Tuesday 24 April 2012

Ombre Hair from Blonde (Practical Tips)

Hello beauties!

Some of you will already know, when I was in Croatia for the Easter holidays, I went to my hairdresser and coloured my blond hair ombre.
It was something that I wanted to do for a while now, so finally I've decided myself for this change!
Both my hairdresser and I were really pleased with the result!

In my new video, I'm telling you all that you need to know if you're planing to go ombre yourself, so hopefully my practical tips will come in useful:

My transformation:

What do you think of my new hair colour?

I took some pics of my new hair colour, while I was filming my "Practical Tips" video:

I think I'm going to keep this colour for a while now!
I like it because it's easier to mantain and less damaging for my hair (normally I'd do blonde highlights every 2 months).

What is your opinion, do you think this colour suits me?
Should I go back blonde for summer?

Before deciding to go ombre, I googled some immages of this trend:
(just write on your search engine: "ombre hair from blonde" and a lot of pics, mostly celebrities, sporting the ombre hair trend, will pop up!)
I was inspired the most with Elle Macpherson, Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad's hair colour and these were the pics I showed to my hairdresser:

My hair colour inspirations!

I think my hair turned out to look the most like Elle Macpherson's!

I suggest you to always bring in a picture of the hair style/ colour that you want to achieve, when consulting with your hairdresser, that's how you'll avoid any possible misunderstandings!

I also like this look because it is a change from your usual hair colour, yet it isn't anything too drastic, so the chances that you'll be "shocked with the change" are really low!

I hope this was helpful if you're thinking about ombre hair :)

Kiss from Italy
& until my next blog post,
stay beautiful :)
xoxo Sonja


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