Thursday 20 December 2018

10 Minute Mommy Makeup | Realistic GRWM

Hello beauties!

Today's post is a quick GRWM! I don't wear makeup any more on a daily basis (when I'm staying at home with my son), but I do wear it on weekends, when I work, and also, when I am scheduled to film a video.
My makeup routine has become very simple, easy and quick! Time is a luxury these days, so I needed to find the products that are multi purpose and top quality! I'm sure that this makeup routine applies not only for us busy mommas but also for students and busy career women.

So if you fancy spending 10 minutes with me, watching me put my makeup on and getting ready for the day, take a look here.

My little one was taking a nap, so I decided to do my makeup quietly and just added music while editing. I hope you liked the concept. This video is meant more as a relaxing sort of video, rather than a tutorial! In this realistic, 10 minute mommy GRWM video I feature some products that I got recently at and some of my other holy grails when it comes to makeup!

You can take a look at my bornprettystore new in here:


The 8 Colors Shimmer Eyeshadow Makeup Palette Long Lasting Eyeshadow #24110 is actually very nice quality and super affordable! It's compact, so it fits every makeup bag, the pigmentation is good and you can create subtle, day appropriate looks to evening looks!
You can get it at bornprettystore for only $ 2.59.

(Use SONJAK31 at checkout for additional 10% OFF + free shipping!)

Other essentials are my Benefit Ka Brow! (I've had this product for nearly 2 years and it's still perfect and does the job perfectly), Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer (the best one!) and Catrice HD Liquid Coverage (I like to mix it with a few drops of rose oil to make it a bit more sheer and hydrating, which is more suitable for my skin type.)

As far as lipstick goes anything neutral and creamy will do! I used a lipstick from Kiko Milano Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in #301 Beige.

I hope you had a lovely coffee break, watching this GRWM!
Let me know what are your holy grail products for quick and easy everyday makeup looks?

xo from Italy,

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Tuesday 18 December 2018

Party Season Must-Haves

Hello beauties!

The holidays are just around the corner and the party season atmosphere is in the air. Shopping malls are drenched in holiday decor trying to attract customers around the busiest shopping season of the year. Now that we're in December, it's time to decorate the Christmas tree and add a warmth and coziness to our homes.

I decided to write this post about my party season must haves and I hope this is going to be interesting for you and that you'll maybe pick up a thing or two from my list! Also, don't forget to share with me your must haves for the Christmas holidays in the comments below!

Red nail polish indeed makes everything more festive! These are truly my must haves for this time of the year, I love both shades: 03 by Mavala is more of a vibrant red but "Rouge Savage" by L'Oreal is also a true red and perfect for Christmas time.

Party season calls for sparkly body mist! If it's caramel scented, even better! This one is from H&M and it's a scented body splash with glitter. You can layer it over your usual body lotion, too.

Tissue face & eyes masks are a must-have for prepping your skin for the party season. You want to look (and feel) your best and these masks can perform little miracles in less than 30 minutes! I love these under eye masks by Shiseido Benefiance and tissue face masks by Mitomo.

With just a few drops of your favorite perfume, it's already Christmas! I love, love, love Angel by Thierry Mugler, especially in the winter season, as it's quite a bold and strong scent that can't be passed unrecognized!

Christmas time is a time for family gatherings and also office parties and just many occasions to wear something festive! I always add some sparkles and sequins to my outfit just to make it a bit more festive! In this photo, I have details of my old Zara Exquisite Embellished Multicolored Beaded Sequin Bomber Jacket which is super cute and covered in sequins that I wear whenever the right occasion comes along.

I hope you liked my ideas! What are some of yours beauty / fashion essentials when it comes to holidays and party season? Do share!

xo from Italy,

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Monday 17 December 2018

Holiday hairstyle ideas: Trendy Uniwigs

Hello beauties!

As Christmas is just around the corner, I wanted to keep sharing my holiday styling ideas, and in this post I'd like to focus on hairstyles.

As well as the outfit, hairstyling is such an important part of the complete holiday look.
In fact, in this period of the year, hairdressers are fully booked and if you didn't remember to book an appointment on time, you might have found yourself without knowing what to do with your hair!
Also, changing your look dramatically only for the sake of holidays might be a bit risky and expensive, so why not go for the more convenient and fun option of wearing a wig for the special occasion?

Wigs are very popular, quick and easy way of transforming your look, without having to comit to a permanent change, but depending on the occasion, you can just create different looks and have fun with it!

At Uniwigs you can really get inspired: They offer so many different syles at competitive prices, and you can also shop by color or popular trends.

