Tuesday 31 January 2012

Winter Fashion Haul: Bargains & Great Deals!

Hello beauties!

Today I shared with you my fashion haul that I did over the weekend!
(in between lunch breakes, lol, as this weekend too I was working!)

You can check out what did I get in my new video:

(I personally love to watch haul videos, I find them, oh, so inspiring!)

I also took the pics of the new goodies in my wardrobe, so here they are!
The stores that I checked out were: H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear, Accessorize and Promod!


I stocked up on some cute socks and PJs at H&M :)
One has to look pretty even when sleeping!

This vibrant orange colour top from H&M's Conscious Collection, is going to be perfect for this upcoming spring & summer season!

I really like the back with the zipper detail.

I love my new knitted sweater from H&M!
Winter white colour & sparkly golden threads ♥

The sweater was reduced from 34.95€ to 10€!
I got it in a size XS (this is an oversized model, so it's quite large anyway!)

I had my eyes set on this belt ever since it first arrived in the stores!
I already have a whole bunch of belts, so I couldn't bring myself to buy another one at a full price...
But now, with it being more than 50% OFF, I couldn't say no to it...

Basic white top with ruffle embellishments on the shoulders...
One can never have enough basics!

I got this top for only 3€ and I know I'm going to be wearing it a lot, as it's really simple, basic, yet so cute!

Another hair accessorie from H&M that was reduced from 7.95€ to only 1€!
I really like it, it's a perfect hair decoration for the special occasions!

The end of winter isn't even near yet! ...I stocked up on some cute & warm winter accessories:
the camel colour gloves with faux fur details are from H&M (reduced from 7.95€ to 1€) and the  nordic print ones are from Accessorize (reduced from 18.90€!!! to 5.50€- now this is more acceptable!)

I couldn't resist to these cognac colour H&M booties!
These are really comfy, look great on, these were the only pair left and it was my size!...and I got them for less than 15€!
How could I say no?!

At Pull & Bear I got these booties that remind me a lot on Vivienne Westwood's Pirate Boots (that I ♥♥♥).
These were the only pair left and in my size so, again, how could I say no?!
A real leather & suede, these are a great quality!
Originally 69.99€, these were mine for 25.99€ :)
I already wore them & they're extremely comfy!

Okkk, I know, I went a bit boot crazyyy...
I got these at Zara and my exceuse for having bought these ones is: I just fell in love!!!
These were originally 109.99€, but I got them for 29.99€, so for just a fraction of the full price!
These are sooo me, so my style!!!!

Last, but not least, a bracelet that I got at Promod.
I see myself wearing this bracelet a lot in the spring/summer time.

So this was my haul!!!

Was there anything from this haul that you liked in particular?
What did you buy recently?
You can share this with me in the comment's section under this blog post, or, if you also make beauty/fashion vids on youtube, leave me your video as a video response!
I'd love to see what did you guys get on the sales!

Have a lovely evening & a big kissss from Italy,
♥ Sonja

Thursday 26 January 2012

Just Some Winter Outfits (Styling Inspirations)

Hello girls!

I put together a quick, little video on some of the outfits that I like to wear in these cold, winter days...

Check out my fashion video here:

& let's take a closer look at the outfits!


I'm wearing:

Jacket: Replay
Colorful wool turtleneck: Elio Fiorucci for Oviesse
Brown turtleneck: H&M
Skinny Jeans: Bershka
Belt: Accessorize
Boots: Tommy Hilfiger
Bag: Zara


I'm wearing:

Everything is from H&M except for the jacket (Replay).


I'm wearing:

Cropped faux leather jacket: Pull & Bear
Snakeskin print dress: H&M
Black tights: H&M
Butterfly necklace: Vintage (gifted from my dear granny!)
Wool hat: Christmas present from my Mum
Boots: Estradà (Made in Italy)
Bag: INA Market


I'm wearing:

Sweaterdress: H&M
Skinny jeans: Bershka
Bag: Zara
Boots: Vagabond
Headband: H&M
Rings: H&M

This is it for my little winter outfits styling inspiration! ;)

I hope you girls liked some of these suggestions!
Let me know which one was your favourite!

