Sunday 16 October 2022

Fall vibes ootd: Colorful print pants


Hello loves!

How are you doing?

I've been feeling a bit under the weather these past couple of days, I think I caught some virus.

First my little one was ill, and then, of course, he passed it on to me! I'm hoping that being outdoors and close to the sea will help boost my immune system so I can feel better soon.

These days the weather has been very sunny and warm, we've been outside in our backyard picking chestnuts and walnuts, the last fruits nature has to offer us before the arrival of winter.

It's such a blessing to go outside and have a little Sunday walk by the sea :-)

In these photos I'm wearing:

Denim shirt: Zara

New Zealand sweater: The clean green shirt company (from Textilehouse Croatia second hand store)

Colorful jeans: New Yorker

Vintage Gucci sunglasses

Sneakers: Nike Air Max

hahaha socks: H&M

I'll talk to you soon! Have a great start of the new week!

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