If you have shorter hair and would like to see yourself with a luscious locks, you can quickly get this look, without having to wait months for your hair to grow, or getting the extensions, but if you'd like to change your look just occasionally, synthetic wigs are the right option for you! They're made of nice quality and very fun to wear. When you feel like you want to play with your looks and see yourself in a totally different way, but then go back to your "old self", try picking a pair (or a few pairs!) of fun wigs that will totally surprise everyone who knows you!

There are many satisfied customers and bloggers speaking about uniwigs and sharing their creative looks! Which one do you like best for this festive season?
I think the choice depends on the outfit: In some occasions shorter hairstyles will be more flattering, whether some outfits look more special with long, luscious locks.

For my Christmas dinner party with colleagues from work, I opted for long luscious locks in ombre and I really liked this glam look! I wore a long dress and a pair of suede ankle high booties.

Fashion wigs are, as I previously mentioned, very fun to wear. I often like to experiment with crazy hair colors, but this can be quite damaging, and fashion trends change very quickly. Opting for a wig is a safe way to keep your hair in good condition and the option of creating different looks and keeping always up with trends, are endless.

I hope this inspired you!
Let me know what hairstyle will you wear for a Christmas dinner party?

* in collaboration with Uniwigs

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories for mobile phones, tabs & computers

Hello guys!

Holidays are just around the corner, so I thought I'd write a few posts on topic "Gift Guides", I hope these will be helpful!

Nowadays we all have mobile phones, they've become a necessity. Especially when the phone is new, we want to protect it from damaging, by putting it in a nice cover.
Covers are also great option when you want to update a bit a look of your old phone.
Personally I think it's important to have good quality covers, that will stay nice looking in time and that will serve it's purpose of protecting our phones.

Phone covers can actually be a great gift idea for this upcoming holidays! It's a nice gift to find under the christmas tree :-)
Also, covers for all other types of your fave devices: laptops, tabs etc.

I really like this cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab  made with luxurious genuine leather.
It's simple, elegant, practical and great quality.

It's very practical as it has large capacity storage bag and also pen bag, it gives you easy access to fingerprint scan.
You can also find a card pocket and a place for post it notes, so you can be very organized.  is a Chinese company founded in 1998. FYY specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling mobile phone cases, computer cases, tablet cases etc.
They have a long tradition and a long list of very satisfied customers.

If you are wondering what to give to your friend or a family member, something from this store might be a good idea!
Accessories and covers for mobile phones, laptops and tabs are actually a great gift for mothers !
I'm sure that your Mom will be excited and surprised with this useful, practical and great quality gift, a very thoughtful gift indeed!

Also check out the new release and new products section, to see all the newest designs!
I'm sure that you'll find something that you love!

* in collaboration with fyystore

Wednesday 5 December 2018

Wardrobe Renewal for the Cold Weather - Winter Fashion Haul | Shop2Today

Hello lovelies!

As you probably already know, I stopped buying so much excessive stuff as I used to where I once did hauls practically every week, whether that was beauty, makeup or fashion related. I came to a point where I just was tired of this constant need of buying new things that I don't even use enough as I would like or need to!

I returned to work (from 2 years maternity leave) this past May and as I work as a sales assistant in a big fashion retailer, it's hard to resist all the good deals and employee discounts that we have! I have been buying more for my little one than for myself, but, for this fall season, I picked some new bits to add to my existing wardrobe, just to spice things up a bit! 

These were all a 70% off deals so I thought I'd get them because those are pieces that I'll probably wear a lot! Plus, it's hard to resist a bit of good shopping!

Here is my haul in photos:

These lovely pants were on my wishlist! I just love them, they're wide leg, ankle length and quite high waisted.

This black checked flannel shirt is a bit oversized and I got it in XS (34 EU), but I often wear it unbottoned with a cute tee underneath. It looks great with jeans or leggings.

This warm and cozy knit mock turtleneck sweater is actually from the men's section! I got it for less than €4 (on super sale!) It's very warm and ideal for those upcoming winter days; I also love the color!

This patterned jacket is super nice and when I saw that it went on sale, I decided to get it! I wear it a lot to work.

This oversized, light striped sweater is a must in everyone's wardrobe, as you can combine it with so many things.

Another super cozy and warm item for the upcoming winter! I love to wear the color grey and I like how this cardigan is super soft! It was also on sale, which made my decision to purchase it easier.

This lovely, wide-cut lace dress is just fab! Burgundy is definitely the color of the season and these sold out like crazy! I was able to get my hands on it (the price was also super affordable) and I'll be wearing it a lot for work! I like to be fashionable at work and I think it's nice to dress up when you're working with customers, as they often get inspired by your style!

Sometimes, the temptation of buying some new bits is very big, but there are times when we're a little strapped for cash... :-/ However there is a way to spread the cost on desired items! There is even a way for you to even buy now and pay later.