Kisss from Italy!
 ♥ Wishing you all a lovely day ♥

Maybelline Instant Anti- Age The Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover Concealer

Hello beauties!

Have you seen yet this new Maybelline concealer, "Instant Anti- Age The Eraser Eye Perfect & Cover Concealer"?
I bought it around this past holiday season, when I was in Croatia visiting my family.
I went to my local DM drugstore & when I saw they had this in stock, I had to grab it!
I'm very pleased with this product, actually this has instantly become my favourite under-eye concealer!

This micro- correcting eye concealer will instantly erase dark circles & fine lines.
It also visibly diminishes under- eye puffiness.

It contains Goji Berry and Haloxyl
(Haloxyl is a combination of active ingredients able to absorb and eliminate colored blood pigments in the skin that are responsible for dark circles. Haloxyl has been designed to reduce dark circles under the eyes. It's a powerful ingredient in the best eye creams.)

The sponge tip aplicator makes this product very easy to apply on the skin.

I've chosen the shade "Fair".
This works great even as a highlighter!

This product will brighten up your under- eye area and instantly make it appear more radiant, younger & fresh looking!
It absorbs instantly into the skin and provides the perfect coverage, whilst also hydrating it!

You can check out my video- review to find out more about this product & how exactly do I use it to acheive the optimal results:

(just hit the play button above to watch my vid!)

I hope you found this review helpful!

Have a lovely day & kissss from Italy xx

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk Review & DEMO

Hello beauties!

I took some time to film & review my favourite dry shampoo, which is by a brand Klorane.

Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk.

I like to use a dry shampoo once a week, and usually it is on Sundays that I'm working (on the weekends I usually work long hours and I don't really have time to wash my hair!).
I'll usually wash my hair twice- three times a week...I'll wash it on Fridays before I start working, and then again on Monday, when it's my day off!
That's why I need a "little something" to get me through the Sundays, when my hair isn't freshly washed, but I still want it to look & feel as if it was!

You can check out my detailed review & a little DEMO on this dry shampoo here:

A dry shampoo will clean your hair without water, in only two minutes!
It's suitable for all hair types and for frequent use.
It is formulated with protecting oat milk, making it appropriate for even the most sensitive scalps.
Corn and rice starch deliver a powerful cleansing action and natural absorbent microspheres eliminate dirt, oil and odors.
Hair instantly regains volume and texture.

It's important to mention that this dry shampoo is paraben- free, sulfate- free and colorant- free.

Directions for use:

Shake well before use and evenly spray 10 inches away from hair, focusing at the roots. Leave on for 2 minutes and then brush thoroughly.

The 5 advantages of KLORANE dry shampoo:

- Cleans hair without water in 2 minutes
- Extends life between shampoos
- Ideal for on-the-go
- Adds volume and texture
- Extends a blow- out.

I repurchased this product several times already and I'm probably already on my third or fourth bottle.
I usually buy it at pharmacies in Italy, or Croatia and it costs around 11€.

I definitely recommend you this product!

Thanx for stopping by!
Have a nice evening beauties :)

xx Sonja

Italian Winter Sales Fashion Haul: H&M, Zara and Oviesse

  Hello girls!

It's kind of strange of me that I haven't done a video about winter sales fashion haul yet!...
As you by now probably already know, I just enjoy shopping on sales & I'm always on a lookout for a good deal/ bargain shopping!

The reason why I haven't posted anything sooner is that, I was a bit ill at the beginning of this month, meaning that I skipped an entire first two weeks of winter sales!
But I wasn't very upset about that, because I usually like to wait for the second reductions and the prices to go down at even 70% OFF!

