Thursday 31 March 2011

OOTD Just For My Blog! / Outfit della giornata esclusivamente per il mio blog!

Hello ladies!

I've taken a few pics of my OOTD, and, you know what? I didn't even make a video about it!
This is going to be something exclusive for my blog readers/followers ;)

It was a lovely sunny day & I was off work. Hanging around my hubby's workshop & later in the afternoon out & about with some girlfriends :)

Tomorrow I start my work routine again, there is another busy weekend ahead of me, so I may not be able to post until next Monday...

Have a lovely rest of the week you all :)

Ciao ragazze!

Ho fatto un paio di foto del mio outfit della giornata, e, sapete cosa? Non mi sono ricordata di fare il video!
Quindi questo outfit sarà una cosa esclusiva alle lettrici del mio blog! ;)

C'è stata una bellissima giornata di sole ed ero libera dal lavoro. Stavo girando sù e giù per l'officina di mio maritino e poi nel pomeriggio ho fatto un bel giro per la città con alcune amiche.

Domani ricomincia la mia routine lavorativa, mi si sta avvicinando un'altro weekend impegnativo, quindi possibilmente non potrò postare nulla di nuovo fino al Lunedi prossimo...

Auguro un buon proseguimento del resto della settimana a tutte!

xx Baci

Here are my pics...
Ecco qua le mie foto...

I'm wearing:

- Long white cotton cardigan (Cardiagn bianco, lungo di cottone): H&M
- Pale pink long top with embellished shoulders (Top lungo, color rosa pallido, con le decorazioni sulle spalle): H&M
- Golden cami (Canotta color oro): Intimissimi
- Braided leather belt in pale gold (Cintura intrecciata di pelle, color oro): Top Shop
- Suede like leggings in grey (I pantacollant simil camoscio, color grigio): Miss Miss by Valentina
- Camel colour boots (Stivali color cammello): Vagabond
- Clutch (Borsetta): Local thrift store (Negozio di roba usata)
- Black braided headband (Fascia per i capelli nera intrecciata): H&M
- Sunglasses (Occhiali da sole): H&M
- White watch with pink crystals (L'orologio bianco con i cristalli rosa): Fossil
- Ring (Annello): H&M


Wednesday 30 March 2011

Ethnic/ Tribal Jewellery Haul

As I've mentioned before, this month I was trying to be on a strict budget.
I went a bit crazy during the winter sales period, so March was pretty challenging as I promissed myself I would be very careful at how I spend my money!
I gave myself a budget of 200 € (including all my monthly needs, such as make up, skincare, bodycare, haircare, CLOTHES, accessories, footwear, even snacks at work!!!)
I know, when talking about money, it's all relative, because somebody might see my monthly budget as ridiculously tiny & then, other people may see it as huuuge amount of money to spend only on myself!
I was just trying to adjust it to make it proportional to my needs and cravings & to what I REALLY need & can afford. I think 200 € is plenty & I did great staying in the limits of my budget!
I feel very proud :)

I concentrated on finding bargains, good deals, in-store promotions & thrifting!!!

Concerning make up & cosmetics, I wasn't buying anything that I didn't strictly need. What's the point in accumulating stuff?
I read a very inspiring blog post, written by my friend Liz, about trying to be less consumist.
You also, can read it HERE :)

So, as I've said, I'm on a hunt for bargains ;)
I was very excited when, at "Bijou Brigitte", I found amazing jewellery on sale, for only 2 €!! 
I picked out a few pieces that I really liked & that are going to be great for completing my spring & summer outfits.Some of these necklaces were originally priced at 24 €!!

This is what I've picked out:

You can also check out my video feat. all these pieces CLICK HERE ;)

Thanx for watching!

How are you at spending & hauling?
Do you give yourself a budget or do you indulge every month into buying whatever you like?
Do you think you really need all the things you buy?
If you'd set yourself a budget, what should that be, to cover all your monthly needs?

I'm just being a bit curious, girls ;)


Avon Must- Haves & What NOT to Buy!

Hello girls!

