Friday 30 December 2011

Winter Fashion Styling: Purple H&M Sweater & Camel Color Boots by Vagabond

Hi girls!

Just before my trip to Croatia, we stopped at the industrial zone of my town, to film a short fashion video & shoot some pics for my blog ;)
It was December, but the weather was sunny (a bit chilly, yes!), but it felt as if it was fall, not winter!
It usually is way colder in this period of the year!
So I was happy that I had a chance to film my OOTD outside, without having to wear my long puffy jacket & all the winter accessories, looking like a penguin! 

You can check out how my video turned out, here:

& now, a few pics of the outfit!
(isn't this industrial looking background just perfect for shooting the fashion pics?)

BELT: Can't remember (Pimkie, or Jennifer?)
PEGGINGS: Italian Open Market
BOOTS: Vagabond
BAG: Zara
SCARF: Bought at some charity event, such as Caritas
EARRINGS: Bought in Croatia, years & years ago!

♥ from Italy,
xx Sonja

Holiday Party Make Up Tutorial (Urban Decay Naked & Sleek Storm)

Hello girls!

I'm back from Croatia (I went there to visit my family, the day after Christmas & yesterday evening we returned back to Italy!).
It was a short stay, but it was worth it as I got a chance to spend some quality time with my family!

Today I was already back at work!

How are you going to spend the New Year's Eve?
Have you given some thought on the make up/ clothes/ hairstyle that you're going to be wearing?

I wanted  to do a video on New Year's Outfit Ideas, but I'm afraid I won't have time to do it :( as I'm really busy at work this weekend!
But you can check out my older video, from a few years ago, where I showed you my ideas on what to wear for a New Year's Eve party!
I believe all these outfits are still pretty much up-to-date, definitely something I would consider wearing for the New Year's Eve 2011.!

Here is my fashion video:

& what about the make up?

Well, this year, I have prepared a quick make up tutorial on the look that I suggest for the New Year's Eve party!
I really like how this look turned out, so doing a tutorial on it was a MUST! ;)

Holiday Party Make up tutorial in the making! ;)
all the goodies that I needed...

Just hit the play button on the vid bellow to watch my step-by-step make up tutorial:

& here are a few pics of this look:

Close up pic of the eye make up

I used Urban Decay Naked palette & Sleek Storm palette for my eye make up.

Plum colour lipstick /lip gloss on my lips!

Old fashion, black & white pic ;)
Just for fun!

I hope you liked this look?

Where are you going to celebrate the New Year's Eve?
Have you already made the New Year's resolutions?

Good night girls! I'm off to bed!

xx Sonja

Sunday 25 December 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar (TV Show "Ringer") Make Up Tutorial

Hello :)

I have one quick blog post on a make up tutorial that I did the other day...
I was inspired to do this look when I saw the make up that lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar is wearing in the episodes of the new TV Show "Ringer" (that I just recently started watching & I have to say, I kind of like it!)

Sarah Michelle Gellar starring in the new TV Show "Ringer"
image source: internet

Lovely Sarah is always so radiant!
image source: internet

I used to watch her in "Buffy- The Vampire Slayer", and in many
other teenage thriller movies as well!
image source: internet

This is how I interpreted the make up look that she is wearing the most often in the episodes of "Ringer":

I used my favourite eyeshadow palette of the moment (can you guess which one it is?)

From this palette, I used the eyeshadows:
"Half Baked"

Watch my quick step-by-step tutorial here:

Here are the products that I used on my cheeks:

Kiko Make Up Milano blush "Dreams Collection" # 01 Soft Sand
Benefit "Coralista"
Dior Highlighter # 02 Amber Diamond

One of my top products!
Dior Highlighter "Amber Diamond"- words cannot describe how gorgeous this product is!

...on my lips...

This super moisturising lipstick by P2
Pure Color Lipstick in # 030 Park Street
that I have received in a swap with Cookiemix67
is just a perfect colour for my lips to go along with the eye make up!

& here is my take on the Siobhan's (Sarah's) fashion style:

My OOTD inspired by stylish Sarah's character, Siobhan...

Leopard print blouse: H&M
Black basic top: H&M
Grey faux fur gilet: Vero Moda
Grey Peggings: Italian Open Market
Boots: Deichmann
Bag: Vintage, inherited from my hubby's relative
Infinity scarf: H&M
Earrings: Italian open market

I hope you enjoyed this post & my tutorial!
If you have the UD palette, definitely try it out, I'm sure you'll love it (if you haven't got the UD "Naked" palette, you can try to pull this look by using a similar eyeshadow colours!)

Kiss from Italy xx
Ciaoooo e Buona Notte!

Christmas Party Outfits (Styling Ideas!)

Hello lovelies!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day!
Today, I was at my hubby's parents house, we had lunch together & then spent the rest of the afternoon there as well.
Here are a few pics of the warm Christmas' atmosphere:

After the holiday season is over, we will plant this little tree just like we did past year!
That way, no tree has to die just because of these holiday traditions and it is just a perfect way to be
environmental friendly!

