Friday 27 April 2012

Bioderma Sébium Pore Refiner Corrective Concentrate

Hello beauties!

Here is a review on another skincare product that is currently at the top of a list of my favourites!

My skin is oily to combination, prone to breakouts and I have some enlarged, visible pores around my nose area.
In summer time especially, my skin tends to be really shiny, and I always need to matify it with a compact powder and touch- up during the day.

Since I discovered Bioderma Sébium pore refiner corrective concentrate for enlarged pores, my skin looks so much better!

You can check out, why do I love this product so much, here:

Correcting concentrate for dilated pores for combination or oily skin.


An excess of sebum, stress, smoking, many factors are responsible for the dilation and deformation of pores. An expert in cutaneous biology, Bioderma research has innovated and developed Sébium pore refiner.
This correcting concentrate improves the appearance of the skin: its texture is more refined, more regular and clearer, and the pores are closed and less visible.
The exclusive patented Fluidactiv complex maintains the quality of the sebum, thus preventing obstruction of the pores.
An astringent dermatological active agent refines the skin texture and the antioxidant agents preserve its natural radiance.
The light, liquid formula of Sébium Pore Refiner instantly melts into the skin and leaves a pleasant velvety finish.


Apply once or twice a day, on its own or before applying your skincare cream, either on the T zone (chin- nose- forehead) for combination skin, or all over the face for skin with an oily tendency.
An excellent base to facilitate an even application of make- up.

In Italy, I got this concentrate at my local pharmacy, it retails  at cca 13€.

Find out more about Bioderma on their WEBSITE!

Smiling, thanx to my Bioderma Sébium Pore Refiner Concentrate.

While filming my review video...

Have you already tried out this product?
Do you like it?
If you have oily/ combo skin, prone to breakouts and enlarged pores, as I do, what are your favourite skincare products?

Kiss from Italy,
Stay beautiful xoxo

Thursday 26 April 2012

Work/ Office Styling Idea: Pastel Color Trend, Chanel Style Shorts, Black Turtleneck

Often you ask me for some styling ideas...

of how to dress for work at the office/ more formal environment, but still staying fashionable and on trend.
I know this can be quite a challenge and in some way,I feel lucky that at my work I don't have to respect any strict dress code and can, pretty much dress as I want to :)

However, recently I got some more elegant /feminine clothes from H&M and I thought those would be perfect for work at the more formal environment, or whenever you need to look like business like, stylish woman.

For work, I'd suggest you to branch into a pastel colour trend (that is very IN this season).
Chanel inspired things are also always very stylish, elegant, feminine yet work appropriate.

Check out one of my work/ office styling ideas, here:

(just press the play button to watch my vid!)

Here are some pics of this outfit:

Everything is from H&M, except for the ballet flats (INA market), and the earrings (1€uro Store).
This is not a paid commercial for H&M, lol! ;D

Hope you like this outfit!

How do you dress for work?
Do you have any strict dress code that you need to obey?

Kiss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Estée Lauder DayWear BB Anti Oxidant Beauty Benefit Creme REVIEW

Hello beauties!

I recently discovered Estèe Lauder's BB cream and...I fell in ♥!!
I had to share my excitment with you :)

Here is my video review:
(press the play button to watch my vid!)

Day Wear

Advanced Multi- Protection Anti- Oxidant Moisturizers

Anti- oxidants have the ability to help keep you healthy.
And "superfoods" in your daily diet- walnuts, blueberries, spinach and more- help to deliver the anti- oxidants your body needs. Anti- oxidants are also important to your skin. Along with sunscreen, they're key to helping protect your youthful look and prevent the first visible signs of aging.

DayWear, almost like a "skin superfood", provides the skin with daily anti- oxidants and SPF protection.
DayWear defends the skin against signs of premature aging- and visibly diminishes their appearance.
It helps protect the skin in multiple ways, helping prevent the appearance of future aging, even as it diminishes the early signs you're already seeing.

Prevention with Super Anti- Oxidant Complex 

This proprietary complex of skin- essential anti- oxidants- including Vitamins C and E, Eukarion and EGT- is proven to fight free radical damage that can lead to visible aging. Innovative technology allows it to be "recycled" all day long, providing continuous anti- oxidant protection long after it would normally be used up. And with the optimized blend of the Super Anti- Oxidant Complex DayWear neutralizes every key type of skin- damaging free radical.

