Wednesday 27 November 2019

This season's trend: Suede boots

Hello lovelies!

Today's post is about one trend I spotted for this fall and winter season: Suede boots!
I've always been a big fan of suede material, but I have to be careful and only wear it when the weather outside is sunny! Suede can get damaged in the heavy rain, so keep that in mind. On the market there are products to protect suede (such as spray that protects suede and all types of leather from water damage), so it's good to have one of those around, to make sure that your suede items will last longer.

I have a few pairs of suede boots in my closet already, but recently I've been introduced to one very cool on line shoe store, so I wanted to take a look at their current offer and share with you a couple of my favourite pairs for this season:

These booties are very similar to the pair that I bought a few years ago, and still is one of my favourite! These go well with everything, but I prefer to wear them with a pair of skinny jeans.

Next on my list are grey suede boots 

I adore these cowboy style boots! I have a very similar pair, but in nude, that I purchased around 15 years ago, when I was living in London, UK! I need to remind myself to start wearing them again, as cowboy boots are back on trend!
I'm so happy now that I didn't get rid of mine!

For the fall and winter season, one of my must-have and favourite colors is red! Red is also the color of holidays, Christmas and party season.
If you don't have a pair of red suede boots in your closet yet, what are you waiting for? Now it's the right time to grab them, I promise, you'll wear them over the next years and years!

I'm going to show you how my booties look like (almost the same model)

My boots are very similar, just without the black elastic detail and with a zipper instead. And the heel is also chunky and not too high, but black. They're very comfy and cute, I've had the for years and I think they instantly make any outfit more up to date and interesting!

Actually now that I think of it, I'm a big fan of red footwear, as I do have two other pairs of red boots (one is red leather and studs, you can find a similar model bellow)

and another pair that I got is actually thrifted probably 10 years ago, and it's red suede with higher heel, something like this pair:

I hope this inspired you a bit!

The cool thing about fsjshoes web store is that you can actually design your own shoes! That's pretty amazing, right? Especially if you're that person who knows exactly what she likes / wants, but never seems to be able to find it on the market!

It's definitely a fun option to try out!

Lastly, let me share with you a pair of badass, party season booties that can't pass unnoticed :-D

Are you thinking the same way as I am here? Disco party fever baby, yeah!!! 

Let me know, will you be getting a pair of new booties for this season?

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Natural oils: My beauty must haves for healthy & glowing skin & hair!

Hello loves!

This is going to be a quick post about my must haves when it comes to my beauty (skincare, bodycare & haircare) routine. I'll be talking about some of my favourite natural oils, such as argan, rose and coconut oil.
I started taking care of my hair with natural oils years ago, and then I discovered they're also great for  skincare and I've been the biggest fan ever since!

When it comes to my skincare routine, I swear that these natural oils are more effective than any kind of expensive high end serum! I'm all for aging naturally whilst taking the best possible care for your skin and the entire body. I'm 38 years old and firmly say no to botox, or any other kind of more invasive beauty procedure / treatments.
Funny enough, when I state this in my youtube videos, or talk how I prefer to age naturally rather than turn to botox, youtube demonetizes my videos and makes them less visible to my audience / potential audience. So much about the freedom of speech, huh?
I don't bash on people who turn to these treatments, I just preach my own beauty philosophy: Accepting yourself, your age, changes on your body, but doing your best to take care of yourself, your mind, body and soul, naturally.
Some people break a bank shopping for overhyped beauty products, but that is absolutely not necessary in order to have beautiful hair/ skin! On the market today, there are so many great inexpensive alternatives to overpriced high end products.
Remember that when you're buying a super popular product, a good portion goes to the marketing and you're buying the "story", the "hype" that's been created around this product.
I considered myself a true beauty junkie and I've tested out many different beauty brands, from high end to drugstore, and I've come to a conclusion that, when it comes to preserving that youthful appearance, natural oils truly are the best!

no filter, natural daylight

Natural oils really take the best possible care of my skin and the results are clearly visible!

