn extra calories. It's suitable for all body curves.

There are many more items that will instantly help you in getting better figure, and here you were able to find just a few of my recommendations.

I definitely encourage you to take a look and pick your favorite one depending on your body shape and requirements.

I hope this post was helpful:-)

I'll talk to you soon!

* in collaboration with lover-beauty

Tuesday 26 April 2022



Hello lovelies!

I love living by the sea and being able to take long walks at the beach!

It feels great to be able to breath in fresh sea air and just enjoy the beautiful environment :-)

Sometimes it can be super cold and chilly by the sea, especially if the cold wind such as Bura, is blowing.

I like to dress warm enough to be able to enjoy my walk, without freezing myself! I got this super warm puffer jacket by Kway at Asos second hand store. I really got some amazing deals there :-)

These photos were taken at the beautiful location of the island of Krk in Croatia, the place is called Kijac and we sometimes go here to the beach in summertime.

I wore my tiger print pants by H&M, and just a simple black knitted gilet.

Jacket: Kway (from Messina Hembry Asos Marketplace second hand store)

Black gilet: Noracora

Pants: H&M

Boots: from "Quello Giusto" store

Backpack: Guess

Sunglasses: Koalaeye

Check out women fashion jeans for good prices and cute models!

I'll talk to you soon!


Monday 25 April 2022

Secrets to a perfect figure :-)

 Hello guys!

Today's post is in collaboration with one famous internet brand that specializes in selling undergarments and high quality body shaping items.

I often talk about the importance of choosing the best quality under garments in order to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin, and in order to look great in the clothes that you are wearing.

For this post I teamed up with shapellx and I want to recommend you some really useful things that you can implement in your already existing wardrobe such as plus size waist trainer.

These will give your plus size figure better appearance as it will gently shape and accentuate your curves.

You can check out the full selection on their web store.

but these are the ones that I fondly recommend:

This hourglass full body shaper helps you look and feel your best from the waist down. It also shapes and firms your tummy for a perfect dress fit.

Waist trainer for women is often used to accentuate your figure and enhance your body's best features but also hide some little "imperfections ".

You can also use it when you're exercising to get optimal results quicker!

This leopard print fitness waist trainer is designed to let you move freely through any kind of exercise and helps you sweat and burn inches off your waist.

This particular model comes in a variety of different colors and you can see even more on their website so take a look :-)

There are various experiences from satisfied clients saying how waist trainer helped them in achieving that perfect figure and you can also check out their waist trainer before and after pictures that testify to the quality and effectiveness of the product.

This pink version is really cute and popular!

I love how the "real " customers are showing the product and their experience with it.

If you want to see and hear more testimonies check out their website. 

If you need a little help to improve the appearance of your body figure I recommend eating healthy, exercising and using the right kind of under garments:-)

I hope you find this useful!

I'll talk to you soon!

*in collaboration with shapellx

Friday 22 April 2022

Making my house a home: Studio room/ guest room renovation!

 Hello guys!

How are you doing?

Today I wanted to share something a bit different than my usual fashion & beauty topics here on my blog.

I wanted to document everything about renewing my house and making it a home.

The work is going rather slowly, and it's been a bit frustrating at times because I thought by the spring time, we would have finished at least with one floor, but it turns out we only managed to renew one room!

The reason behind this is because we don't have that much time free to invest into this project, since we have our daily life work/obligations/house work, so only when we have some extra time on our hands, we can dedicate ourselves to making our house a home.

We now live in a big house in Croatia, with a very spacious backyard, and this used to be my parent's house. When my Dad past away, 10 years ago, the left the house to me, and we only stayed here during our summer vacations and a couple of weeks a year. So obviously now there is a ton of work to be done! Sometimes it feels overwhelming, but then, I have to remind myself to just relax and not rush anything, but enjoy the process. I can't expect everything to fall into place overnight!

So finally we managed to finish our first project: Studio/ guest room! It's the first room in this house that we redecorated, and now it looks just the way I wanted it to!