My Avon videos are always so popular & requested that yesterday, after uploading my "BIG Avon Haul" video, I went through some of my old videos & found these two vids about my Avon likes & dislikes... Parts of these videos made me laugh & parts made me feel embarassed! lol
I was just starting out with the whole Youtube videos & reviews back then, my english wasn't as fluent & I was "all over the place".. looking at some of my old vids now, I see myself as absolutely ridiculous!
It may be that I'm judging myself too harsh, but on the other hand, I feel satisfied because I can see an improvement in my videos & reviews, day by day!

Thank you all my lovely viewers/subbies/readers/followers for sticking by me & supporting me!
I couldn't have made this progress without you :) That's for sure!

So, I just decided to quickly edit my two old videos where I was talking about my Avon likes & dislikes and re-upload them. I believe they're much more interesting & informative right now!

What do you think?

After my "BIG Avon Haul" video that I uploaded yesterday, lots of you requested me to do a more thorough review on Avon Solutions Vibes, Avon Clearskin Professional and Avon rejuvenate line.
I'll keep in mind to do these videos/blog posts soon!


Tuesday 29 March 2011

BIG Avon Haul! :)

Do you girls like Avon?

I personally do, I have been an Avon rep. for ... I'd say 10 years now... (!!)
Nowadays, I sell it only to my Mum & to myself, lol, as I'm still Avon representative in Croatia, but I'm not there very often, so I don't have time or occasion to search for a clients & then, to keep the customers satisfied... ;D
I used to sell it to other people every now & then, whenever an occasion would arrise, but due to my constant travellings, I was never able to be consistent at that and expand (or even mantain) my clientele.

So now I just focus on indulging myself & my Mum into some serious Avon goodies hauling :)

I usually order it on-line & then, when I go to visit my family in Croatia, there is already a package waiting for me!

In the past, I have dedicated a few vids of mine to Avon reviews & hauls, and this here is my most recent one:

Loving my Avon goodies ;)
Here are the products that I got recently:

Solutions Vibes Power Cleanser
I really like this little "device"!
It leaves my skin feeling clean & refreshed.

In the past month or so, I've been fighting blemishes with
Clearskin professional line.
This line won't give you an instant results, you have to be very consistent & use
these products religiously.
After one month you'll slowly (but surely) start noticing the improvements!

Anew Rejuvenate line
I'm not 30 just yet, but I wanted to try this line as it's still
formulated for young skin & the active ingredients in this line should help
in fighting the first visible signs of ageing.
Nothing too strong though, as I've said, this line is created for younger skin, not for
the mature one.
I actually liked all these products pretty much!
Especially the eye cream& the  face serum!

Avon Make Up:
- In the past, some of Avon's eyeshadows have let me down :(
However this is not the case with Avon's 8 in 1 eye palettes!
I already have two of them & now I purchased this third one
 (I couldn't resist, the colours were soo pretty!)
This one is in "Tempting tones"
- I do LOVE the lip glosses by Avon!
My recent purchase is Glazewear Shine in "Tickled Pink"
- Avon Super Shock gel eyeliner/eye-liner gel in black has become
 my absolute must-have!!!
Something I can't stop recommending ;)

Skin so Soft line: Mineral Gems Glamorous Gold
Currently I'm using this sparkly golden oil as my
body moisturizer :)

Foot Works
I love to do my pedicure at home & this Pomegranate Chocolate
Soothing Foot Soak is a-m-a-z-i-n-g
I also have the Pomegranate Chocolate Moisturising Foot Cream
that I apply on my feet after the pedicure.

Other Avon goodies:
I'm looking forward to trying out the "Solutions Body Instant Tone" body
tightening spray! Will it work? ahem... (!!)
Also, Moisturizing Mist Hair Spray with macadamia & aloe sounds promissing :)
I have a few products from ANew Clinical line, such as Derma- Full Lip Volumiser
& a sample size of Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream. 

I hope you girls enjoyed my haul/ quick review!
If you're interested to know more info on any of these products in particular, don't hesitate to request it & I'll be glad to do another Avon video and/or blog post.

& ... Don't forget to tell me all about your Avon Must-Haves!