These here are just some of my favourite oils; the ones that I currently have.
I still need to repurchase line seed oil that I use as a pre-shampooing hair mask, sapote oil (I use it also as a mask before washing my hair, it's great against hair loss and to strengthen hair).
Some of my favourite brands for good natural oils are Alverde (exclusive to Drogerie Markt drugstores), I Provenzali and Forsan (these two are italian brands), but you can get your natural oils in a local herbalist store.

I use rose hip oil and calendula oil for my body care. I massage these oils after having showered. After long day at work I'll go for either rose hip oil (relaxing), or calendula (which is great for sore muscles, even after sport activities or workout).

Karite oil I currently use as a hair mask before washing my hair. I'll soak my hair with this oil, massage the roots, pull the hair up in a bun and leave it for an hour or two, after which I'm ready to wash my hair! The result is incredible! Soft, shiny, silky and healthy hair! You have to try it out :-)

Castor oil I use to grow back my overplucked eyebrows (yes, I was a teenager in the '90.-ies, that explains it all!) It really works but you have to be patient and give it some time. I massage the oil into my eyebrows every night before going to sleep, and I promise, it helps!

Coconut oil has many benefits, and besides using it in the kitchen, I also use it as a hair treatment (just like I use the karite, or line seed oil). It really helps my highlighted hair to stay hydrated and strong.

Argan oil, needless to mention, is another must have oil in my beauty routine. I use it before my face cream. I like my argan oil to be 100% natural, and you can check that by looking at the list of ingredients, and by its very characteristic scent.
It's very potent anti-aging and my skin loves it!

Rose oils are also my favourite things when it comes to preserving skin youthful and healthy. I use these oils before my daily moisturizer, or mix with bb creams.

At night, I'm always soaked in oils, and even now, when I'm writing this post! My hubby always looks at me with wonder, but he's getting used to me being all glowy in the evenings, haha!
I swear, the results are super visible in the morning! :-)

You can check out some of my skincare videos here:

A little bit more about natural oils that I love:

Let me know do you use any of these oils, and if so, which one is your favourite?

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Holiday nails 2019.

Hello loves!

I'm back to posting again a bit more frequent and I'm really enjoying that!
I hope you do too, as I have prepared for you lots of interesting / fun topics for the upcoming holiday season. The holidays are just around the corner, and all the stores are already decorated for the Christmas season, with Christmas carols already blasting to the top volume to get the customers in the mood...Seems a little bit too early, yet, when you think of it, December is almost here!

December is also the month of parties, family and work gatherings and special festive dinners.
I personally like to look (and feel) my best when attending those occasions, and bring positivity to the table by being joyful!
One of my must haves for the holiday season are red nails! I start wearing read nail polish as the calender turns its leaf to December :-) I work in retail so I think it's nice to have a good, festive manicure. Unfortunately, lately, my nails have been a bit week, and as much as I'm trying to get them grow and be strong as they used to be, I found myself failing miserably.
It might be because of too much housework (argh!!), or I'm just in a need of some vitamins.

Still, even though my nails are now short, I already started looking for the nail manicure inspo for the best holiday nails 2019.
I don't use nail gel, or false nails, but that is also one of the option if you aren't that happy with your natural nails. 

Styles nails is the web store where you can find everything that you're looking for, for that perfect manicure, at one place. Whether you prefer having natural nails, or gel, false nails, they have it!
You can also get all the equipment to get started, without having to go every month or 20days to a nail salon. 

I like to browse through their website to get inspired for my holiday manicure. I'm going to have my natural, short nails, but I think they're still going to look pretty.
It's important to choose that right shade of red that will best suit your skin tone and the shape of nails.

Nail glitter is also one of the biggest holiday trends. Sparkly nails always look fab and very festive!
At styles nails you can choose the glitter in all kinds of shapes and colors, they indeed have the biggest selection of all the colors of the rainbow and more!

I really like this holographic nail glitter, it looks amazing for the holiday festivities!

Did you know that pearly white nail polish is back on trend?
My Mum used to wear it all the time back in the '80.ies. I used to love wearing it myself, as a little girl, but then with time it went out of trend.
Now I actually purchased a new nail polish in pearly white and I'm loving it!
Pearl nail dust powder is so pretty! You can buy it here at very affordable price.

