Thursday 30 March 2023

OOTD: Shabby, but not so chic!


Hello lovelies!

How are you doing?
Here's a little update from me :-)

Looking shabby (but not so chic), as I’m about to start physical therapy for my neck at the island of Krk. Bajcici is a lovely little village and at this time of the year fields here are filled with little yellow flowers! 
I had to cancel appointment at my hairdresser for the third time in a row as I’m still unable to move my neck freely and be comfortable in hairdresser’s chair. I’m trying to resist the urge to colour my hair at home as I know it never turns out as fab as when my hairdresser does it! I actually truly love my natural hair colour and wish I never coloured it but it’s a bit late to grow it all out now without also showing greys. I spent some time obsessing about having grey hair showing. 
But then, today, I actually felt extremely grateful and happy that I actually have hair and I consider this period of not being able to colour it as an opportunity to make it the healthiest possible and give it a new vitality. 
In regards to it I ordered amla oil and line seed oil, both great for hair care. I had great results using line seed oil in the past and in regards to amla oil, I heard it has the power of reversing grey hair and slowing down the aging process! 
Have you heard about it or used it already? I’d love to hear your experiences with it.

So I just wanted to say, remember, there are always things in your life to be thankful for and that can be a source of happiness, even in challenging times! To be honest with you, it’s a lesson that I often forget but I feel I’m on the right path to succeeding in training my brain to always look at the bright side of life.

Even though this is probably not one of my best looks, I still wanted to share it here and give you a little update on what's currently going on in my life.
I'm usually a type of person that's used on doing things since I start my day, till I go to sleep at night. I always like to be busy and create, or tidy up the house...But in this period I'm learning that it's important to give your body opportunity to rest and heal, and it's important to know how to slow down and take it easy without feeling the guilt, thinking "I should have done more today".

Outfit details:

Teddy coat: Reserved (second hand)
Sweatshirt: Abercrombie & Fitch (second hand)
Jeans: Mango (second hand)
Sneakers: All Star Converse platform leather (second hand)
Leather bag: Zara (second hand)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (second hand)

Writing this post, I just realized, my entire outfit here was second hand :-) I think that's awesome! It's been a long while since I bought a piece of clothing that wasn't second hand, and I truly enjoy good second hand shopping! You guys already know that! ;-)

Saturday 25 March 2023

OOTD: Pinko Coat & second hand finds!


Hello lovely people!

How are you doing and how's your weekend?💕

I went with my family to pick some seeds this afternoon, so we can plant them when the time is right. Today it was raining and windy, so it seemed like a good opportunity to go to the local store and pick up some seeds, soil and even one little peach tree, to plant in our garden, hopefully next weekend, or so!😊

We also got some strawberries plants, and I can't wait to have my own strawberries in the garden! Strawberries are my fave fruit!❤️

Other seeds that we planted a couple of weeks ago are doing really well 🌱🪴, and soon it'll be time to put them in the soil of our garden (for the moment they're still inside of our house, in the vases and egg containers (I wrote about it in this post, do you remember?)

And now, let me quickly present you my OOTD:

This outfit again, is made mostly out of second hand finds!

Wool coat: Pinko (second hand find!)

White cardigan: Zara

Shirt: second hand 

High waisted "Mom" jeans: Zara (second hand)

Leather bag: Furla (second hand)

Sneakers: Reebok Club C (second hand)

As you already know, second hand is definitely my cup of tea! However I was thinking of buying even less and just making the most of what I already have!

I'll talk about it more in the future, I'm thinking of doing something like "no buy" challenge, or similar!

I really want to focus on all the things that I already have and appreciate them to the fullest!

How about you? Are you thinking the same?

I'll talk to you soon!

Saturday 18 March 2023

Vintage handmade dress & dr. Marten´s white Jadon boots


Hello loves!

Here is one of my favorite outfits, as this is the style I really like to wear and feel good when wearing it.

Vintage hand made dress, that I found in Italian second hand store years ago and it's such a gem, then just a simple denim shirt underneath, a pair of black leggings, and white doc Marten´s Jadon boots that I combine with absolutely everything!

Big leather backpack is also almost vintage, I bought it in my early twenties when I was straight out of high school, and I wear it to this day!

I completed the look with white sunnies that I got ages ago at sales from Zara.

