Thursday 29 November 2018

Fashion week inspo: Mermaid

Hello loves!

Fashion week inspo continues on my blog!
You'll get another article tomorrow, and monday the last one, and I hope you enjoy looking at all these gorgeous dresses :-)
I certainly do feel inspired when I browse on line, and just looking at these designs makes me daydream and inspires me to be more creative!

Today I picked mermaid style dresses to share with you, as I believe it's very popular style of dresses and also very feminine.
You can see some really beautiful mermaid style designs, especially when talking about mermaid wedding dresses as the right one will certainly take your special ceremony to another level :-)

Here are some of the most breathtaking models:
If you're a bride to be, you're gonna love looking at these fab designs.

The first and the last photos are probably the most dreamy, not only the dresses, but the whole setting and styling! Which one do you like best?
Each one of these dresses has a certain charm.

I believe it's also important to see the real clients, satisfied customers, sharing their photos, as it speaks for the quality services of yesbaby online

Let me know how do you imagine your dream wedding, and if you're already married, how was your wedding ceremony, and how was the dress you were wearing?

I'd love to hear more about this topic! We can inspire eachother :-)

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Wednesday 28 November 2018

Fashion & style inspo for homecoming 2018.

Hello lovelies!

This week on my blog, is all about fashion & style.
I'll try and bring you many fashion inspirations for your special events, party seasons and the upcoming holidays.

Homecoming is one very special event in every young girl's life. Every girl dreams of that one perfect dress that she'll get to wear and truly shine.
It's a day to remember and everybody wants to keep it in its best memory.

Short homecoming dresses 2018 are very popular and here are some very cute models:

These here are some of my recommendations and personal favourites!

I love lace, and for a big event, I love anything that sparkles! This first dress is very pretty, I love the colour of it and the exposed back, it makes it very sexy and feminine.

This second dress is also my cup of tea: Because of the colour it seems more classy and sophisticated, but the model of this dress adds that dash of playfulness to it.

This third dress is made for all the romantic souls: I love the combination of soft pink tulle skirt, with white lace on top.

Another very interesting model is this icy grey tulle skirt and white lace top. I love the whole styling here: The hair, and the little head crown, this look is absolute perfection!

The last dress is very similar to a dress that I personally own: It's almost the same, but it's longer and red. This white one is very delicate and feminine, so, so pretty!

It's very hard to chose only one, but if I had to, I'd opt for the look # 04. I just love the whole styling!

These dresses come in many different colour options, so you can choose your favourites.

Let me know, which one do you like best?
Do you have any cool homecoming stories to share? :-)

Yesbabyonline dresses are once again, my ideal destination when I want to look for fashion & style inspiration, and get informed about the new trends and arrivals.
They offer many affordable options, and the dresses are beautifully made, as the store has a long tradition of doing business. They listen to what customers want.

I hope that you liked these picks of mine! More fashion inspo coming up soon, stay tuned for a new post tomorrow :-)

See ya'
xo from Italy,

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Tuesday 27 November 2018

Inspo: High quality dresses for bridesmaids

Hello lovelies!

Today I'd like to share with you some beautiful dresses for special occasions.
I often get asked where to look for nice quality and unique styles of dresses for special events such as weddings, birthdays etc. and I like to share with you my tips and recommendations!

I remember, a couple of years ago, I was invited to my hubby's cousin's wedding and it was in December! December is usually very cold in Italy, and the wedding season usually takes place in Spring and Autumn, but sometimes, exceptions can happen!
Some people love colder months (definitely not me, lol!), and sometimes, people elope to a hot tourist destination to celebrate their vows.

Anyway, if you're looking for a cheap bridesmaid dresses I'm here to show you a couple of good ideas!

So let's start...

These dresses are so lovely, very feminine and these girls look simply divine! And this is how all the bridesmaids and brides should look and feel :-)

These mermaid style dresses with lace on top are very sexy and eye catching!

Pastel colors are always very suitable, these soft tones are very pretty and ideas for such ceremonies!

Being invited to participate as a bridesmaid in a wedding ceremony is something very special. Usually those are close friends of a bride, or family members.

These are my favourite models, appropriate even for the most exclusive wedding destinations.

These pretty dresses are very elegant, delicate and classy at the same time. I love the understated A-line bottom paired with lace on top.

Yesbabyonline is a place to shop for high quality beautiful dresses, or to get inspired, as they always have new designs coming in, and a whole variety of different colour options they offer, so you can pick the one that you like best!

I hope that you got inspired by some of these looks :-)

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Thursday 22 November 2018

Must Have Outerwear For The Fall Season - My Top 5 Pieces!

Hello lovelies!

In this post I'd like to share with you my top five favorite outerwear pieces for the fall season. I tried to cover every weather condition from the warm and sunny early fall, to chilly and rainy to late cold fall season and and right before wintertime. I hope you'll like my suggestions!