I combined some old furniture from my parents, with some old pieces, and did a lot of DIY home decor projects :-) I really had fun with it and enjoyed creating little home decor objects :-)

Here I have a vlog showing you the renovation process, but I'll soon film a video on the finished look:

We bought the chest and the lamp in Momax, and photo frames and black candle in Pepco. We found a lot of affordable and beautiful home decor pieces in those two shops.

I really, really wanted a lot of golden stars on the walls of this room. This is supposed to be a room for relaxation, reading a good book, or watching a fave tv show, but also a place from where I can work on my blog/ youtube projects, and...why not, a place from where I can dream!

The couch is also new, we bought in at Momax, and the furry blanket/cover is from H&M home (I got it on sale, while I was still working there.)

I still need to put some flowers in this vase, I was actually thinking of an olive tree branch and some palm tree leaves, that I'll paint in gold.

We also have our little work corner, and I love how it's placed right by the window, so it always is very pleasant to work from this position because from here I can look at my trees and the nearby sea.

The mirror, basket and blanket are from Pepco, and the vase in hand made and quite a vintage piece, from my parents.

The straw basket is also very old, and I painted it, and these old little pumpkins too :-)

From the window I see my old oak tree, and then, the beautiful blue sea :-)

I hope you liked this type of post! Let me know how do you like the final result how the room turned out? Is this your style too, or would you have done things differently? I really want to hear all about what do you have to say about it!

If you like this kind of topics that concerns home decor and house renovations, I'll make sure to post more frequently about it and keep you updated on the renovation process :-)

Talk to you soon!

Thursday 21 April 2022

Shapewear secrets to a perfect body

 Hello lovelies!

As the warmer weather arrived, we tend to dress in lightweight clothes, more revealing and we might tend to feel self conscious about it. After a long winter, it is possible that we gained some weight, or, if we haven't been exercising, that we're generally feeling just out of shape.

This is where best shapewear comes to the rescue! :-)

Here are some of my go to options that every woman should have in her closet:

This is a simple, classic black invisible bodysuit shaper, it is a very useful accessorie for all kinds of clothes in your wardrobe, from tight pants and sweaters to loose tops, skirts and dresses.

It has adjustable straps, no panty lines, smooth and trimmed waist, deep v-neck.

It also comes in nude.

Next fave of mine is this Lycra soft cup shaping bodysuit

This sleek fabric is ultra lightweight and offers all over, magic shaping! I also like the fact that it has adjustable shoulder straps and soft cup so it gives no compression to the bust area.

Women's secret to the best figure is often combined with healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and also the right type of underwear, depending on the outfit that you're wearing, that can accentuate or hide your curves.

In the recent years, it's been very popular to accentuate your behind curves, you can achieve that "bigger butt" look by doing the right type of exercises and workout hard, but there is also another popular option that has become quite a hit, especially amongst fitness and fashion bloggers and instagramers, and it's butt lifter shorts

One of the popular options are definitely these magic mesh luxury shaping panties that are completely seamless under your garments:

They feature adjustable detachable straps, 3 hooks crotch design, special mesh on buttocks, tummy targeted compression zone, enhance butt, anti bacterial technology that prevents the growth of odor causing microbes and soft, skin friendly, breathable and moisture absorbing lycra fabric.

A lot of women are very excited about this shapewear "invention" as they find they look more attractive in jeans or bodycon dresses.

Another popular option is shaping bodysuit it's the perfect answer to the secret of perfect body under bodycon dresses and tight, formfitting clothes. Shaping bodysuit will accentuate your figure in a perfect way and give you a boost of confidence, making you feel good about yourself in the things you're wearing and in your own skin.

A lot of very satisfied clients witness to the effectiveness of wearing the right kind of undergarments, and are praising the durafits brand and high quality with great selection of trendy models and skin friendly materials.