With shop2day you can find the best solution for you, based on your finances so you can pay back what you've borrowed in monthly or weekly installments. 
They'll compare for you the UK's most popular online catalogues and stores that offer finance options to their customers. Isn't that exciting?

Some of you may find that you prefer not to buy clothes on credit, but when it comes to electricals, furniture and appliances, it's a different story!
Buying those categories can be a challenging task as prices can be quite high and the selection of styles, colours and fabrics is so big that it makes it hard to choose from. 
Sometimes we don't even have time to explore all the options and visit all the stores, so online option and checking out what catalogues offer, seems like such a great idea! The fact that there is option for you to buy electricals, furniture or appliances on finance using a pay later payment plan from an online catalogue, makes the things much easier.

Let me know what is your fave thing  from this haul? Have you also already added some bits to your fall wardrobe? How do you manage your finances when it comes to shopping and have you ever used shop2day's services?

* in collaboration with shop2day

Button Up Plaid Jacket Fall OOTD | Rosegal & H&M

Hello lovelies!

Today I have a quick outfit post to share with you! I wore this outfit for work this past weekend and I asked my hubby to take a few photos so I could show you how was I dressed. Finding time to take outfit photos, these days isn't so easy as we have our hands full with our little boy, but I also wanted to show you my new jacket that I recently got from Rosegal, so taking a few photos was a must!

I love this button up plaid jacket and it's currently on sale for $25.30 and it's available in size L only. But, bear in mind that it fits snug like a XS, it's definitely not a Large! It's cute and warm, even though this week I couldn't wear only this jacket, as outside it's much colder weather than past week.

High waisted pants are from H&M, and they're my recent purchase and the cozy brown sweater is from a couple of years ago.

There is a Rosegal try on fashion haul on my channel, if you want to check it out:

I hope you liked this outfit & the video!
Let me know what is your favorite clothing item this season?

xo from Italy,

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Monday 3 December 2018

If you're planning your perfect wedding...

Hello beauties!

To continue what I initially started writing in my title:"...this is the right post for you!"
Here I'll be sharing some of the prettiest and glamourous dresses for wedding events and bridesmaids that I came across whilst browsing on-line.

Every bride fantasies about that perfect day of celebration of love. Finding the right dress is one of the biggest tasks when it comes to planning a wedding. 
The options are endless and it's not always easy to figure out what works best for us, depending on our body shape, personal taste and the whole theme of the wedding.
It's also very important to pick the right dresses for bridesmaids, and long bridesmaid dresses are very popular.

If you're going for a romantic feel, lace dresses will be the right choice for you. You can opt for sexier, short styles, or breathtaking long models, whichever suits your personality better!

Here are some of the options that I want to suggest you:

All these dresses are dreamy and it's very hard to pick one that is my personal favourite. I'm sure every bridesmaid must have a lot of fun in any of these gowns!

Talking about fairy tale wedding, yesbabyonline dresses  also has a great selection of those dresses that are perfect for "over the top "glamourous" wedding celebrations.

Needless to say, it's an on-line store with long tradition, whose satisfied clients vouch for their quality. The dresses have very reasonable and competitive prices.

If you're a bride to be, this is definitely a must see web site!

* in collaboration with yesbabyonline

My evening / party dresses wishlist

Hello guys!

How have you been?
I've been quite busy these past couple of weeks, mostly with work and life, but I do have lots of things that I want to share with you in my future blog posts... now we're in holiday season so I'll also try to film weekly vlogmas, and I hope you'll be entertained!

A lot of you have been asking me to recommend you some evening dresses 2018 to inspire you for the upcoming party season and the holiday events.

In this post I'd like to recommend you one very cool on-line web store, yesbaby online , where I found lots of beautiful dresses for special occasions and even every day.
I think their selection of gorgeous dresses is so big, it'll match anyone's taste!

Just look at this absolutely gorgeous first dress! It's very luxurious model in pink and covered in sequins. It's a perfect dress for special occasions.

Another dress that caught my attention is this luxurious, mermaid  floor length short sleeves dress. This dress will make you look simply stunning! It's a perfect evening dress, ideal for this season or other formal events. I love it in this bold burgundy colour, and the beading makes this dress simply unique and special.

Other three dresses I also absolutely loved! They're elegant, body flattering, long dresses. Ideal for special occasions, or evening parties, I adore the beading, and back detailing, which makes these dress super sparkly and beautiful.

Those are my top 5 faves from this web store. It was very hard to pick only a few dresses to show you, but you can take a look yourself, if you're looking to get inspired, or if you're in a search for your ideal dress for your upcoming party or a special event.

The prices are very competitive and they ship worldwide.
I'm glad I came across this original web store, as they really have the biggest selection of stunning dresses and they're always up to date with the newest trends.

Let me know which dress did you like best from their big offer!

* in collaboration with yesbabyonline
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