For early fall, I definitely recommend a simple, black leather jacket. You can wear it with everything and it's ideal with summer dresses too, when you want to transition them in your fall outfits.

Next on my list is a bomber jacket. These days, you can find really cute ones and it's even better if they're reversible so that way you have two jackets in one! This one is reversible and has a pretty pink color on the inside. A bomber jacket adds a sporty chic vibe to your look.

When days get a bit colder, it's good to have a fashionable cape that you can wear over your chunky knit cardigan, or on top of a leather jacket.

When it's gloomy outside, I like to wear colorful pieces in my wardrobe. This jacket is cashmere so it's very warm and I usually wear it on top of my leather jacket (which only goes to show how a black leather jacket truly is a must have!).

My tip is to buy your wool jackets a bit larger in size, that way you can layer them over your leather or jean jackets on the days when it's very cold outside.

A warm aviator jacket is my must have in late fall, when it gets chillier outside and you just want to wrap yourself in something fuzzy, soft and warm!
I have two aviator jackets, a blue one with some kind of crazy print by Replay and this one that you can see in the photo above is from H&M. If you need to opt for one, I recommend either neutral beige or black, as you'll wear them the most.
H&M and Zara have these in stock basically every fall season and you can also find them online at affordable prices.

I hope you liked these suggestions! Let me know what your must haves are for the fall season!

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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Waiting for Black Friday Deals: Fashion & Beauty Wishlist!

Hello lovelies!

I'm back with a quick fall/ winter wish list! With the arrival of the new season, there are some beauty bits I'd like to add to my skincare routine and some fashion bits too, that I'd like to include to my wardrobe, to update my style for the cold weather!

Black Friday deals are just around the corner, so I'm hoping to get some of these items then ;-)

I hope this post is going to be inspiring. Let's get started!

Leather Backpack:

As a Mum, I really need this in my life! I don't even wear regular bags anymore, as backpacks are not only super trendy, but super practical! I'd like to treat myself to a leather backpack that I can wear for years to come. This will never be outdated. I had many faux leather items, that ended up in a trash after just a couple of months (the faux leather, even branded items, disintegrated, shred into pieces!)

This particular black backpack I spotted at Zara.

Wide Leg Pants:

I really like these wide leg pants by H&MThey seem to be sold out online but I spotted them at my local H&M store. I'll see if they'll still have them in my size this next weekend and if they do, I'm not gonna think twice about getting them!

Decleor Aroma Cleanse:

I'm running low on this Decleor Aroma Cleanse 3-in-1 Hydra Radiance Smoothing & Cleansing mousse. I had a travel size version of it and my skin loved it so much, that now I can't imagine my skincare without it!

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream:

Another product I finished and would like to repurchase as it really was amazing on my skin! I usually get it at feelunique but my shade (Vanilla 02, Light Neutral). They recently re-stocked it so I better hurry and place my order!

Last, but not least...I need a really good under eye cream! Something extremely hydrating, nourishing and re plumping. Do you have any recommendations? I'd love to hear what are your faves when it comes to under eye products!

Thanks guys!

xo from Italy,

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Postcards from Opatija, Croatia

Hello guys!
It's been a while since I did a "postcards" blog post and I'm sorry about that because I honestly love sharing with you my fave places or new places that I visit. 

So I thought I'd bring back the "Postcards" this time I'm taking you to a wonderful little touristic town called Opatija, located in Croatia in the Kvarner region. Opatija is also a place I consider my home. It's situated very close to my hometown (sometimes it seems they're one town as they lay right next to eachother in a Kvarner bay). This is where I spent my childhood days (numerous walks by the sea with my parents), and also my high school days (I opted for touristic school that is located in Opatija). Each morning I'd travel 30 min by bus, but I loved the school and I loved spending my time in such beautiful surroundings.

We, as a family, spent a few days at our home in Croatia and so we took the opportunity to go and have a little walk by the sea! It was very warm, even in evening time (which is quite unusual for this time of the year). Opatija was filled with people, students and tourists from Japan and other distant countries. I loved the atmosphere that was in the air. I remember Opatija being much more quiet in the late '90s when I was attending the school there.

One of the symbols of Opatija is this statue of a woman with a seagull but Opatija is also very famous for its health tourism and wonderful parks with egzotic plants and trees from all over the world.

Even though in winter time, the climate here can be quite harsh, in Opatija there are some tropical plants that prosper regardless of the icy cold wind and the constant rain.

My son absolutely enjoyed this evening walk. Where we live in Italy, we have only fields, so we learned to appreciate these sights even more. And the salty sea air is much healthier!

Here we are on another walk by the sea, this location is called Skalete and it's in Rijeka, but overlooking the coast of Opatija.

