Wednesday 30 January 2019

Dr. Hauschka Skincare Review

Hello beauties!

In this post I'd like to present to you another skincare brand that I've been loving and using religiously in my beauty routine! I'm talking about 100% certified natural cosmetics- free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, made in Germany, Dr. HauschkaI discovered Dr. Hauschka many years ago, whilst I was still living in Croatia. At the time I only used a few products from them (such as lip balms, I always loved them because they were very nourishing).
Over the past few years I tried quite a few products from Dr. Hauschka and I was always very pleased with how gentle, carring and effective they were on my skin. Now that my skin is dry, I find that their cult product Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, really saved my life! It makes my skin look younger and plumper and I just adore this product. For people with more oily/ combination skin, I recommend the same cream in the "light" version. 

At I ordered this Dr. Hauschka Radiant Rose Beauty Kit.

Dr. Hauschka Radiant Rose Beauty Kit Includes:

Rose Day Cream
Facial Toner
Soothing Cleansing Milk

These here are all the products I got:

Rose Day Cream

- nurtures, protects and soothes.
Ideal for dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Rose wax, shea butter, rose petals and rose hips hydrate, protect and support skin renewal.

I use this cream at morning, before foundation or bb cream, but also at night as it feels extra nourishing!

Facial Toner

- enlivens and fortifies
It's created for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Anthyllis and witch hazel extracts visibly refine pores and support skin's natural firmness and elasticity.

I usually love using Rose Water as a toner, but in this Dr. Hauschka kit, I discovered this facial toner that is also really pleasant on my skin and I can recommend it to anyone whose skin needs extra pampering!

Soothing Cleansing Milk

- cleanser, makeup remover.
Gentle cleanser for sensitive skin, ideal for makeup removal, or even as a shaving lotion! (it's quite a multi-purpose product!)

It contains Anthyllis, jojoba and almond oil, which effectively cleanse skin and calm sensitive skin, with cooling and soothing effect.

Products come in 30 ml containers each and the price of the kit is around € 36 (now is on promotion for € 25, so I have to order it again, as I'm already running low on rose day cream - my skin seems to "drink" that stuff!).

Over the last couple of years, I'm really trying to use more natural skincare and body care brands in my beauty routine, and Dr. Hauschka is one of my long time favorites!

Have you ever tried anything from this brand or from their makeup range (I still haven't, but would love to pick up a piece or two!)

Let me know your recommendations!

xo from Italy,

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Drugstore Skincare Faves | Himalaya Beauty Products Review & My Recommendations!

Hello beauties!

For todays post, I'd like to share with you some products from Himalaya Herbals and the Himalaya Botanique line that I love! I discovered Himalaya products a couple of years ago when they arrived at my local beauty store in Croatia but since recently they're available even here in Italy, at my local supermarket.They have very convenient price point, so I picked a few products that I needed to complete my beauty routine and I have to say that I've been loving them! That's why I wanted to share my faves and recommend these to you, too!

I use quite a few skincare products from Himalaya and I also tested out something from their line for kids and babies.

For my face, I've been using Himalaya Peel Off Mask with almond & cucumber. It eliminates all the dirt and dark spots, makes your skin feel firm and youthful. I try to do this treatment two times a week, leaving it on my face for 15-20 min, until the mask is completely dry.

I also love, love, love the Intensive Hydration Cream with Vitamin E, wheatgerm and sweet almond. The packaging is huge, 150 ml, and the price is under 5 €. This cream can be used for hands and body too, it nourishes skin and keeps it soft & supple, protecting it from environmental damage. It moisturizes even the extremely dry areas on your skin. My skin is quite thirsty these days, so this cream is the best!

The Exfoliating Face Cleanser (for all skin types) is suitable for everyday use. It contains Apricot and Aloe Vera, and it's Paraben, SLS/SLES and soap free. It gently exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling fresh and looking radiant.

I had extremely dry lips and Himalaya Cocoa Butter Lip Balm really was a life saver! It prevets cracking, chapping and drying and it smells awesome too!