I wore this outfit for a Sunday walk in the centre of the town with friends and afterwards we had pizza with family. Pizza in Italy is the best! I actually miss Italian food A LOT!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

I hope you're having a great weekend :-)

I'll talk to you soon!

Tuesday 14 March 2023

Handmade crystal jewelry: Rhodonite and Amazonite necklace


ENG: Hello lovelies!

Today I'd like to show you another creation of mine: Rhodonite and Amazonite crystal necklace, specially designed for one client 💕

I'm very happy when I can custom make jewelry for you, and your satisfaction is what motivates me to keep creating😊

Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and that nurtures love. It stimulates, clears and activates the heart. Rhodonite grounds energy, balances yin-yang, and aids in achieving one's highest potential. It heals emotional shock and panic.

Amazonite is known as the "gambler's stone," encouraging good luck and fortune. Amazonite is said to have a soothing effect on the nervous system. Since the nervous system controls our emotions a great deal, this stone is said to soothe tense and aggravated situations and to enhance love.

HR: Najveća motivacija pri izradi nakita mi je zadovoljan klijent 🌟
Ovu kreaciju naručila je jedna klijentica koja je u svoj život željela unijeti pozitivnu energiju samopouzdanja, kreativnosti i stvaralačke energije. Odabrala je kombinaciju amazonita i rodonita i oduševila se rezultatom 💫💖

Rodonit kristal djeluje na srčanu čakru i poznat je po sposobnosti oslobađanja blokada kod srčane čakre, kao i po mogućnosti da donese emocionalno iscjeljivanje. Pomaže kod nesuglasica i napetosti u ljubavnim vezama te potiče energiju ljubavi. Protkan je crnim do sivo-smeđim nitima koje su ponekad vidljive, a ponekad manje. Upravo kombinacija ove dvije boje predstavlja suprotnosti, yin i yang princip, stoga je Rodonit kamen idealan za balans ta dva principa.

Amazonit je kristal nježne zelene boje, povezan je s planetom Venerom. Ovaj kristal pojačava misli, poboljšava kreativnost, intelekt, psihičke sposobnosti i intuiciju. Pročišćava sve meridijane u našem tijelu, donosi samopozudanje, smanjuje stres i povoljno djeluje na mozak i živčani sustav.Pojačava muške kvalitete u osobi, omogućuje bolji protok energija u našem tijelu, donosi miran i dubok san, i dobar je za zube. Najviše djeluje na šestu čakru.

For info and orders send me a message at

International shipping available 💫

Za vase narudzbe i info mozete me kontaktirati na

Sunday 12 March 2023

OOTD: Happy. Casual Vibes. Vintage Suede Jacket


Hello lovelies!

How are you all doing today?

Here I'm holding the entire island of Cres on the palm of my hand! 😊

I love going for a walk by the sea, it's my fave thing to do 💕

Here I'm wearing very casual outfit, a pair of wide leg jeans and a sweatshirt, and I put my vintage suede jacket on top, to complete this look.

This jacket was a great find, I bought it on line from one girl that bought it in a second hand shop in London, and it was brand new when she got it.

I immediately recognized the potential of this super cool clothing piece and I know I'll be able to style it for so many different occasions.

This cute red velvet bag I bought many, many years ago when I was living in London, UK, it's from GAP, and I remember I used to wear it all the time! I'm glad that I still have it in my wardrobe and like to wear it from time to time.

Outfit details:

Vintage suede leather jacket: second hand
Sweatshirt: Abercrombie & Fitch (second hand)
Leather belt: Top Shop
Jeans: Max Mara (second hand)
Velvet bag: GAP
Sunglasses: Vintage Max Mara
Sneakers: Reebok Club C (second hand)

On another note, one month after my neck injury, I'm feeling slightly better, I'm still going to chiropractor and I'm under treatment. Slowly I gained more movement and I'm feeling less vertigo, but it's a slow process and emotionally I'm often feeling very low (I'm working on it! I need to surround myself with positive thoughts and positive energy.)
But if you have neck spondylosis and problems related to that, you'll know what I'm talking about and that it's not easy. I just hope that after chiropractor and physical therapy, I'll get better and maintain my body in optimal health condition. 

I´m currently working on editing some pre-filmed videos, so you can expect to see some new content on my YouTube channel. Please support by subscribing (if you haven't yet), as it really means a lot to me 💕

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