Monday 28 February 2011

My OOTD: Leopard Print Gilet, Denim Mini- Skirt, Leggings...

Outside it's foggy& rainy...cold winter weather!
No sign of spring... :(

Well, at least I can cheer myself up with fashion!!!

This is my Outfit of the day, and you can also see it on my MissFashionKitty channel, where I often upload my short OOTD& other fashion related videos :)
Click on the link bellow to watch my video:

Grey& black, just as if I'm being inspired by the weather! lol

Style yourself trendy& your mood will improve ;)
Yes, girls, I'm absolutely LOVING the leopard print gilet for this season!
It has become my staple item :)

I'm actually loving it so much, that I just recently bought the second one (the one I'm featuring today in my fashion video). As some of you might remember, I already have one, but in yellow, whereas this is in a grey colour! It was on sale, so this is my justification for buying it! ;)
Actually, there were only TWO pairs left, both of these in a size L.
I'm a size S!!
I bought it anyways, this is how much I liked it.
I'm going to wear it with a belt tied around my waist to make it a bit more formfitting & not so wide!
I got my gilet at Jennifer fashion store, for only 9 €.

You guys have been asking me about Jennifer store...
I don't have much details to tell you, it's just a store that I have close to where I live. I believe it's a french brand... I'll have to investigate& get back to you on this one, as right now I don't have much info to give you :(
Sorry about that!

So all the featured clothes came from these fashion stores:

  • Grey leopard print gilet: Jennifer
  • Grey wool turtleneck: United Colors of Benetton
  • Black Denim Mini Skirt: H&M (Young girl dept.)
  • Black leggings: Mango, or H&M (I have several of these basic black leggings...)
  • Thin silver belt with rhinestones: Caleidos
  • Knee high socks: Promod
  • Light grey suede boots: Promod
  • Silver earrings: Six
That's it for today!

Don't let the bad weather ruin your mood&/or the fashion sense!


New Trendy Watches From

Hello girls!

I was contacted by a company called Budgetgadgets recently :)
They asked me to take a look at their website& choose something, if there is anything I really like, to review on my blog/ youtube channel.
Honestly, they have quite an impressive selection of gadgets& I was a bit overwhelmed!
I didn't know what to choose, it was a hard decision! :)
Anyways, I liked the watch section the most, so I've picked out two watches that are very trendy& I believe they'll go great with the new clothing items that I bought recently on the winter sales! ;)
The customer service was awesome, they were very polite& sweet& very quick at shipping!
The watches arrived to Italy in a perfect condition :)
The next day, I wore one of the watches at work& I got many compliments on it!
I've asked my colleagues to tell me the truth, whether they really liked the watches, because I needed to hear an honest opinion due to the fact that I was preparing my review!
I really like these watches, I picked them out, but it was very important to know what do others think about them!!!
They honestly loved them (I wore the other watch at work too, during the week, I was changing my watch, depending on my outfit lol every day a different watch!)& they even asked me to give them a website that sells these as they fell in love (especially in the white one, this was the winner!)

This is the watch that won over all
my work colleagues!

A little object of desire: A ultra trendy
watch by Caite.
Colorful Flag Stamp Style watch
These watches are super affordable, this one costs only 5.59$
Here is the link in case you want to check it out:

Here is another watch that I picked out:

I'm loving this bright red watch!

This is supposed to be a men's model, but
personally, it looks more girly to me!
(probably because of the colour)
I like the fact that it's so big, as men's watches
usually are!
You can find this exact watch here:
Price: only 5.48$

In my watch collection, I do have some higher quality, more expensive watches, but for every day, for work, or just for fun, I like to have a less expensive watches too :)

You can see here my watch collection:

Overall, I'm very pleased with the watches from :)

Awesome price, good quality, a fun watches
to have!
Check out the Budgetgadgets website for these watches& more gadgets:

YES, there is a coupon code for 5% off !!!

Coupon code: Eipysgudps
(Valid forever)

So if you're interested in purchasing anything from their website, now you can use this code to have a little advantage of 5% off (& remember, the prices are already very low as it is!)