Protection with Broad- Spectrum Sunscreen

DayWear Advanced Multi- Protection Anti- Oxidant Moisturizers help safeguard skin with advanced broad- spectrum sunscreen and the best UVA defense- meeting or surpassing the most advanced standards around the world for UVA protection.
By helping defend against damaging UV rays, it helps protect skin to keep it looking younger, longer.

Diminish the First Signs of Aging

DayWear works to diminish the appearance of the first signs of aging- the dullness and fine, dry lines you're starting to see (and wish would go away).
DayWear brings out the healthy radiance of youthful skin.

Enjoy Lasting, Refreshing Moisture

Since dryness can also cause skin to look older faster, DayWear refreshes the skin with deep, long- lasting hydration. It feels light and comfortable, and is infused with a crisp cucumber scent.
Instantly feel softer, more hydrated, more confident to face the day. Skin resists the first signs of aging- looks fresher, smoother, more radiant, perfectly hydrated and powerfully protected.

BB Creme Anti- Oxidant Beauty Benefit Creme SPF 35 for All Skintypes

A new kind of skincare, this lightweight, all-in-one BB creme is a master multi- tasker for a beautiful, healthy look.
The unique oil- free formula moisturizes, illuminates, protects and perfects the skin in a single step.
It is available in 2 sheer shades that suit a wide range of skintones.
Like all DayWear formulas, it delivers exceptional protection to help skin resist first signs of aging with Estèe Lauder's proven anti- oxidant blend plus broad spectrum sunscreen.
Minimizes flaws, maximizes natural radiance for complexion perfection. Apply as a last step in your skincare regimen.
Wear alone or under foundation.

Non- acnegeic, dermatologist- tested.

My new favourite skincare product!

This has replaced my daily moisturizer and my foundation!

Most definitely WILL repurchase this!!!

pic taken with a flash

shade light suits my pale skintone the best!
A few pics of me wearing Estèe Lauder's BB cream, while filming my new review video:

I live in Italy and this product was available at my local Douglas and Sephora beauty stores.
At Douglas, it retails at 41.75 €, minus 18%, so I ended up paying around 34 € for it.
Still on the expensive side, but well worth it!
The tube holds 30ml of the product (1FL.OZ.LiQ.)
Hope this was a helpful review if you were thinking about getting this product!
Definitely YES, thumbs up for it!

Kiss & stay beautiful!
xoxo Sonja

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Ombre Hair from Blonde (Practical Tips)

Hello beauties!

Some of you will already know, when I was in Croatia for the Easter holidays, I went to my hairdresser and coloured my blond hair ombre.
It was something that I wanted to do for a while now, so finally I've decided myself for this change!
Both my hairdresser and I were really pleased with the result!

In my new video, I'm telling you all that you need to know if you're planing to go ombre yourself, so hopefully my practical tips will come in useful:

My transformation:

What do you think of my new hair colour?

I took some pics of my new hair colour, while I was filming my "Practical Tips" video:

I think I'm going to keep this colour for a while now!
I like it because it's easier to mantain and less damaging for my hair (normally I'd do blonde highlights every 2 months).

What is your opinion, do you think this colour suits me?
Should I go back blonde for summer?

Before deciding to go ombre, I googled some immages of this trend:
(just write on your search engine: "ombre hair from blonde" and a lot of pics, mostly celebrities, sporting the ombre hair trend, will pop up!)
I was inspired the most with Elle Macpherson, Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad's hair colour and these were the pics I showed to my hairdresser:

My hair colour inspirations!

I think my hair turned out to look the most like Elle Macpherson's!

I suggest you to always bring in a picture of the hair style/ colour that you want to achieve, when consulting with your hairdresser, that's how you'll avoid any possible misunderstandings!

I also like this look because it is a change from your usual hair colour, yet it isn't anything too drastic, so the chances that you'll be "shocked with the change" are really low!

I hope this was helpful if you're thinking about ombre hair :)

Kiss from Italy
& until my next blog post,
stay beautiful :)
xoxo Sonja

My Vlog: Easter in Croatia ♥

For all of you who enjoy...

