Wednesday 30 November 2011

STYLING: High Waisted Leather Skirt (from DAY to NIGHT)

Hello pretty girls!

How are you all doing?
I'm great, a bit busy this week, but I'll try to keep up with my blog & do all the scheduled blog posts! :)

Today I was in Venice with my friend, we went for a long walk, stopped by MAC & H&M...
... & tomorrow I have a busy day, our house hunt continues...
Not to mention all the housework that I was really behind with, and all the ironing I did in a past two days, yet it seems to me I haven't made any progress as I still have piles & piles of clothes to iron! (???)

On the other note, I wanted to mention that this past weekend, my eipysgudps youtube channel has reached 4000 subscribers!
This, to me, was a huge reason to be excited & celebrate!
Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart!
I appreciate your support so much and reaching 4000 really feels like a big acomplishment to me, as when I first started my channel, I wasn't even making much sense, talking in english, and I didn't even know about the existance of an editing programe!
So it seems to me that I have made a huge progress and I'm really putting my heart & soul in my blog and youtube channels, I'm really passionate about it, so 4000 to me really means a lot! ♥
I promise to always stay true to myself and to continue making progress & learning in order to make my beauty/style videos more interesting for you guys!
I'm also preparing lots of giveaways & trying to keep up with your requests! ;)

4000 subbies THANK YOU! :)
Okk so I guess this was a "quick" introduction to my today's blog post... ahem, ahem! ;)
Today I wanted to touch a subject of a FAUX LEATHER FASHION TREND that is so in this season!
Recently I bought a faux leather, high waisted, skirt from Stradivarius fashion store, I absolutely love it, and this is how I style it for day time and for night time/more special occasions:

For the daytime look I 've chosen to style my high waisted skirt with my black, military style boots and more fun, colourful accessories, whereas for the night time I've put my high heeled booties with faux fur details and my vintage Fendi little purse.
My oversized, sparkly top is from H&M (I bought it one year ago, but you can now find it in stores in "winter white" colour.)

I hope you liked this styling!
I'm definitely "rocking" the faux leather trend this season, lol, I really enjoy wearing my faux leather shorts & now my high waisted skirt :)
Do you like this trend too?

Big kissss from Italy,
Ciao, Ciao!
Sonja xx

Saturday 26 November 2011

How to Look Chic in Cold Weather?

Hello girls!

As we're approaching December, it is getting colder & colder here in Italy...
Now, what do I really wear in the cold days, when I want to stay warm, but still look chic/ stylish?

Check out my fashion video here:

My hubby was kind enough to take a few pics of my outfit, for my blog :)
I was "disturbing" him at his work, and that is how this beautiful Mustang got the be the guest appearance in my fashion video ;)

So this is the simple, yet warm & stylish outfit that I was wearing for running some errands & doing grocery shopping...

Coat: H&M
Bow belt: H&M
Infinity scarf: H&M
Grey wool cardigan: H&M (L.O.G.G.)
Black basic top: H&M
Sweater: United Colors of Benetton
Peggings, boots & bag: Italian open market
Butterfly silver ring: 1€uro Store

Have a beautiful weekend!
♥ from Italy xx

Wednesday 23 November 2011

WIN a Skull Scarf! GIVEAWAY OPEN & My Skull Scarves Collection

Hello beauties!

I'm hosting another giveaway here on my blog and my eipysgudps youtube channel :)

You can still enter my Sigma GIVEAWAY - HERE!!! as this giveaway will be open until the end of this month and I will announce the lucky winner on December,!
So you still have plenty of time to enter!
You have already entered? Never mind! Enter again, for a better chances to win! ;)

In my new giveaway, one of my lucky blog follower/ youtube subscriber, will win a black skull scarf!
This giveaway is sponsored by me, as I picked out & paid for the prize myself :)
As we are in this pre- festive season, I just wanted to give something back to you guys, as a sign of appreciation of all your love & support!
You guys make it all worthwhile! ♥

In my today's video, I'm showing you my skull scarves collection, and, by the end of this video, explaining you the rules of this giveaway- which are really simple!