I also want to make clear that I'm not making any profit out of your purchase, this code is just a little "gift" to my readers/viewers, there isn't any profit in it for me, whatsoever! :)

At the end, I'd like to say Thank You to for this opportunity to review your products on my blog/ youtube channel.
I'm very grateful for having received these watches as a gift from you& it was my pleasure reviewing them!

Stay trendy,

xoxo Sonja

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Make Up Chit Chat: Amazing Gifts! Thank You Ashwani, Reena,

The best part of having my youtube channel and blog is to be able to share with you my passions for beauty& fashion! I never immagined I would meet so many wonderful people from all around the Globe!

Some of these girls that I met thanx to youtube, became my dear friends with whom I'm often in touch via facebook, e-mails, twitter...

I really am trully grateful for all their love, support& the sweet words!

I <3 you girls!!!

In the past months I was so blessed with my subbies, dear Ashwani, Reena& the crew from decided to give me some awesome presents!

This was totally unexpected& it really made my day! I love playing with new make up, feature it in my videos& on my blog, do a review& tutorials on these goodies.
However, I always feel surprised when a subbie wants to send me something!
There is really no need for it, I don't want you to spend your money on me girls!!
Your support means so much to me& your sweet comments are already more than enough!!!

It's amazing, an incredible feeling, knowing that somebody who you never actually met in person, wishes to send you something because of my videos or my blog!

So, thank you again from the bottom of my heart, I'm really thankful for your beautiful gesture.
I never take things for granted& this presents mean so much to me!
I still look at them& can't quite believe they're all for me!
What have I done to deserve this? :)

So I'm dedicating this post to you my sweet friends, Ashwani, Reena & the crew from

You can also check out my Thank You video here:

Here are my presents ;)

Ashwani from the UK sent me these amazing goodies!

I love MUA make up!
The butterfly shaped brooch is super cute!

Ashwani sent me a beautiful green/golden scarf, the cutest cosmetic pouch& a butterfly shaped brooch (I just love butterflies!!!)
She also sent me lots of make up& I'll make sure to use these items in my tutorials& feature them in my reviews:

  • MUA (Make Up Academy) Eye Dust Shade 3
  • MUA Eye Dust Shade 2
  • MUA Eye shadow # 11- pearl
  • MUA Eye shadow #13- pearl
  • MUA Eye shadow #7 - pearl
  • MUA Lip gloss Shade 5
  • MUA Nail varnish Shade 16
  • The Little Red Tin by Superdrug

My friend Reena, all the way from Singapore, sent me these lovely items:

I love the thoughtful little note that Reena
enclosed with the package!

Wonderful jewellery handpicked by Reena!

I love the earrings& the gorgeous turqoise

All the way from Singapore, Reena has sent to me some really beautiful& unique pieces of jewellery:
A gorgeous turqoise necklace, a pair of violet earrings, another pair of earrings (golden hoops that are perfect for the special occasions), and how cute is the cell phone accessorie in the shape of the cuttest little girl? ;)

I'll also be featuring in my vids the make up& skin care products that she sent me:

  • Silky Girl Funky Eyelights Pencil #01 Olive Green
  • Honey Dip Gloss Majorca Majolica
  • NYX eyeshadow base w/pearl ESB 02
  • Skin food since 1957. Carrot Gift Set
Reena has got hew own beauty blog:

I recommend checking it out, I love her reviews!

As some of you already know, I write my croatian blog for a website
It's a croatian website dedicated to make up& cosmetics.
I'm really happy to have this opportunity to blog for this website!
Here are the presents they sent me:

Something new to write about on my croatian blog ;)

Have you checked out my croatian blog yet?
These are the products I'll be blogging about:

  • Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder
  • Catrice Absolute Eye Colour # 220 Violent Violet
  • Catrice Lip Appeal Moisture& Shine smoothing lip gloss
  • Essence XXXL nudes lipgloss #02 Light Candy
  • Essence Sun Club 100% Splash Proof eyeliner pen (01 ultra black)
  • Essence nail art nail piercing set
  • Essence Studio Nails Nail fashion stickers # 01 Cool Cover!
  • Essence Studio Nails Nail fashion stickers #07 All Or Nothing!
  • Manhattan Magic Duo eyeshadow 82 D/89 T Green Intense
  • Manhattan DIP eyeliner waterproof 69P Violett

You can check out my croatian blog here:

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing about these gifts ;)

If you'd like me to review, or use in my tutorials any of these items, feel free to tell me so in the comments section!

