Thursday 22 March 2018

Mitomo Japanese Sheet Mask Review & Trying Out The Camellia Essence Mask!

Hello beauties!

You probably already know my obsession with tissue masks, I like to use them as often as I can because they boost my skin with hydration and make it soft and baby smooth!
I often post on my instagram funny photos of me wearing the mask and the results afterwards.

Here I was testing out Garnier sheet masks, but recently I teamed up with Mitomo and they kindly sent me some of their top selling tissue masks to review.


  1. Mitomo Pure Skin Care Pure Facial Essence Mask
  2. Mitomo Pore Care Pore Control Facial Essence Mask
  3. Mitomo Moisturizing Care Moisturizing Facial Essence Mask
  4. Mitomo The Natural Perfect Moisture Essence Sheet Mask Placenta + Platinum
  5. Mitomo The Natural Perfect Moisture Essence Sheet Mask Syn- Ake + EGF
  6. Mitomo Black Sheet Gold & Horse Oil Black Sheet Face Pack
  7. Mitomo Q10 + Lithospermum Essence Mask
  8. Mitomo Collagen + Lithospermum Essence Mask
  9. Mitomo Uruuru Tea Tree Essence Mask
  10. Mitomo Camellia Essence Mask

I decided to try out the Camellia Essence Mask that very day (well, that very night to be precise, as I use face masks whilst taking a shower, and as a part of my night time skincare routine.)

In this video , I talk more about the masks & show you a little clip / demo on how I used the Camellia Essence mask and how my skin felt and looked like afterwards:

These masks are very affordable, and you can get more info on their global official website
The Camellia mask felt very refreshing, and left my skin very hydrated. The cotton sheet mask came in the packaging full of essence, but it wasn't sticky at all. It was a true pleasure to do this 20-30 min pampering treatment before going to sleep.
The packaging itself was super pretty!

I really like Asian skincare, they really know what they're doing and our Occidental beauty industry often gets inspired by their ancient knowledge and traditions.

Let me know, have you ever tried any of Mitomo's (or other brands') tissue masks and how was your experience with them? Is it something you'd want to include in your beauty routine?

xo from Italy,

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Monday 19 March 2018

#Mommymonday : Baby boy's fashion & food haul

Hello lovelies!

In today's episode of #Mommymoday , I'm going to share with you some bits that I got for my little son past week.
I went to Kiabi (where I often like to shop for my son's clothes, as the selection is nice, and the prices are affordable), Decathlon and Bimbo store.

I was looking for a sleeveless hoodie as I think it's great layering piece, especially for this transitional period of the year, when the weather can act a bit crazy... I couldn't find it anywhere, so I did some on-line research, and I found a really cute one available at Decathlon.
The price was € 7.99 and I was able to reserve it on-line and then pick it up in the nearby store the next day!

At Kiabi I picked a pairr of these cool, brown pants (the material is a bit more lightweight, so it's going to be great in warmer spring days.) I had some extra credit to use up so I ended up spending € 0.00 on these ones, but their retail price was € 9.

At Bimbo store (where I got most of the things from this haul), I stumbled upon this crazy sale of Primigi footwear! I couldn't believe it to my eyes! Primigi is one of the italian footwear leaders for kids, premium quality! Their footwear can be a bit pricey (40-50 €), and my son's first walking shoes are actually from this brand (we decided to get him only one pair but great quality shoes, instead of getting several "trendy" pieces, from highstreet brands.) When it comes to child's growing and developing feet, one should not pay attention on trends, but on the quality!
I grabbed this pair for only € 9.99 (which was incredible, and I didn't believe it was true until I actually paid for it, lol!). They didn't have any 21 sizes left, so I bought the 22 (he's now 20, pushing on 21), so these will wait a bit before he gets to wear them (maybe next fall?), but it was certaily worth getting them! Now I'll have to look out for the size 21 (maybe a bit more summery model!).
It wasn't a planned purchase, as I went to Bimbo store primarily to get some food and snacks for my boy, but I couldn't let this amazing offer go!

Next, here are some yoghurts and snacks that I picked at our local supermarket (and Hipp fruit purees I got at Bimbo store).
My son loves to have yoghurt for breakfast and it does good to his digestive system too! I like to but Teddi yoghurts as they're bio (organic) and super amazing.

As far as the fruit purees, I like to prepare them myself, with fresh fruit, but these Hipp ones are great and very practical when we're out & about and he feels like having a little midday treat!