We tried to make the most out of our short stay in Croatia, even though it was more of a business trip than anything else. But every minute free that we got, we tried to spend by the sea, and all together as a family. Sebastian's grandma (my Mum), also came to visit and joined us for a walk!

This time we didn't vlog much, but next time I promise to vlog for you guys, so I'll even visually be able to bring you a little taste of my home.

I'll talk to you soon,

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Tuesday 20 November 2018

Fall & Winter footwear & other wardrobe updates :-)

Hello lovelies!

In my today's post I'd like to talk about fashion and some latest trends that I've been loving!
Winter is on its way and these days in Italy it's actually very cold. I'm in need of my winter clothes, cozy and warm wool sweaters and equally warm footwear.

I did a little "wardrobe inventory" and put on my list, some bits that I'd like to add to it for the coldest season of the year and for the upcoming holidays.
As a matter of fact, I decided to do a little update in my footwear collection, to get rid of everything that I don't wear anymore, or doesn't fit me properly, and so to purchase a few quality pieces that I'll be able to wear a lot this season.

For this reason, I went to Chicgostyle, and spotted some really cool models that I instantly put on my wish list. As the festive season is coming along, I might just treat myself with a little present...
I thought I'd share a few of my favourites...

I like browsing through this on-line store because they have cheap womens boots online and they appear to be nice quality.

Quality these days is my main priority! I want to have a few good pieces, that will last me for many seasons. So I decided to take a chance with these and put them to a trial!

Let's see if they'll live up to my expectations!

They have very trendy and up to date models available, but I was going for something more classic that won't go out of style so quickly...
These grey ankle high, suede booties are just what I was looking for! Very stylish and great with many different looks, especially with jeans (and I do tend to wear jeans a lot!).

Also, a pair of calf high boots! I'm still deciding which colour to go for (my thoughts are, either black, or cognac colour!). Which ones do you like best?
I do love the leopard print ones, but I already have a very similar boots, so I surely don't need another pair!

I think with those two pairs of booties I'm all set for this season! One has a bit higher heel so I can wear it out even for a date night or something similar, yet the other pair is perfect even for long days at work!

And what about warm women sweaters? Here are some cheap tops that I was able to find, at such good price that I wanted to recommend a few of my faves to you:

Such a cozy knit, I'm loving it! And this is definitely the colour that I like to wear :-)

Here is another one: Grey, fluffy and warm! What else do you need?! ;-)

Another one that I absolutely need in my wardrobe this season is this gorgeous long cardigan! It's ideal for layering, and it looks soft and warm!

Those are a few of my fave items currently on my shopping list!

I'd love to hear about yours :-) If you did a post with your wish list, leave me the link and I'll be happy to check it out and hopefully get inspired!

I'll talk to you soon with more beauty & fashion related stuff :-)

* in collaboration with Chicgostyle

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Festive season dresses, best selection for women and kids!

Hello lovelies!

How are you all doing? Festive season is just around the corner and shopping malls are already filled with  christmas decor and all the stores already have great selection of beautiful party dresses and outfits for special occasions.

I looked on-line because I wanted to get inspired and gather some ideas for my festive looks for the upcoming holidays. I also thought you might like to see some of the gorgeous dresses that caught my attention.

Two piece dresses are now quite popular and at PromFormal on line web store that specializes in creating wonderful dresses for all sorts of special occasions, these are my favourites:

This is such a pretty and flirty model! I love the tulle mini skirt and the sparkly top part. Every girls needs a bit of sparkles and glitter in her life :-) The tulle part you can even wear for more casual occasions, paired with a sweatshirt hoodie on top and a pair of cool sneakers!

This model is also available in red and just perfect for the upcoming festive season.

This gorgeous number is very elegant and feminine. It's ideal for very special events, when you want to stand out from the crowd. It's simple, but very eye catching.

I also think about what my little one is going to wear these holidays! There are so many cute little outfits, it's hard to resist dressing them up for the occasion. They are our little stars and they should shine! :-)
Where to shop for kids party dresses?

I have a little toddler boy, so of course I want him to be more cool than cute, but for all the girl's mums, here are some gorgeous dresses ideas!

In these dresses, your little ones will look like a true princesses!

As I've mentioned before, this web store truly offers a vast selection of dresses and gowns for all occasions,  such as weddings and also proms.

Prom is definitely one of the most important special occasion in every young girl's life. Every girls wants to look her best and feel her best on that day, and keep it in the best memory.

Here are some lace prom dresses with sleeves

I picked these two models to show you both in red, because at the moment, red is my favourite colour to wear and it's also the colour of the moment (you'll find red items in every fashion store now!).
However, these gorgeous models come in a variety of different colour options, available for any taste and preference!
I love how both are very elegant and classy yet so feminine! I personally love lace detailing and some sparkly bits :-)

I hope you liked my recommendations!

More women dresses

Have you already found your perfect outfit for the holiday season parties?

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