I really like these colors of nail polishes, and I find that because of their texture, they tend to last longer! I already used many beauty products from bornpretty brand in the past, and I can say I only have the best words for them!

To make your manicure prettier and shinier, don't forget to add that much needed finishing touch, and use a top coat! 

This particular one comes in many different colors, but I like mine to be clear because that way I can use it on top of any nail polish color that I have!

I hope this post inspired you to kick start that holiday season, by getting your nails done! :-)

* in collaboration with styles nails

Buying Levi's Jeans On-line: New vs. Second Hand

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm going to share with you my experience in buying Levi's jeans on-line.
I'm a big fan of Levi's jeans, ever since I was a teenager. Currently in my wardrobe I have only 3 pairs of Levi's jeans: One that is white, bought in a local second hand store in Italy (but they were brand new, with a tag still on!), and two other pairs that are classic blue jeans.

Both of them I got this year, on-line, so I wanted to share a bit of my shopping experience with you.

First, I went for a brand new pair of Levi's Mile High Super Skinny jeans, and I got them at web store. I searched for them during the sales period, and they were the last pair left in my size, discounted from over €100 to €50. 
That is still quite pricey, but it's Levi's we're talking about, and this mile high model is super flattering on all us Moms who need a bit of an extra support in the belly area. It's also very stretchy and just overall extremely comfortable pair of jeans.
The perks of shopping at web stores such as zalando is that you have the option to return the package for free if for some reason you don't like the item, or it doesn't fit. Also, you'll often have coupon codes for a bit of a discount, or free shipping.
So I wasn't worried about picking out the right size for me because I knew I could easily return them without having to pay for the shipping. You can also check out your size with a quick on line test, or comparing your measurements to the measurements of the model that is wearing the item you're about to purchase.

image source: Zalando

Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my purchase.
But recently I wanted to add another Levi's jeans to my closet, and I really wanted it to be an older, second hand pair. First, because I wanted to save up some money (indeed, I was able to find my perfect jeans for only €16), and then also because I'm trying to be more conscious when purchasing new clothes for my wardrobe.
A different way to shop... is to shop sustainably! 

For every preloved item purchased compared to new one you’ve helped to save: 4kg of CO2 pollution, 2700 litres of water, another garment not going to landfill, pesticide and herbicide pollution.

The model of Levi's jeans I picked out this time is the 511 Slim Fit.
I searched at ASOS marketplace, and the store whose offer I liked best was Messina Hembry. I liked the fact that they have reasonable prices for second hand items, and also quite low cost of shipping. Their feedback is very high and they have nice reputation so I decided I was going to place my order!
The item was described as "Good Used Condition - the item shows minor signs of wear - Light wearing signs on the hems."
They ship from the UK, and it took about 10 days for the package to arrive to Italy (they said it would take about 14 days, so it's definitely nice that it came a bit earlier than expected!)
To me personally the items seems in an excellent condition, so I'm even wondering is it really from the early '90.-ies, I mean, the inside label is still as good as new (my new "Mile High" jeans that I've had for only a few months, already have the inside label more faded!).
Basically I got a pair of jeans as good as new for just a fraction of what their retail price is in a regular store!

The tricky thing here might be picking out the right size for you! I was quite worried about ordering them, not being able to try them on beforehand. I ordered the size 27 (same as the "Mile High Super Skinny Fit" model), and length 32.
If the size doesn't fit, obviously you can return the item, but you do need to pay for the cost of shipping.
The jeans are just a slightly bit tight, but they still fit, so that's good! I guess it's a bit of a lottery picking out the right size without being able to try them on beforehand, so I was lucky. This model is actually regular waist, so that's why they fit a bit more tight on me, comparing to the other pair that have super high waist. Also, since I became a Mum, high waist is more flattering on me, but I still really do like the fit of these 511 jeans.
I guess next time when ordering Levi's jeans (regular waist) from second hand web stores, I should go a size up, just to be on the safe side. Besides, if they're bigger than expected, I can always take them to a seamstress to have them reworked, whereas if they're too small, there is really nothing I can do besides having to return them.
Here are a few pics of the jeans I picked:

image source: Messina Hembry

image source: Messina Hembry

Both shopping experiences were positive, but the second one is probably more satisfying as I was able to get that great bargain, have a pair of Levi's without breaking a bank, and also, give a second life to this "forgotten" clothing item, that's hardly even been used!

