Wednesday 29 February 2012

Lana del Rey Born to Die Music Video Inspired Make Up Tutorial

Hello dolls!

As you already know, I'm in the process of moving to a new place!
I'm coming to my (old) home every evening, exhausted from all the cleaning & preparing everything for the move!
I really can't wait to be able to fall asleep...and wake up!!! in my new apartment!
& decorating it is also going to be fun!
Another story is having to transfer all my clothes / make up...that part is going to be a slight nightmare, lol!

Anyways, this evening I wanted to do a quick blog post on the make up tutorial that I did recently...
it's Lana del Rey inspired make up, from her music video
"Born to Die"

If you haven't seen her music video yet, you're missing out on a lot! :)
 You can check out "Born to Die" music video here:

A couple of pics of the beautiful & talented Lana, who inspired me to do this make up tutorial:

image source: internet

image source: internet

image source: internet

You can check out my step-by-step make up tutorial here:

The result:

The Make up:

Miss Cop eyeshadow Mono Creamy Pearl,
 MUA Shade 11- Pearl,
 Kiko Highly pigmented eyeshadow #85, #118,
Bottega Verde 12 eyeshadow palette (white matte),
Too Faced "Naked Eye" palette ("Stiletto").

Face (bronzer, blush, highlighter):
N.Y.C. Matte Bronzer 720 A Sunny
Coralista by Benefit
Dior Shimmer Powder 002 Amber Diamond

Eyes (eye liner, eyeshadow primer, mascaras, eyebrow stuff):
Essence Sun Club 100% Splash proof eyeliner pen 01 ultra black
Kiko Luxurious lashes maxi brush mascara
Dior Diorshow Iconic
Lancome Hypnose Drama
UD eyeshadow primer potion
Essence eyebrow designer 03 light brown

Kiko Make Up Milano precision lip pencil 300

Get the perfect "Lana" lips combining these three colours:
Kiko Make Up Milano lipstick #79
Look by Bipa lipstick # 02
L'or de Rougj lipstick #02
Lana's loose waves:

I will be doing a tutorial on this hairstyle shortly!
(once I get settled in my new place and get an internet connection! So...hopefully shortly, lol!)

I used no heat (except for the blow-drying part), to achieve this look!

I hope you liked this look!

Let me know, in the comments section, if you have any request/ideas, on a celebrity inspired make up that you would like to see on my channel/ blog next!

I always enjoy playing with my make up & coming up with a new tutorials ;)

♥ from Italy ♥♥

Tuesday 28 February 2012

My Current Top Nail Polish Colours & Brands!

Hello dolls!

I have prepared a quick video for you, where I feature all of my current favourite nail polish colours & brands!

Among my fast growing nail polish collection, these are my current "go-to" colours!

And of course, I've made sure to take plenty of the pics for my blog! ;)

- Nail polishes "Made in Italy", bought at my local Douglas Profumeries, for only 1.50€ each!

These polishes don't come by any particular name, just by a number.
This orange colour is going to be perfect for the spring and summer time, but I actually bought it this winter & was enjoying wearing it on my nails!

This orange colour nail polish comes by a # 03.

This winter I loved wearing the olive green nail polish, this one is a # 121.

Dark plum colour is a #75.
Another one of my winter favourites!
These nail polishes are very inexpensive, but quite long-lasting and pretty fast drying!
If you live in Italy, and/or have a Douglas Profumeries near you, I recommend you to check out these polishes (I believe these are sold exclusively at Douglas stores!)

- Catrice Nail Polishes are always among my favourites!
The colours are always on trend and the quality is awesome!
I picked out these two as my current favourite colours from Catrice:

This colour can be considered a "dupe" for Chanel's "Peridot"

# 660 "I'm a Star"

My go-to, the perfect nude, nail polish colour!

# 030 "My Café Au Lait At Notre- Dame"

- Kiko Make Up Milano Nail Lacquer

I'm loving their limited edition "Hologram" collection!
This is my favourite nail polish from that collection:

This was a limited edition, I don't know if it's still available in the stores, or on-line!
# 354

Violet, with golden shimmer = perfection!
It changes the colours, depending on how the light hits it!

- In my nail polish collection, I have re-discovered this gorgeous, feminine red colour by Maybelline!

This colour is perfect all- year round!

Maybelline Express Finish Diamonds
Cherry Diamonds # 500/515 D
 - My most recent finds are these nail polishes by Pupa Make Up.
Glossy Nail polish- lasting colour.
I picked out quite a few from this range (will be doing a haul, shortly!), but this is my current favourite from the ones I picked out:

# 303, (they don't come by any particular name)
These are very long lasting!
I love this dark fuchsia colour, it's sooo pretty!

These are my current nail polish colours that I like the best/ wear the most in this period of time!

But I change my mind all the time, lol, tomorrow I'll probably have another favourite! ;D

Which nail polish colours/brands are your current favourites?
Any recommendations for the must-have nail polish of the moment?

Have a lovely evening!
xoxo Sonja

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