Wednesday 25 May 2011

DETAILED REVIEW: Alverde Naturkosmetik (Skincare, Make Up, Bodycare & More!)


I've decided to do a review on Alverde organic cosmetics, because I feel these products really deserve to be mentioned on my blog & in my Youtube video...
I've incorporated so many Alverde products into my daily skincare/bodycare/makeup routine, how can I not mention them?!
Before I start, I need to mention that this isn't a sponsored review, I bought all these products myself and I'm here writing about them only because I genuinely, truly like them so much!
Where can one buy Alverde cosmetics?
These products are exclusive to DM (drogerie markt) drugstores, so you can find them at your local DM!
I buy Alverde in Croatia, just because here where I live, we don't have DM (so sad about that!!!)
Alverde is great value for money!
The products range from 1- 5, or 6 €.
They're very affordable and extremely high quality.
This is an organic, natural line of cosmetics, produced in Germany.
The awesome thing is, Alverde doesn't limit to only producing skincare products, but they also have in their offer: the complete face care and make up, body care products, hair care products, sun care line, toothpaste and mouth wash!
Basically everything that you need, from head to toe! :)

Alverde makes me feel better & look prettier! ;)

Here are the products that I use:
(some of these products I've been using for years now & I always continue repurchasing, some of them I bought a few months ago, during my latest trip to Croatia)

  • Alverde Dental Mundspulung 5 in 1 Nanaminze (Mouth wash with mint extract)
  • Alverde Dental Zahncreme 5 in 1 Nanaminze (toothpaste with mint extract)
  • Alverde sensitiv reinigungs-schaum Seide (cleansing foam with silk extract)
  • Alverde Aqua Gesichts-Wasser Meeresalge (toner with seaweed extract)
  • Alverde Aqua Mattierende tagescreme 3 in 1 Perle (mattifying day cream with pearl extract)
  • Alverde Peeling Aprikose (facial scrub with apricot)
  • Alverde Anti-aging vitamin-lifting-liquid Gojibeere (anti-aging serum with goji berry)
  • Alverde Feuchte reinigungs- tucher Wildrose (make up remover wipes with wild rose extract)
  • Alverde Bronzing Fluid Summerfeeling 
  • Alverde Gold- glanzpuder 01 Gold (shimmer powder/loose)
  • Alverde Deobalsam Calendula (deodorant with marigold extract)

Alverde mouth wash & tooth paste
with mint extract

Alverde cleansing foam (with silk extract)
Alverde toner with seaweed extract
Alverde mattifying day moisturizer with pearl extract.
I'm IN LOVE with all these 3 products!

Alverde Goji berry anti-aging serum
Alverde facial scrub with apricot
Alverde deodorant (roll-on) with marigold extract

Alverde make up: Bronzing Fluid & Irridescent loose powder (01 Gold)
Alverde make up remover wipes with wild rose extract, for dry and sensitive skin,
but it actually works great on mine too (oily/combination).

Watch my video for detailed review of all these products & find out which ones are my favourites & why!

Have you ever used anything from Alverde brand?
If so, do you like it?
Which ones are your favourites and why?
Is there a product that you'd like to recommend to me to try it out, something that you think  I'd absolutely love?

xoxo, Sonja


  1. Where can I order these products online to use in the states I've heard some great reviews and for the price even in US dollars they are an excellent deal. Thanks.

    1. I'm affraid they don't have a web store! This brand is exclusive to DM drugstores, so try googling "Drogerie Markt" to see if they sell their products on-line, or if they're somehow available in the US!

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