My Fashion Journal: Red Coat, '80. Cropped Top, Jeggings, Accessories...

Hello girlies!

Today I have a bit different type of fashion video for you!
It's my Fashion Journal, something I'll be doing every once in a while, whenever I get the occasion & an interesting scene  (place) to shoot my video ;)
I hope you'll like this little "refreshment" in my fashion videos!
The video is already up on my MissFashionKitty channel & you can see it by clicking HERE PLEASE! ;)

And here are some pics of my today's outfit, featured in my Fashion Journal video:

I'm wearing:
'80. inspired cropped top: H&M
Red Coat (from the fashion video): H&M
Black turtleneck: Intimissimi
Jeggings: Bershka
Grey slouch boots: Top Or
My silver fairy necklace: INA Market
Layered bird pendant necklace: Promod
Black wide braided belt: H&M
Owl ring: H&M (divided)
White watch with pink crystals: Fossil

...and that's about it!

On my face, I'm wearing just a bit of make up, none eyeshadow, just lots of generous coats of mascara(s)!! I'm always combining, like, three different mascaras, to get the perfect result.
Today, I used: -Kiko Luxurious Lashes maxi brush mascara
- MAC Zoom Lash
- Diorshow Iconic by Dior

On my lips I'm wearing Pupa "True Lips" lip liner pencil in #19 and MAC creme d' nude on top.

Blush, bronzer & highlighter: Deborah D- Blush 02 Peach Blossom
N.Y.C. New York Color Matte Bronzer 720A Sunny
MAC Iridescent Powder/Loose in Silver Dusk

As my foundation, currently I'm using the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid (in 030 Sand), and I set my foundation with Helena Rubinstein "Illumination" natural radiance reviving loose powder in 01 translucent.

Now I'd better run, I have an exciting afternoon ahead of me!
Thrifting with my girlfriends :)  
We're going to this huge warehouse where you can find amazing clothes & accessories, but you have to look hard for it, lol!!!
Everything is super cheap, 1-4€!!!
So, wish me a good "hunt" :)


Monday 28 March 2011

OOTD Fashion Idea: My Bambi T-shirt & The Styling Around It

I have a new fashion video ready for you girls! :)
It's already up on my eipysgudps Youtube channel
Make sure to check it out by clicking HERE :)

Here is my little fashion idea for today:

I'm loving my Bambi T-shirt!

I'm wearing:

Bambi T-shirt: Pull & Bear
Blue Jeggings: H&M
Brick/Red colour T-shirt: H&M
Cognac colour boots: Vagabond
Wooden bangles: Sent to me as a prize by Anna Saccone
(I won her fashion contest some time ago!)

I like my casual outfits!


REVIEW: Kerastase K Ultime Oléo- Complexe/ Trattamento Sublimatore Multi- Uso all' Oléo- Complexe

Hello girls!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! As usual, I was busy at work, therefor the lack of blog posts! :(
But here am I today, just returned home after an afternoon spent at hairdresser :)
A day of pampering myself, one would think...but actually, I really don't like goint to the hairdresser that much!
I force myself to go there every two months, when my dark roots start showing too much, lol

I think I personally take better care of my hair at home, than any hairdresser ever did in a hair salon!
But, I do leave the colouring to the professionals as I do have high requests when talking about my hair colour, and given the fact that I'm naturally way darker, I don't want the risk of turning some strange yellow, or orange colour, or even worse, damaging my hair in the process of highlighting it.
So, I always leave this part to the expert hands.

What bothers me about going to the hairdressers in general, is that they're always in a hurry ( I can understand that- time is money for them), and my hair, being so long & difficult to detangle, requires some extra time...
I always cringe at the thought how they always detangle my hair in a harsh way, when just a little bit of detangling spray & a wide tooth comb would "work magic".
And then, when blowdrying, they use the maximum heat..ughhh
I truly hate that part! I wish I could leave the hairdresser's salon with my wet hair & continue the rest at home (detangling, blowdrying, straightening...)

How do you feel about that?
Did you ever experience similar problems?