As far as his daily meals are concerned, I steam veggies with Phillips Avent steamer & blender and then I mix it with meat (here I picked turkey, ham, rabbit, beef and veal.)
He now also eats small chunks by himself, of what we eat, but he does this more for fun than for fulfillment, so I tend to still blend main meals for him, and then let him "play" with smaller bits on his own.

These Plasmon, Mellin and Hipp meals based on milk are very easy and quick to prepare. I don't give these to him on a regular basis, but occasionally, for breakfast, or dinner.

These here are some snacks that he loves to snack on during the day...He has 8 teeth now (and 2 more on their way). We tried other forms too, but I ended up eating them, as he didn't care for them. These here are his favourites!

And here are some pasta, creckers and wholegrain cereal's flour (and corn and tapioca flour), that I also like to use when I cook his meals. The flours I use if I need to add a bit of density to the meal (and he actually loves when I add the corn and tapioca flour as it gives such a nice taste!). When we first started weaning, I tried rice flour, but it was making him constipated, so we switched to these other ones.

This was my little food & fashion haul! I hope it was interesting for all the mommas out there :-)

Happy names day to the light of my life, my little son! The great thing about having two names is that momma is gonna shower you with gifts :-)

Happy father’s day to all Dads ❤️ here are some memories from my Dad’s old photo album! My grandfather and my dad when he was just a baby! Today is also my Dad's Josip name day! And my son carries on his name😍

Saturday 17 March 2018

How-To: Tone Yellow, Brassy, Orange Hair With Purple Shampoo | Toning Hair With Purple Shampoo

Hello beauties!

It's already March and spring is knocking on our doors, It's time to awaken from that long winter's sleep, just as nature does. This goes for our skin and hair too! That's why I decided to dedicate my posts this month to skincare and hair care related topics.
I often get asked how I tone my hair after coloring it at home and which products I use.
I tried some products that weren't that effective but then I discovered that toning hair with purple shampoo actually gives great results!

In this video I share with you how I tone my hair at home using silver, purple shampoo.

This is, I would call it "a hair vlog" about how to tone yellow, brassy, orange hair with purple shampoo. I currently use Bapp Silver Shampoo from a local drugstore. I got it some time ago together with a purple mask from the same line.

Has anyone ever tried it?

I thought that purple shampoos are pretty much all effective in the same way, but when I googled it I found out that this particular one did not get good reviews online, so next time I'm going to try using a different brand, hopefully to get even better results!
If you have experience with using purple shampoos let me know is there a significant difference from one brand to another?
Which one would you recommend? I heard that L'Oreal has a great one!

Anyway, the difference is still visible, even with this Bapp one!

BEFORE- unflattering, brassy roots :-/

AFTER -  several treatments later, nice shade of blonde :-)

How I Use Purple Shampoo:

I usually mix it with a white mask or hair conditioner, apply on dry hair, wait for 30 minutes or longer (if I have time) and then proceed with washing my hair as usual.
Otherwise, if I don't have time to apply it as a mask, I'll shampoo my hair with it, leave it on for a few minutes (as I do with a conditioner) and then I'll go on and rinse it.
I find that the first method works more intensely and in a few sessions I can get my hair from brassy to lovely blonde.

I hope this was helpful!

xo from Italy,

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Friday 9 March 2018

Catwalk By Tigi Oatmeal & Honey Intense Nourishing Mask For Dry, Damaged Hair Review

Hello lovelies!

You know that I often write reviews of hair care products and document my hair coloring journey. Well today, I have one fantastic hair care product to share with you!
I discovered it not that long ago and I already ordered my second one!

It's Catwalk by TIGI Oatmeal & Honey Intense Nourishing Mask for dry and damaged hair.

This mask is very nourishing and it smells of honey. I swear, there's a note of cinnamon in there too!
I just love it! I think I'm getting a bit addicted to it.
Jokes aside, I know it's good to switch up hair care products from time to time, as otherwise your hair might get too used to a certain product and not respond to it anymore.

You guys know my obsession with Kerastase products but Catwalk TIGI products are just as appealing!

At and online beauty store, they have extremely good prices (In fact, I couldn't believe it when I saw it! I paid more than double the amount for the same product at one beauty supply store in Croatia that sells TIGI. I was upset for having paid that much, but also relieved that I found a place that sells one of my favorite hair care brands at such low prices!)
I got introduced to TIGI products way back, more than 10 years ago, when I still lived in Croatia. I always loved using them: They have amazing fragrance, cool design and are always very pampering for my hair! I haven't used them that often, because of the quite high price point, but now I can really indulge and treat my hair with them, without sense of guilt that I spent too much on a beauty product!
This Oatmeal and Honey mask contains 200g / 7.05 OZ. and it retails at € 10.08 at feelunique.