So definitely check out my video and enter there as well, for a better chances to win!
In my video, you'll also see me giving you a few quick tips on how to wear/ tie scarves :)

& here are the rules of this giveaway, all written down:

1. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY
2. You have to be my YOUTUBE (eipysgudps) channel SUBSCRIBER AND MY BLOG FOLLOWER in order to enter this giveaway!
3. Enter by writing me a comment saying what do you like about my blog/ youtube channel and what do you think I should improve, in order to make my videos more interesting and appealing for you.
4. That's it! Good luck to you all & do enter in many :)

& now, here is my little skull scarves collection...

My very first skull scarf, bought in Croatia,
at a jewellery & accessories store "Kamena Duga"

Skull scarf from Top Shop, bought at ebay.
I ♥ the combo of a black background and hot pink skulls :)

Skull scarf bought in Croatia, at one chineese store!
Cute black scarf with colorful skulls :)

I ♥ this long white scarf with black skulls!
Because it's so long, you can definitely wear it even in colder days, as you can
wrap it around your neck more than once!
Bought at "Vanity" accessories store in Italy.

Long black scarf with white skulls, goes well with everything!
Bought recently at italian open market!
This was my collection, and for you I've picked out a very similar scarf to this last one from my collection (I'm showing it to you in a video, sorry- I've forgotten to take a pic of it!).
I've chosen the black & white combo for my giveaway, because I believe a majority of people will prefer a simple black & white scarf, as it is so easy to style :)

Good luck to you all!

Kiss from Italy,
xx Sonja

Tuesday 22 November 2011

30+ Skincare: L'Oréal Youth Code Rejuvenating Anti- Wrinkle Care

Hello my beauties!

I tried introducing something new into my skincare regimen...
I've decided to use up my 50% off coupons at DM drugstore, for L'Oréal "Youth Code" line of products, as I've heard positive feedbacks on these creams.
I was particulary interested in trying out the Youth Code Day Cream and the Concentrate.

Why Anti- Ageing Line?

With time, skin recovers less quickly and regenerates itself less effectively. Result: years leave a visible imprint on skin, facial features are drawn, wrinkles form and deepen, skin tone becomes dull.

"Youth Code" by L'Oréal is an anti- ageing line, so I wouldn't recommend it to my younger readers, in their teens, or early twenties.

This year, I celebrated my 30.-th birthday, and even though, when it comes to skincare, anti-ageing products aren't my priority, I felt tempted to try out some of the products from this line and see the effects they'll have on my skin.
As my skin is still problematic, prone to blemishes, combination/oily, when it comes to skincare, I'm looking for a light, gel consistency creams that will provide a good level of hydration to my skin, but won't clog my pores, or cause me to breakout because too oily, or nourishing.

I find that both Day Cream and the Concentrate, worked well on my skin and helped it to restore its balance, even though they aren't a gel- consistency creams and they actually feel "richer", but also absorb really well & quickly, without leaving any oily residues on my skin.

L'Oréal Paris Dermo- Expertise Youth Code Day Cream & Concentrate

What does L'Oréal say about this line?

Studying the differences between gene expression among young and elderly skin, L'Oréal Advanced Research, in collaboration with medical teams, deciphers the code of skin's youth.
The patented Pro- Gen technology has been developed to improve skin's recovery capability and to restore its natural youth code.
Result: Thanx to Youth Code, skin regains the characteristics of young skin: smooth, softened, radiant.


INDICATIONS: Wrinkles, signs of fatigue, dull skin tone.
VELVETY TEXTURE: Moisturizing, smoothing, refreshing effect.
USE: Use Youth Code Day in the morning and in the evening on thoroughly cleansed skin.

HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS CREAM: I was using it in the mornings, fantastic as a foundation base, leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized.
Absorbs really quickly leaving no oily residues.