Much Love,
xoxo Sonja

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Fashion Haul: What's Trendy In Italy (Winter Sales Bargains)

Things I got at winter sales...
Hello ladies!

These are some of the new things that I bought in this period of winter sales...
Honestly, I wasn't expecting to find so many good deals& so much things that I liked so much!
I think I went a bit over the board with my budget& I'm going to have to be very careful with what I buy in March, I'm going to be on a very tight budget, because of all the shopping that I did during this period of sales!
I don't have any regrets because I really like what I bought& I believe I got a very good deals on the stuff I bought. BUT I do need to give myself a limit! In March I think I won't be buying any new clothes- I don't think I need anything else, especially not at a full price.

You can check out my fashion haul video here:

Here are the pics of the things that I got:


Knee high socks by Promod

I love the bow detail :) on the back of this fedora!

Grey fedora  by Promod

Brown fedora by Pimkie

Cute bow detail makes this hat more feminine!

Belt by Jennifer

Belt by Promod

Belt by Jennifer

Belt by Oviesse

Golden ballet flats by Pimkie

Only 3 € for a pair of these cute golden
ballet flats!


Knitted gilet by Jennifer

Grey lace top (ULTRA TRENDY!!!)
by Pimkie

A black cardigan from the
supermarket where I do my
grocery shopping!

A dark grey, long cardigan, from the supermarket
where I usually do my grocery shopping!

Black top by Jennifer

A long top/mini dress/ dark blue colour
by Jennifer

A see-through lace red shirt
by Promod

Long beige/cream colour cardigan with
fringe details by Terranova

Ignore the hanger, this high waisted skirt is actually
by Pimkie!

High waisted skirt with ruffles on the back
by Pimkie!
Soo cute!!!
This is how the front of this skirt looks like!
So this is my haul, I hope you like the items that I picked out!
For the prices, check out my video because I filmed& edited it some time ago& now that I'm writing this post, I can't really remember well all the prices, sorry!
But as I've said, you'll find the exact prices of all these items in my fashion haul video :)

This time, my favourite places to shop were:

  1. Jennifer
  2. Pimkie
  3. Terranova
  4. Promod
  5. Oviesse
What was your favourite place to shop on this season's sales?
What did you buy?
Did you go all crazy (like I did, lol), or you weren't that thrilled with the sales& couldn't really find anything nice?

Do let me know how was your experience with this season's sales!


Monday 21 February 2011

R.I.P. Leo, My Beloved Cat

You girls know, that besides fashion& beauty, I dedicated one little part of this blog to my personal life too...

Well, honestly, it's been a rough weekend... I wasn't sure whether I feel like blogging about this, because I'm the type of person who likes to keep its pain private...but then, I feel like I want to dedicate this blog post to my beloved cat, Leo, who is no longer with us :(

I found out the disturbing news on the friday night, when I returned home from work. My granny called my hubby to tell him what happened &to ask him to give the news to me...
Mixed of emotions going through my head: Numbness, Shock, Sadness, Anger, Anxiousness!

Leo was living with my Mum& Granny at my home in Croatia. He was a 5 years old (he would have celebrated his birthday this March), 8kg. big cat.
I LOVED him, nedless to say, or try to describe with words, the intensity of my feelings.

My Mum got him while I was still living in London. When I came back home to stay definitely, Leo was just a few months old, I'll never forget that first moment when we met.
I opened the doors of my house, and he was there, walking towards me, with this puzzled look in his eyes, asking me who I was& introducing himself to me :)

We had spent lots of cuddly moments together!
He was very intelligent, I felt as if he really understands me :)

Living here in Italy, away from my cats (we have another cat, Zrno, who is also very sad& alone now), I missed Leo so much! I was always looking forward to my next trip home because I would have seen again my family& my cats, always my cats.