A few days ago, I filmed a video (fashion tutorial) where I gave you a few suggestions on what to wear for Christmas party, so I hope you found it helpful and inspirational :)

If you haven't yet, you can check out this video now:

In this video, I presented four outfits that I would be wearing for Christmas parties, gatherings and similar special occasions in this festive season!

Can you guess which outfit did I decide to wear today, for my family gathering? ;)

Here are all the outfits & as I've promised, a complete list of the fashion stores where did I get the clothes from!

Styling around the Chanel Style high- waisted skirt

Necklace, Bag & Skirt : Italian Open Market
Brown tights: H&M
Cropped cardigan with faux fur collar: Bershka
Basic brown V- neck top: H&M
Boots: Deichmann
Belt: Promod

Styling around the long, red wool dress.

Red dress: No name brand, bought in Italy
Hat: Pimkie
Leopard print, infinity scarf: H&M
Brown tights: H&M
Boots: Imaty's Fashion Factory (a small boutique in Italy)
Belt: Promod
Studded bag: Just some random chinese store in Italy ;)

Styling around Desigual Style dress 

Desigual style dress (& I like to call it that way, because I saw a very similar dress this season at Desigual!): Thrifted in Italy, at my favourite thrift store, for only 2 €!
Black tights: H&M
Necklace, Belt & Bag: H&M
Grey Booties: INA market

Styling around my new Zara bag, city shorts & a sheer/red blouse

Sheer/red blouse: Promod
Basic blue top: Intimissimi
City shorts: Max & Co.
Black tights: H&M
Bag: Zara
Watch: Fossil "Stella" Rosegold (new collection!)
Suede like booties: INA market

These are the four outfits I had prepared for you!
Which one do you like best?

Today I wore the outfit # 1!
This was my choice for a family gathering at my hubby's parents home :)

Have a lovely evening girls!
I'm going to get started with preparing my suitcase as tomorrow we're off on a short trip to visit my family in Croatia! This upcoming Thursday I have to be at work again, so it really will be a short trip!
But anyways I'm so looking forward to seeing my family :)
Will try to vlog a bit for my MissTrendyKitty vlog channel!

♥ from Italy 
xx Sonja

Skincare Regimen for Blemish Prone, Problem Skin

Hello girls!

Merry Christmas!
I hope you all have the best Christmas, have fun and enjoy spending time with your family!

I'm sorry for being so behind with my blog posts, the thing is, I'm super busy in this period of time!
I now have a moment free, so let's get right into it: 
"Skincare Regimen for Blemish Prone, Problem Skin"

In my video, I'm explaining you my skincare routine for my oily/blemish prone skin, in details, so make sure to check it out in order to see what do I do to mantain my skin clear and blemish free!

& here are all the products that are currently my must- haves when talking about my skincare routine:

Clinique products that I'm using on a daily basis
"Great Skin System" kit - Skin types 3,4. (combination/oily to oily)

I'm also using the natural sea sponge from the Adriatic Sea that is known for its antibacterial properties.
I take a small amount of my liquid facial soap, apply it onto the sponge, wet with water, and start massaging into my skin.
Afterwards I remove it with water and proceed with my toner and moisturiser.

Also, I often use the face brush by Sephora (it has got a great exfoliating properties!)

Face masks are a very important step in my weekly skincare routine/regimen!
I use Cleman ActivO3 mask with ozone & clay to mantain my skin blemish free and to eliminate all the blackheads.
I use the Sisley mask (both Express Flower Gel and Eye Contour Mask) to bring back to my face an extreme level of hydration and comfort!
I do these treatments 1-2 a week.

"Tea Tree Toner" by Lush (called "Acqua di Luna" in Italy) is also a great product for my skin type!
Essence Pure Skin anti- spot intensive night treatment was very inexpensive, yet surprisingly efficient!

As a part of  my skincare I also often use Argan Oil (I have repurchased this pure argan oil several times already!).
I use it under my eyes, on my eyelashes/eyebrows...and on my entire face really!
(I also like to use it in my haircare & bodycare.)

Clinique All About Eyes is currently my eye cream and yes, this is a product I have already repurchased more than once!
(the review on this cream is coming up!)

My make up removers at the moment are: Bioderma Sensibio and Clinians.
Removing your make up THOROUGHLY is an important step in a skincare routine, especially if your skin is prone to breakouts!
Before going to sleep, always make sure to remove completely all the traces of make up!
This will help your skin stay not only clean/blemish free, but also young/healthy looking!
So make sure to have a good make up removers and never be too lazy to take care of your skin! :)
Even when you're soo sleepy that all you want is to jump into bed- think about your skin first and take that extra effort- your skin will be grateful ;)

I hope this helped! xx

There are some new products that I'm currently trying out and incorporating into my skincare routine, so I'll keep you updated on my routine/regimen and I'll try to always let you know all about the products that helped me clear my breakouts!

♥ from Italy
Ciaoooo, ciaooo!

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