INDICATIONS: Wrinkles, signs of fatigue, dull skin tone.
MELTING TEXTURE: A smoothing and tensing effect, with a soft and matified finish on the skin.
USE: Use Youth Code Concentrate in the morning and in the evening on thoroughly cleansed skin.
Pay particular attention on more visible wrinkles.

HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS PRODUCT: I absolutely love the matified finish this product leaves on my skin! It's ideal as a make up base. If you're going out at night/ doing your make up for special occasions, then you can use this concentrate as your primer, before the day cream and a foundation. This will create a perfect, doll- like skin illusion.
The packaging is really convenient for travelling, I prefer to take this product with me on my trips, than a glass jar of a Day Cream!

I hope this was helpful in case you're looking to buy a good quality and reasonably priced, anti- ageing skincare line.

For more info, check out my video- review on L'Oréal "Youth Code" skincare:

Kiss from Italy xx
Ciao, Ciao!

Monday 21 November 2011

Nail Art Cracking Top Coat Nail Polish by Essence REVIEW & DEMO

Hello girls!

Recently I bought my very first cracking nail polish!
I wanted to try the cracking nail polish for a while now, so when I was in Croatia, at my local DM drugstore, I found this electric blue nail art cracking top coat by essence brand!
It was super affordable and I wasn't thinking twice about getting it :)

essence nail art cracking top coat #03 crack me! blue
In my newest video, I did a quick REVIEW & DEMO on how this nail art cracking top coat works:

Now I'm very much into this cracked top nail art & I love how it looks on my nails :)

This is what you'll need to do for a successful-do it at home-by yourself- manicure:

from my beauty & style channel
step 1.

All the products I used for this nail art
step 2.

step 3.

I've decided to use an "old gold" colour as my base colour.
I think it goes really well with an electric blue colour on top!

My inspiration to use a combo of these two nail colours on my nails was my new
diary and its gorgeous colours :) !!

step 4.

essence nail art cracking top coat on my nails.

step 5.
It's fun to actually see it happening on your nails :)
step 6.

My nail art matches my new diary/agenda!

The final result on my nails.
Do you like the cracking nail polish effect?

I'll also try matching this blue top coat with red, silver, orange as a base...the combinations are many: You can use as a base whichever colour you have in your collection, whichever colour you think goes well with this blue top coat!

What are your plans for today?

After this post and some major housework, I plan on doing a nice manicure & pedicure...these things always relax me :)

Have a relaxing afternoon!

<3 from Italy xx

Thursday 17 November 2011

Natural Smoky Brown Eye With Sleek STORM Palette

Hello lovelies!

I've decided to film a make up tutorial about the look that I've been wearing a lot recently, almost daily!
It is a very quick & easy look to create, yet very pretty & polished :)

All the make up & brushes that I used in this tutorial!

I used one of my favourite Sleek palettes to create this look:


I got my Sleek "Storm" palette a while ago at my local Sephora :)
This palette costs less than 10€!

Very famous in the world of beauty bloggers, the Sleek Storm eyeshadow palette!
I do love it & recommend it!
If you can get your hands on this palette, don't let it to! ;)

Needless to say, I ADORE these colours!
This palette is great for creating every day looks, but also the looks for going out,
more "festive", or more intense, smoky eyes :)

♥ = the eyeshadows I used in my today's tutorial.
You can watch my tutorial HERE! ♥

& this is the look I created:

The Long Gold Chain Feather earring that I'm wearing in these pics & in my tutorial is available here!

Long gold chain feather earring follows the length of my hair!
I'm in love with this statement piece of accessorie :)
It definitely adds a "certain something" to my simple outfits!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial; this is a perfect look for everyday, but you can also easily transform it into a more suitable look for the night time!
 Just add a black, or brown eyeliner along your upper lash line, or black/brown eye pencil that you can smudge on your upper/lower lash line :)

Have a fabulous evening!
Kisss from Italy xx

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