Wednesday 25 June 2014

Infinitine Jewellery Review: Dainty Arrow Necklace

Hello lovelies!

In my today's post I'd like to present you one very cool jewellery web store!
They're called infinitine and that's where I got my dainty arrow necklace from :)

I immediately fell in love with it, as it's such a cute, dainty piece! As soon as I started wearing it, people complimented me on this necklace and asked me where did I get it from.

Infinitine jewellery offers a really wide selection of trendy, unique and dainty pieces and I actually had troubles making my mind and picking out only one item that I liked the most :)

If you're looking for super cool, dainty and trendy jewellery, infinitine is the right place for you!

mini arrow necklaces $ 9.80

little big arrow necklaces (that's the one that I picked out!) $ 12.80

another beautiful piece that caught my attention, is this dainty, "spring daisy" necklace!

Arrow necklaces come in silver, gold and rose gold.
I picked mine in gold. Which one is your favourite colour?

Because this necklace is such a dainty and classy piece, you can wear it all the time, as your staple (must have!) piece :)

Me wearing my arrow necklace:

To find out more about Infinitine jewellery, check out my review video:

I hope you liked this little presentation of infinitine jewellery! Let me know which one is your fave piece out of the pieces they're selling on their web store! :)

Love from Italy,

Tuesday 24 June 2014


A few weeks ago, I had a chance to collaborate with Nylon fashion store again! This time, we were presenting their new summer collection :)
I tried on six outfits that Elena, the store manager, prepared for me. It was a lot of fun, and I loved them all!

It was really hard to choose my favourite outfit, but if I really had to pick one, it would possibly be the last one I tried!
That red mini skirt and stripy crop top combo, really won me over!

Too se what's new at Nylon fashion store, check out my video:

Let's take a look at the outfits:

Outfit # 1 Green Maxi Dress

Outfit # 2 Street Style Meets Tropical

Outfit # 3 Yellow Shorts

Outfit # 4 Floral Print

Outfit # 5 Dressy

Outfit # 6 Red Mini Skirt & Stripy Crop Top

Summer Shop Window Display

I hope you liked this presentation! Let me know which one was your favourite outfit?

Check out my first collaboration video with Nylon (Spring fashion trends) HERE!

U danasnjem blog postu govorim vam o najnovijoj suradnji koju sam ostvarila sa modnim ducanom Nylon, ovdje u Italiji.
Sa njima sam vec napravila prilog o proljetnim modnim trendovima, a nedavno sam na njihov poziv napravila i novi prilog, gdje prezentiram njihovu ljetnu kolekciju!

Imala sam prilike isprobati sest razlicitih odjevnih kombinacija, koje je za mene pripremila Elena, voditeljica ducana...

Bilo je jako zabavno isprobavati outfite, sve mi se jako svidjelo i bilo bi mi se jako tesko odluciti za samo jedan!

Kada bih bas morala odabrati, vjerojatno bi to ipak bio zadnji outfit kojega sam isprobala: Crvena mini skuknjica u kombinaciji sa topicem na prugice jednostavno me je osvojila!

A koji se outfit vama najvise svidio? Voljela bih cuti vasa misljenja, stoga mi ostavite vase komentare!

Nadam se da vam se ova mala prezentacija ljetnih modnih trendova svidjela :)

Velika pusa iz Italije i citamo se opet uskoro!

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