From the Himalaya Botanique line, I've tried the Whitening Complete Care ToothpasteIt is a bit more pricey than the rest of the products (around 7-ish €), but trust me, it's the best toothpaste I've used so far, as it really gives me that whitening effect but with still being very delicate on my teeth and gums. Simply peppermint toothpaste takes the plant enzyms of Bromelain and Papain, and combines them with the power of Neem, Xylitol and Peppermint leaf. It's fluoride free, sodium lauryl sulfate free, carrageenan and gluten free.

For my little son, I've been using this Baby Talc Powder with olive oil and almonds. It's very delicate and gentle on baby's skin. I put it directly on a clean diaper, when changing my little one and it keeps that area dry and protected from irritation. You can actually use baby talc in many different ways even in adult beauty routine, it may even serve you as a dry shampoo!

Have you ever tried Himalaya products?
If so, share with me your favorites!

I'll be going to my local drugstore soon, to pick up another thing or two from them, since they're so great and so convenient price wise.

xo from Italy,

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L'Oreal Preference Hair Color Review & Demo | Dark Natural Brown #4 Tahiti

Hello beauties!

As you probably already know, for over a year now, I've been coloring my hair at home and a few months ago I decided to go ombre. I've had the ombre look before, but it was always professionally done.
When touching up my roots at home with light blonde, they would either go towards yellow, or turn out very brassy, so I've decided to buy a darker shade, to create the ombre effect.
At first, I was using the natural cold blonde or dark ash blonde shades, some from drugstore brands, some were professional hair colors, but recently I decided to go even darker! This is the darkest I've been in a long time!

I've purchased the shade #4 Tahiti by L'Oreal Preference and it's a dark natural brown color. This certainly would not have nice results if I put it on my blonde lengths (I could end up with a green hair!!!) but on my brassy roots, it took a perfect tone! I absolutely loved it and it didn't have any unwanted red undertones, just a very natural brown shade.

This is the last box hair dye that I tried before my mommy makeover (two weeks ago) when I went back to blonde (professionally done at hair salon in Italy).

Even though my hair is different color now, I wanted to quickly review this one, as I think it might be interesting to some of you!

It covers all the grays nicely and it leaves your hair very soft and nicely scented (thanks to the conditioner that comes with the color, it's really amazing!)

The color is pretty long lasting and it seems pretty nourishing as well: In the kit you'll actually get a little oil capsule that you're supposed to mix with the color and developer; this is one extra step to help protect and nourish your hair, whilst coloring it and I think it really works!

So far, this is one of my favorite colors and coloring lines (I might try different, but similar shades, from the same L'Oreal Preference line).

I've had a similar hair color a couple of years ago and it was done by a hair salon, but, can you even tell the difference??

If you'd like to find out more about this hair color and see a little demo of how I color my hair at home, you can watch my chatty video review here:

Have you ever tried coloring your hair at home?
How did that work out for you? Share with me your experiences, below.

xo from Italy,

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Thursday 17 January 2019

My 8 Favourite Nail Polishes For Winter Season

Hello beauties!

I usually don't have time to always have painted nails (mom life ha!), so I usually stick to a clear nail polish that also cares for my nails but during the weekends, when I'm at work, I decided to make an extra effort and find the time to wear these beautiful shades:

Red is a must in winter time, especially during the festive season! It makes you look and feel very feminine and put together and it's also said to bring luck in the New year!

I also enjoy wearing sparkly and glittery nail polishes: I love these two shades and they're also very long lasting, which is an added bonus, since I don't have much time to change nail polishes, but I do want them to look pretty.

Glitter top coats are ideal when you want to spice up your regular nail polish, jazz it up a bit! :-)

This is such a pretty shade, it makes your nails look ultra glam, as if you were wearing jewels on your nails, and it has such a high shine!

My last two faves are by Kiko and OPI.
These are also the brands that I prefer when I'm picking my nail polish.
I also like essie, but I have mostly neutral shades from this brand, ideal for everyday wear.

When I'm at work, and work with clients, I like to dedicate special care to my nails and hands, knowing that they look nice, makes me feel more confident and at ease.
In this cold winter period, let me remind you to always use a good hand cream, especially when you go outside and before going to bed! Yves Rocher is one of my favourite brands for a good nourishing hand cream.