My favourite type of undergarments for spring and summer weather are definitely strapless bra in nude colour (so it goes perfectly under any kind of crop top or blouse), laser cut cotton panties in nude, black and white (so they seem invisible under skirts, bodycon dresses and pants), and even nude slip dress, or camisole dress, because often times spring and summer dresses are made of a very lightweight, seethrough material, so having the right kind of undergarment here really comes to the rescue! :-)

Let me know, do you own any kind of shape wear in your closet and do you find it useful when dressing up?

*in collaboration with

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Spring festival style outfit inspo!

 Hello lovelies!

Here I am with another fashion post :-) It's spring time already, everything is blossoming and it's also festival season as the weather is getting warmer and nicer, and days longer.

Obviously it's time to go through our wardrobe and get ready for the warm season.

I think this spring, festival mood is going to be a huge influence on fashion and style. In collaboration with Newchic, I decided to bring you a couple of festival clothing ideas.

The first style that caught my eye is this long tribal print dress, paired with cowboy leather boots and a cowboy hat. This whole styling is very boho and very festival appropriate.

Now let's check my next outfit fave:

I love the combination of loose fitting, high waisted jeans, with crop top, leather belt and combat boots.

This look is very cool and edgy and also nonchalant :-)

Feminine floral dresses are also great spring outfit option and will also give you that carefree, festival/ boho vibe :-)

Let's look at the couple of my favourites:

This baby blue, dainty floral print dress is just lovely. It looks even better in combination with some dainty layered necklaces and statement earrings.

This look is also amongst my faves! I love the romantic style off white dress, paired with straw material hat! It looks just perfect for spring!

And now, let's see some footwear trends for the new season...

Vintage style Mary Jane pumps are an absolute must have for the new season!

These red leather ones are really pretty, and also really perfect for your festival inspired outfits :-)

How do you like these looks?

What is your style going to look like this Spring season? Are you also going to find inspiration in festival season or do you fancy another fashion trend more?

I'd love to hear all about how you're going to spice up your look this season :-)

I'll talk to you soon!

* in collaboration with Newchic

Tuesday 19 April 2022

OOTD: Golden hour at the island of Krk


Hello guys!

How are you doing? It's been a while since I blogged here and it's because I was occupied with setting up my preloved store at Moje Krpice and also decorating my house.

There are a ton of clothes that I want to sell, at very affordable prices, so I had to photograph everything and edit, upload on the website with descriptions and that also takes up a lot of time. I still have a ton of clothes to photograpf and upload on the site, but I decided to take a little break and go back to blogging as I don't want the gap to be too long.

I took these photos a couple of months ago at the island of Krk, just before sunset. As you can see, I have almost a total white look, my old Levi's jeans and this vintage style embroided sweater.

I'm really looking forward to the Spring season and nicer weather, being more often in the nature and gardening!

Here you can also watch a little vlog that I filmed when we were doing some work in my garden, planting strawberries and roses!

HR: Lijep pozdrav ljudi! Evo da vam se malo javim sa novim blog postom! Nisam vec dugo nista ovdje objavljivala, a razlog tome je sto sam bila vrlo okupirana oko dodavanja stvarcica u moj second hand ducancic u Mojim Krpicama

Imam zaista hrpetinu dobre robice koju zelim prodati, po vrlo, vrlo povoljnim cijenama (pogotovo sada kad sam se preselila, zaista moram napraviti mjesta u ormarima!)

Cijeli ovaj mjesec imam akciju 2+1 gratis, tako da, bacite pogled ovdje

Moram jos puno toga poslikati i objaviti u ponudi, ali htjela sam napraviti mali predah i posvetiti se malo i blogu. Napravila sam i mali vlog o radovima u vrtu i uredenju dvorista, sadenju jagoda i ruza...veselim se ovom proljecu! Nadam se da ce vam se svidjeti! Javite mi, da li biste voljeli vidjeti vise takvih videa u buducnosti na mojem kanalu?

Ove slicice nastale su na otoku Krku prije par mjeseci, bas pred zalaz sunca, kada je osvjetljenje nekako najljepse. Nosila sam svoje stare bijele levisice i vintage style majicu sa izvezenim ruzicama.

Kako vam se svidja ovaj look?

Uskoro stize novi post!

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