That's really good! I believe you can also get sets, shampoo, conditioner and a mask, and that is even more convenient option! (Something to consider after I'm done with my current shampoo and conditioner).

Sometimes I'll skip the conditioner and use only this mask and it's very hydrating, nourishing and it detangles my hair perfectly! Some people even use it as an overnight treatment and then they wash it off in the morning and they swear it's super nourishing and restorative for colored and damaged hair but I haven't tried out this method yet.

This mask is very indulgent indeed: It contains acacia honey, wheat protein, vitamin e and fibre- penetrating ingredients. It helps nourish and repair, leaving hair soft, smooth and full of shine.

If you're interested to hear what else do I have to say about it, check out my video review:

I have only the best words about shopping at, in case you want to see one of my feelunique beauty haul and shopping experience, check out this video:

Have you ever tried any of Catwalk / BedHead TIGI products?

Let me know which one was your favorites? Do you have any recommendations to share?

xo from Italy,

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Spring fashion preview

Hello loves!

After a long winter, finally, spring is in the air!
Today was actually the first sunny day, after weeks of rain, snow and bad weather. I decided to make the most out of it and took my little son out for a walk.
I talked to him about how, soon the nature is going to awake from a winter's dream, and dress itself in beautiful pastels and bright colours :-)
My son ended up falling asleep in the sun, and when we arrived home he was still sleeping so I had some extra time to check my emails and browse through the internet a bit.

Our little talk about nature's awakening and dressing in colours, inspired me to go on line and see what's new in fashion trends for the new season.
FashionMia is one of my favourite on line destinations to browse through, in order to get inspired.
I was curious to see their new arrivals and what do they offer for the Spring season 2018.

I was looking at affordable dresses. Now that I'm a mum, I do have a budget and I don't want to spend too much money on myself: I always think of my baby's needs, he's my priority.
That's why affordable on line stores such as FashionMia are great options for us mums on a budget, but us mums who still love fashion, following trends and being stylish.

Here are some dresses I'll consider adding to my wardrobe to renew it for this spring:

Tropical print / palm tree leaves is always great option for warmer season. This Off Shoulder Flounce Tropical Floral Printed Skater Dress is such a cute dress; I love the off shoulders model and ruffles on the top.

Next dress that I love is this Square Neck Tribal Printed Skater Dress. 
The colour, the print, the model...everything about this dress appeals to me! Bright colours are definitely a big must in the warm season, and this dress looks perfect for whoever has very fun, young, flirty personality.

Next dress is a bit more "toned down", but I love the oversized models and stripes are always very cool, they never go out of style! Oversized Striped Round Neck Pocket Maxi Dress is ideal for casual wear and everyday errands, but you'll still look very chic & stylish. All you need to do is accessorize it with bold, statement jewellery, and you're good to go!

These were some of the cute dresses that caught my attention, but I also looked at womens skirts, and I found some great models that I'd like to share here and ask for your opinion: Which one do you like best?

This red Side Slit Single Breasted Plain Pencil Midi Skirt is a must for this new season! I love its simplicity, and side slit detail which makes it very feminine and up to date!

This Elegant Floral Printed Slit Pencil Midi Skirt is super cute, and I love the floral print. Despite the fact that it's black, with this bright floral print, it's appropriate for spring season.

Another very beautiful skirt for spring is this Plain Elastic Waist Chiffon Pleated Maxi Skirt it's very romantic, feminine and sophisticated. I love this color for spring season!

Those were some of my favourite items currently at FashionMia! Let me know which ones do you like best?

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Wednesday 7 March 2018


Hello guys!

Today I have an OOTD post & a video for you!
This past Sunday it was finally sunny, so we decided to make the most out of it and have a little family walk! When our son fell asleep, and our dog was resting too, I decided to quickly film an OOTD video and asked my hubby to take some photos too :-)

I was wearing this lantern sleeve multicolored chunky sweater that I got from Zaful on top of my old H&M's denim shirt. I paired everything with my boyfriend fit jeans from Zara, and Timberland boots.
It's still quite cold outside, so on top I was wearing my puffy, warm jacket by Duvetica (great quality, and soo warm!)