I hope this inspired you!
Let me know, which shade of nail polish do you prefer to wear during winter?

xo from Italy,

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Thursday 10 January 2019

MISSLOOK Women's Long Sleeve Dress Review & OOTD

Hello beauties!
In my previous post I already explained why I wasn't very active on my blog & other social medias during the holiday season, but now I'm back to my regular routine and I wanted to show you a dress that I received just a few days before Christmas.
We spent Christmas in Italy at my in-laws, and the next day we travelled to Croatia!

We had a big Christmas lunch with my hubby's family, and chilled for the rest of the day (we'll take the word "chill" loosely, as with a little toddler running around, you can never actually "chill", lol!)
But kids are all the fun and the beauty of holidays, I believe!

I  wanted to share a quick OOTD, as I managed to take a few outfit photos (wearing my new dress from MissLook).

Wine red color is just perfect for the holidays and I actually enjoy wearing it throughout the whole fall and winter season. It's quite cold in Italy these days but I did some serious layering to keep myself warm!


Dress is from MissLook, leggings and faux fur vest are from H&M.

This double buckle belt is from ages ago and I found it at Zaful for just a few bucks and boots are my trusty Dr. Martens that I wear all the time!

I ordered this dress through MissLook's Amazon store and it comes in a variety of different colour options, but I went for the "wine red" version and I love it!
The price was $ 17.99 plus shipping, and I opted for a size M.
The shipping was surprisingly speedy (I got the package within one week!), and this dress is, let me tell you, the softest thing ever! I just adore wearing it as it feels so nice on the skin.
  • Material: 95% RAYON/5% SPANDEX. Stretchy, super soft and comfortable.
    This is a perfect "everyday" dress, and also, ideal as "maternity" (no, I'm not pregnant again!, just saying, I could really recommend it to all the pregnant ladies out there...)
    Last, but not least, a little thank you note from me, for reading my articles and sticking with me! I hope you all had the best holidays and that I keep making interesting content for you in the new 2019!

    From my family to yours, lots of love from Italy! 

* in collaboration with MissLook

Wednesday 9 January 2019

Popreal fashion haul for my toddler boy!

Hello lovelies!

First post in the New year, I know it's been a while, but I was away on a little family vacation in Croatia and I didn't find time to blog sooner!
I hope you all had a great start to this New 2019. and that it'll be an amazing one, to all of us :-)

In this post, I'd like to show you a little fashion haul that I made in collaboration with Popreal 
I already worked with them in this outfit video, so check it out if you haven't yet, because there I featured a cool '90.ies Vintage OOTD, Casual Mommy Style.

When I was placing my second order, I decided to treat my little one: He's growing so fast, I buy things for him constantly!
Popreal is a web store that offers cheap, but very cute kids clothes. To me, when purchasing clothes for my little one,  quality is essential! I always check that the clothes are made of natural fibres and well made, that's more important to me than the fashion aspect. They need to be comfy and functional.
Also, as he outgrows everything so fast, there is really no need in spending so much money.
At Popreal, all my standards are satisfied.
Let me show you what did I get for my little son:

A cute little berret "I love Mama" for only $ 3.66

A pair of light wash ripped blue jeans, that will be perfect in spring time! $ 11.55

Cartoon shark print round neck top $ 9.31

I ordered size 100 in all these items and they'll be great even after a couple of months from now, since they're a bit big. You can check the measurement chart on their site and it's quite accurate. I purposely wanted to get a slightly bigger items to him, so he can wear them this upcoming spring.

Everything is 100% cotton and well made.
However, there was one item missing from my order, and I received no explanation for this:

I'm currently waiting on a reply from their customer's service about why is this item missing from my order, and about refund/ possibility to get another item if this one went out of stock in the meanwhile!
I'll keep you guys updated!

The shipping cost is quite high, considering the fact that the items are actually quite affordable, I wasn't expecting to pay $ 23.08 for the shipping, out of my $ 60 budget.

I'm pleased with the clothes I ordered, I just wished the shipping was more affordable and that I got some info about the item in my order getting sold out and being offered an alternative.

Have you ever shopped at Popreal? What was your experience?

* in collaboration with Popreal
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