So, now I finally made a video & shared my purchases with you!
& I'm pretty sure this isn't all that I'm going to get on this year winter sales, so stay tuned for more! ;)

(just hit the play button to watch my vid!)

& here are the pics of all the new items that made me happy this month! :)


Super sparkly ballet flats at 9.99 €
(original price was 29.99 €)

INA Market- a big chinese warehouse in Italy

I fell in love with the colour of this bag & the model too!
(Gotta love the tassle & all the metal studs detailing!)

This bag was mine for 11.07 €, original price was a bit less than 40€!
At 70% off, I consider this a good deal! ;)


Leopard print headband was only 1€!
H&M's accessories are already very affordable, but on sales it gets even better, most
of the accessories are now only 1 €!

I love this headband because it's very lightweight (it doesn't hurt my head), it's so cute (I love the little bow) and well, it's leopard print! ;)

Faux leather pants.
These are high waisted, very tight & formfitting!
These are also available in black and camel colour.
Sales price: 10€
(originally 19.95€)

I just had to have this dress! I will be wearing it when the warmer days arrive to Italy!
This is the exact dress that one of the Beverly Hills 90210 characters, Silver, was wearing in one of
the episodes!
(She was wearing it at the airport, when they were all returning from Las Vegas! Have you seen this episode?)
This dress was mine for only 10€!
It retailed at somewhere between 24.95€ and 29.95€ -I'm not 100% sure right now as I haven't kept the price tag on!

Snakeskin print dress, a very trendy clothing item this season!
I got it for 7€ (originally it was 14.95€ which isn't too bad either!)

Oversized sweaterdress (I got it in a size XS, but just the model is very oversized).
I paid 10€ for it (originally 29.95€)
It's really warm and it looks great paired with dark skinny jeans & camel color boots!

Skinny jeans model "Super Sqin"
Original price 24.95 €, got them for 10€.
These are actually from young girl's dept. of H&M
The size that fits me is 14 Y (170 cm hight)

I find that the "Super Sqin" model of H&M deanim is the most flattering on me :)

I do have a lot of jeans in my wardrobe already, but I just had to get these because of the side pockets!
I love these details, I just can't say "no" to the jeans with the side pockets! lol

I had my eye set on these booties ever since they first got into stores!
Original price 34.95€, these were mine for 15€
There was only ONE pair left, luckily it was the size 40, my size! :)
My store had them only in this colour, but I believe some stores had these in black as well!


This is such a cute knitted wool gilet!
It obviously won't keep you very warm, but it's a great layering piece and it serves as
a "decoration" to your outfit!
Something like an accessorie I'd say!

I got it for 5€.
I don't know the original price of it, but "Baby Angel" range for Oviesse is usually a bit more pricey!

Can't have enough basics!
I like the model & the colour of this simple, cotton T-shirt.
I got it for 3€.
At sales, I always like to stock up on my basics!

Leopard print, cropped cardigan!
So cute!
I can't say "no" to a leopard print!
It was mine for only 5€.
Plus it's really warm :)
Oviesse young line.

This off-white cardigan is a great clothing item because it really goes well with anything and it's a great layering piece!
I got it for 5€!
It's from Oviesse business range.

Another "Baby Angel" clothing item, designed by Elio Fiorucci for Oviesse.
On sales it cost me only 5€ and I got it because of the bright, vibrant colours!
I needed those to "survive" this long & dull winter!
So, this is my haul girlies, I hope you enjoyed!
If you're also on youtube/blogger and wish to share your winter sales hauling with me, I'd actually love to see what did you get!
You can post me a video response under my video on youtube, or just leave me your comment here under the comments' section!

Also, you can check out two of my videos with tips on how to successfully shop at (any kind of) sales! (& this coming from a true bargain shopper!)
These two videos that I have for you are a bit older, but the tips I gave there are still very much up-to-date ;)



Love from Italy xx

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