...vlogs of my personal life and not necessarilly beauty and fashion related videos, you'll be pleased to know that there is a new vlog up on my MissTrendyKitty channel :)

I tried to put together a little vlog from my latest trip to Croatia, a few weeks ago, when my hubby & I went there for Easter to visit my family.

Here is a little bit of randomness from my trip:

MissTrendyKitty  is my vlog channel, and if you haven't subscribed to it yet, please, do that now!
Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it!

Welcome to MissTrendyKitty youtube channel!
Click HERE: MissTrendyKitty
Did you like my vlog?
Leave me your comment under my video!
Thank youuu!
Kissss xoxo

Franck Provost Heat Protectant Review & a Quick Hair Tip!

Hello beauties!

...I'm a little bit behind with my blog posts, as this weekend I was super busy at work,and then yesterday, my granny fell at the supermarket (the floor was slippery because it has been raining), so we spent the entire afternoon and evening at the E.R.!
I'm happy to be able to tell you that she is completely fine, she just got bruises on her face and knees, but nothing is broken, so I was able to take her home with me yesterday! :)
Thank God!
I was so scared, I can't even describe you how shocked was I when I saw her on the floor!
I think I almost passed out myself!
She hit her head and was bleeding from her nose, so I wasn't calm until the doctors checked her head and her legs (she already walks with difficulties as it is!).
I was so, soo scared you guys! My granny is like a Mum to me, I love her so much and I couldn't stand the thought of something bad happening to her!
Now she's here with me and she's fine, just resting :)

So this was the main reason for me being a bit MIA from my regular posting!
On youtube, I already have a few new beauty reviews & vlogs up, but I haven't been able to follow my vids with a blog post, as I normally do!
So, let's get started now!

Franck Provost Heat Protectant Review & a Quick Hair Tip!

You guys, I've been loving this heat protectant as it is a drugstore brand (I got it at my local "Acqua & Sapone" drugstore in Italy, but it is available in any italian supermarket basically!).
It is very convenient price wise (under 10€) and the spray itself will last you probably from 6 months to up till one year!
It won't weigh your hair down, make it greasy, or anything like that!
When sprayed on your hair, it feels as if you aren't wearing any product, that's how light- weight it is.
Yet, it will provide you with a good protection from the heat caused by blow dryer or other styling products that we use (almost) daily on our hair.

My little beauty tip!

Never style your hair (with heat) without a heat protectant!
My hair is really long and I tend to cut it as less as possible (once, or twice a year!).
My hair is colour treated (with blonde highlights).
After washing it, I always blow dry my hair.
My hair isn't naturally straight, so I like to use my ghd hair straightener, to acheive that perfect, straight, silky look!
Lately, I've also been curling my hair with a hair curling iron (usually on my 2nd, or 3rd day hair!).
That's a lot of heat and damaging to my hair!!!

I wouldn't be able to keep my hair in such a healthy, good condition, without a help of a heat protectant.

So my little tip is: Make sure to always use one, try to incorporate it into your haircare/ hairstyling routine!

Especially if you're trying to let your hair grow long, you'll see, it'll make such a big difference in the general state of your hair!

I'm currently using Franck Provost Heat Protectant Spray.
On this pic: Franck Provost Spray among my other hair styling products in my bathroom.

You can check out my quick review video here:

Kisss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja

Thursday 19 April 2012

My Fashion Diary: Sunny, but Cold Easter in Croatia

The day after Easter...

... I spent in Croatia with my hubby & my family :)
It was really chilly, but sunny day!
We had lunch at my Mum's and Granny's place and then just chilled out with two good friends.
Before that, we took some time to film an OOTD video & take some pics at my Dad's blossom garden :)
If it was warmer, we would have stayed outside longer, and enjoy the nature & the sun...but it was quite chilly & windy :(
Hopefully by the next time we go there, the weather will be nice!

Check out my new fashion diary vid here:

outfit pics...

Yellow jacket: Bershka
Boyfriend fit (skinny leg) jeans: Pull & Bear
Grey Sweater: H&M
T-shirt: Bershka
Military print gilet: Italian Open Market
Scarf: Italian Open Market
Sunnies: H&M
Wedge Booties: H&M
Bag: Bershka
Necklace: Promod

Hope you like the pics!

<3 youuuu!
xx Sonja

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