Friday 7 July 2023

OOTD: Colorful Disney shirt (cool second hand find!)


Hello lovelies 💕

How are you doing?

Today I have another outfit post for you 😊

I think it's super cute so I wanted to share it with you. I found this cool Disney shirt second hand, it has got vintage vibes, but from the label I see it's actually from Pull & Bear.

I paired it with my dark green pants, second hand Gucci loafers and straw material bag.

I hope with these outfit posts I can inspire you to turn to second hand fashion, as it's much more environmentally friendly, and also, budget friendly 😊

Most of my outfits these days are second hand. I'm about to film a video showing you what I recently rediscovered in my old closet (my wardrobe from 1999.!) Some of these pieces excited me so much that I really want to wear them this summer! Luckily they still fit!

I think I'm going to photograph those items too, so I can show them here on my blog 🦋

Outfit details:

Crystal quartz necklace with madreperla: @koscrystaljewelry (my handmade jewelry collection)

Dark green pants: Femme Luxe

Loafers: Gucci (second hand)

Straw material bag: Mango (second hand)

Disney shirt: Pull & Bear (second hand)

Leather belt: second hand

Tube top: H&M divided

Sunglasses: Ray Ban aviators mirrored lenses (second hand)

I hope you like this look💕

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sending you lots of ❤️from 🇭🇷

Saturday 1 July 2023

OOTD: Sezane lovers 💕


Hello lovelies! 💕

How are you doing?

I asked my hubby to take a couple of quick snaps of my outfit, as we were heading back home from physical therapy. So, nothing staged, just real life, you know!

Mostly everything is second hand here, except for my trousers (that I got a couple of years ago, as a gift from a brand to promote on my blog), and this old Zara denim gilet (that used to be a jacket with faux leather sleeves, but the faux leather started disintegrating to million pieces, so I just cut the sleeves off and kept it as a denim gilet. I actually wear it quite a lot!)

I got this cute little top second hand, and it's Sezane, a brand that I've been loving recently! Their designs are fab! I did manage to find a couple of their pieces second hand, so if you'd like me to, I can film a little Sezane (second hand) fashion haul! Let me know!

Here we were just walking on the streets of my hometown, Rijeka, this is a place I go twice a week for a physical therapy (thankfully it's getting better!).


Outfit details:

Denim gilet: Zara

Off white top: Sezane

Vintage leather belt

Green trousers: femme luxe

Straw material bag: Mango

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Sneakers: Golden Goose

Crystal & lava stone bracelets: Kos crystal jewelry (@koscrystaljewelry) my handmade jewelry brand

I hope you're having great summer so far!

I'll be back soon with a post from the beach! 🐬🏖

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