Growing up, I always had cats, sometimes even four or five.
I just love these animals so much! Well, I LOVE all the animals!!!

I still can't explain Leo's death to myself: He wasn't going out, he couldn't have been poisoned.
He became so sick that he kept vomiting& my Mum brought him to the vet.
They gave him two shots, one was to calm the vomiting instinct& the other was antibiotic. The vet told my Mum he would be fine& made an appointment to see Leo the next day.
My Mum took care of him at home, was constantly with him...Leo died in the early hours of Friday.
Did he have some serious illness that we wasn't aware of? There are so many unanswered questions going through my mind...

This is my little reminiscence of Leo, my beloved cat, who'll always live in my memories...

I <3 you Leo!

On this pic, he was just a few months old.
On the smaller pic, he already had 4-5 years, he loved sleeping in the
boxes! Even though he was so big, he couldn't fit inside!
Have you experienced the pain of losing your dear pet?
You did you deal with this?

This is not the first time I'm crying over a lost pet...every time I loose my dear animal friend, my heart is left with another scar.
But remembering all the good times& the overwhelming love these little creatures are capable of giving you,
makes my heart heal. 

Lots of love,
xoxo Sonja

Recreating Celeb Fashion Stylings: Sienna Miller

After a very busy weekend, here am I again, back to my passions: blogging& fashion :)
This post, as I've mentioned in my previous one, is going to be fashion related& with this blog post I'm concluding (for now!) my series of vids dedicated to Sienna Miller (make up& fashion styling).

I found three outfits of Sienna that I wanted to recreate myself!


Sienna MIller in her casual
style, walking her dog.
Here is how I recreated this look:

All the neccessary to recreate Sienna's styling is there...except a dog!!!

I don't really know where did Sienna buy all the clothes she was wearing, but I know that her scarf is LV, her red bag is Prada& her boots are a pair of black Uggs.

Here is what I'm wearing:

  • Grey fedora hat: Promod
  • Violet/Blue scarf: H&M
  • V- neck grey sweater: H&M
  • Black basic silk top with lace details (you can't see it on the pics as it's my first layer of clothes): Intimissimi
  • Dark blue jeans (slim fit): D&G
  • Boots: Ugg Australia (crochet mod.)
  • Purse: Kathy Van Zeeland


Another casual outfit by Sienna,
out& about, walking her dog.
My recreation of this look:

My interpretation of Sienna's look

Ready for a casual walk around the town!
I'm wearing:

  • A girly pink hat: H&M
  • Scarf: H&M
  • Black zip cardigan: H&M
  • Belt: Top Shop
  • Washed out ripped jeans (boyfriend fit): Replay
  • Bag: Kathy Van Zeeland
  • Grey ankle high boots: Zara trf
  • Sunglasses: DM (Drogerie Markt)


Sienna at a special event in her
famous boho chic look!
I'm loving the boots, the  dress,
the jacket...well, everything!

This is how I recreated this look:

I really like this outfit!
I think I'm going to be wearing this outfit a lot
in spring time, as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer!

Sienna's dress has got a floral print, mine is covered in
tons of little leaves, soo cute!!!
I'm loving the leaf details this season!

I'm IN LOVE with Sienna's boots that she wears for basically ANY occasion!
Russel& Bromley
I managed to find a similar pair at Zara a few years ago& I'm really wearing them a lot, especially in spring season, as they're made out of a delicate suede material.
I haven't taken a pic of my boots, but you can see me showing them to you in my Sienna's fashion style video:

And here is where the clothes that I'm wearing for this final, 3rd outfit, came from:

  • Brown leather jacket: Promod
  • Dress (my dress came with the belt): Pimkie
  • Boots: Zara
  • White/gold bangle: Was sent to me by Anna Saccone (TheStyleDiet) for winning her fashion contest a while back!
I think that's it girls!
Sienna is always such a big fashion inspiration to me, so it is possible that I'm going to recreate more looks inspired by her in the future :)

I hope you all have a nice beggining of the week!

Stay stylish,
xoxo Sonja

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