Check out my OOTD video here:

& please subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel if you haven't yet!

Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Sweater: Zaful
Denim shirt: H&M
Boyfriend fit jeans: Zara
Tights: H&M
Boots: Timberland
Golden hoop earrings: Rosegal
Charm bracelet: Soufeel

Thanks for stopping by! I'll talk to you soon :-)
Have a nice day y'all!!!

Monday 5 March 2018


Hello lovelies!

In this "MommyMonday" post I'm sharing with you my video review of Medela nipple shields and telling a little bit about my experience with breastfeeding and inverted nipples.

I was recommended to get Medela nipple shields by hospital's obstetrician (where I gave birth), and they suggested the size I should get.

I didn't go on my own to buy nipple shields out of my own initiative; at that time I really had no other choice: Because of my inverted nipples, my son couldn't latch, and so it was impossible for me to breastfeed him. I wanted to stress that out, because I don't think you should get nipple shields without first consulting your obstetrician or lactation specialist. Nipple shields are a temporary solution (they were indeed, very helpful in my case, as thanks to them I was able to overcome the problem of inverted nipples); my son eventually learned how to latch properly, and now that he's 13 months I still breastfeed him (without the nipple shields).

I used them until he was 2-3 months old, and then, one day, it just happened: He was able to latch without nipple shields! It was like a little miracle, because I tried having him latch for countless of times, and it was always a struggle which resulted in him crying and hungry and me being quite stressed out. As soon as he latched without the help of nipple shields, my milk supply started to increase (as there was no more that barrier that affected my milk supply), and I was able to switch from mostly formula feeding, to exclusively breastfeeding my son.

It was definitely a hard and challenging journey, and I thought that, because of the shape of my nipples, my son would have to be formula fed and that's just how it's gonna go down, but luckily, I kept trying and I never gave up on breastfeeding him always before formula day he was able to latch without that "plastic barrier"...

Nipple shields were indeed very helpful the first few months, but as soon as my son was able to latch, I ditched them, as I wanted to increase my milk supply and I knew, by using nipple shields this would never gonna happen. When you have direct "skin to skin" contact, the hormones are released, to affect and stimulate milk production, if there is constantly a barrier between your nipples and your baby's mouth, chances are high that your milk production won't be enough to satisfy your baby's needs.
So yes, they were helpful (in my case), but don't use them just to prevent cracking or sore nipples (there are plenty of great nipple creams and oils that can help you out with that!).
If you need to use them for a bit, because it's just way to painful to breastfeed without, then use them for some time until your nipples heal, but aim towards not using them if not necessary.

Here is the video where I talk more about this subject:

and all about my breastfeeding journey:

#throwback to february,15th.2017. My baby was 25 days old! Time indeed flies by! Our bundle of joy :-)

Please feel free to share with me your breastfeeding story!
Did you ever have to use nipple shields?
Were you able to breastfeed and for how long, or did you use formula to feed your baby?

Thursday 1 March 2018

Mock Neck Flare Sleeve Floral Embroidered Sweater - Zaful OOTD

Hello lovelies!

Over the past couple of months I've been ordering at Zaful quite frequently.
You guys probably know that, by my previous "wish lists" posts (most of the items from those wish lists I eventually ended up ordering!)

I have to say that I'm very pleased with the overall shopping experience: The quality, the selection of clothes, and the customer's service. 

It does take a bit longer for the item to arrive, if you don't get the express shipping option (which is a bit pricey), but if you arm yourself with patience, you'll be smiling once your order comes in! For all orders above $30 Zaful offers free shipping, but make sure to get the tracking number and/or shipping insurance option, that way you'll be more at ease whilst waiting for your package to arrive.

In this quick ootd post I'm featuring one of their popular items, the Mock Neck Flare Sleeve Floral Embroidered Sweater, which you can get here (now on sale for $ 28.55).
I ordered it in a size M and it fits nicely (should I mention, I'm usually size XS/S, 170 cm height and 55 kg weight).

Here are some more outfit pics:

Yes, I would definitely recommend this item! I paired it with my old Zara jeggings, and some hoop earrings (from this haul).

As I've mentioned, I did get a lot of things from zaful, so soon I'll be posting a video haul, more outfit photos / item reviews! I hope that will be helpful and inspiring. Before I place my order, I always have a peek at what other bloggers are recommending (it's especially helpful when it comes to sizing and the overall quality of the item!)

Kiss from a snowy Italy, I'll talk to you soon :-)

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