Anyways, my today's visit to the hairdresser inspired me to do this blog post, about one product that I've been loving so much when talking about my hair care, and that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have a healthy, beautiful looking hair!

Kerastase K Ultime Oléo- Complexe

I bought this product a few months ago, at my local hairdresser's salon & I have nothing but extremely positive superlatives to say about this hair care product!

Make sure to watch my full video/review here:

Versatile beautifying oil with the Oléo- Complexe. The exceptional combination of camellia, argan, maize and pracaxi oils, results in a nourished hair.
Hair is also protected and enhanced, it feels light, soft and supple with incredible shine.
It's suitable for all hair types.
How to use: Work 1 or 2 pumps throughout the lenghts of the hair before shampooing or as a leave- in treatment on clean, towel- dried hair.
Exclusive to Kérastase consultant salons.

Italiano: Trattamento sublimatore multi-uso all'Oléo- Complexe.
L'eccezionale associazione degli oli di germi di mais, camelia, argan e pracaxi.
Risultato: Brillantezza, dolcezza e morbidezza in totale leggerezza. Nutriti e protetti, i capelli sono sublimati in un istante. Per tutti i tipi di capelli.
Applicare 1-2 pressioni prima dello shampoo o come trattamento senza risciacquo.
Esclusivamente dai parrucchieri- specialisti Kérastase.

My hair after today's visit at the hairdresser.

Kérastase Elixir K Ultime has become one of the
essential products in my hair care routine.
There are actually more than two different ways of how one can use this oil (remember, this is a product that won't leave your hair oily or greasy and it won't weigh it down. It is an oil, but it's a non-oily formula!):
- I like to use it after I'm done blowdrying & straightening my hair, I use one pump and distribute the oil evenly on the lenghts of my hair.

- You can also use it before blowdrying your hair, apply it on a towel dried hair, but in this case I would avoid  straightening your hair with a hair straightener. It would be like frying your hair I guess...ughh
Definitely something to avoid!
This method I'll be using in the summer, when I'll let my hair dry naturally & wear it wavy.

- I also like to use this product as a hair mask (before shampooing my hair).
I'll take 4 -5 pumps (bare in mind that my hair is extra- long, but if you have shorter hair, you'll need less than that!), massage the product in my roots and distribute it on the lenghts.
I'll leave it like this for about 30 min. (but you can leave it less, if you don't have much time on your hands, even 5-10 min. will do!)
Then I'll proceed with washing my hair, blowdrying etc.

- The best tip is actually the one my hairdresser gave me! You can also apply this oil on your roots before actually colouring or highlighting your hair.
This will protect your hair from the damage it can be caused when colouring the hair.
This is a little something I've been doing every time before going to the hairdresser to get my highlights done!

This oil costs around 34 €, it is expensive, but you know I wouldn't recommend something so expensive if I weren't truly in love with it!
My miracle product ;) That I want to share with you :)
Bare in mind that it is super concentrated as all Kérastase products are, so this is something that is going to last you for months & months!
I've had mine for over 4 months now, and you can see how much I've used it on the pic above (& I've really been using it very frequently!!!)

I hope this was helpful girls!
I wish you all a beautiful, healthy & shiny hair ;)

xoxo Sonja

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Ways to Wear a Waterfall Cardigan (& Waterfall Cardigan OOTD!)

I think a waterfall cardigan is such a great clothing item!
Especially in this period of time, when it's still chilly outside, so even though the days are getting sunnier, you still need that extra layer of clothing to keep you warm enough... 

This here is my "Waterfall cardigan"

I bought it at H&M
Originally priced: 24.95 €
Sale price: 3.75 €

It is a very versatile clothing item & you can style it in a many different ways!

Here are just a few of my ideas, I hope you guys enjoy watching ;)

Me in my comfy casual outfit
And here is how I wore my waterfall cardigan today...

I'm wearing:

- Navy blue waterfall cardigan: H&M
- Belt: Jennifer
- Cargo pants: Tally Weijl
- Boots: Imaty's Fashion Factory
- Coat: Bershka
- Bag: Kathy Van Zeeland

Fishtail braid...
whenever I don't have a clue what to do with my hair...


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