I'm really looking forward to shop again at second hand store, as a matter of fact, I probably won't shop in a regular store ever again :-D

Wednesday 20 November 2019

Winter Thrift Store Fashion Haul from Textile House in Rijeka, Croatia

Hello guys!

Today I want to share a thrift store fashion haul with you! You might not know this, but I'm a big fan of thrifting and second hand and vintage clothes. Years ago, when I was living in London UK, I worked for a charity shop, Pdsa, and I still have some great items that I purchased whilst I was working (volunteering) there!

I still enjoy (very much!), visiting thrift stores and finding little gems :-)
But, truth to be told, I don't have a lot of time on my hands these days, to visit thrift stores. Usually, it takes a lot of time and patience to go through everything they have in their offer, and my little toddler certainly doesn't have that kind of patience.

A few weeks ago, when I was in Croatia, I was able to quickly pop to one of the local thrift stores, Textile House (my hubby was keeping an eye on our little one).
I had one hour to thrift (which isn't a lot), but I was lucky because the store was full of new arrivals, and basically as good as new clothes! The store was also packed full with people (apparently everybody loves thrifting in Rijeka, and maybe they knew when the store has new goods coming in!)

I managed to get four items (everything looks brand new, or barely even worn), and I love everything! Those are going to be great additions to my winter wardrobe.
I didn't get more because the items weren't actually very cheap (for a thrift store, I expected lower prices. I found out that the prices are a bit higher when they have new arrivals, and then, by the end of the month, they have bigger and bigger discounts.)
I still paid way less that I would in regular store, but in the past I thrifted clothes for way cheaper.
Anyway, this was my only occasion that I would get to thrift in a while, so I didn't want to pass on these items that I liked so much.

Here are a few photos of the items that I got, and I'm still to edit the video for my youtube channel, where you'll see how all these clothes look like on me!

I got these super cool wide leg, cropped pants and they fit me perfectly! I'm in love! It's one of the best items that I have for this season.
I think I might combine it with this red corduroy jacket by Tom Tailor. Corduroy garments are in for the current season, so I'm very pleased with this find.
Both of the items seem to be brand new (never worn!)

This faux suede vest is super soft and very warm! I can wear it on top of jackets, or sweaters, for that additional layer that will keep me super cozy and warm in cold winter days.
I also really like the color of this one! It came with a ribbon type of belt, but I chose to wear it with my double buckle, black belt that I wear with basically everything because it instantly updated any clothing item that I have.

Last, but not least, is this super pretty pink coat. I love it! Even in autumn and winter, I like to wear colorful things (my wardrobe is actually mostly colorful, I have very few blacks) as I find it brightens up the short and dull, rainy days.
I still need to get this coat to dry cleaning and then I can start wearing it (luckily the other items are all washable in the washing machine, because when you add the cost of dry cleaners, it adds up to the total amount spent on thrifting.)

I hope you liked this haul! Let me know, is there some item that you particularly liked?

I think second hand shopping is great option when you want to be more conscious, sustainable and help our planet! Also, it's awesome when you want to stay within a certain budget and the big plus is that you can really have that unique style (you won't see everyone else wearing the same item as you, from the current high street brands' offer!)

Until I have my winter fashion haul ready and edited, you can take a look at this summer's thrift haul,  from the same store (then, they were having amazing sale, and everything was reduced to cca 0,60 eurocents!!!)

xo from Italy,

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Saturday 16 November 2019

How to choose the right shapewear for yourself?

Hello lovelies!

I'm back with a new post :-) In this one, I'd like to share with you some tips on how to find the right undergarments (shapewear) for your body.
Because the holiday season is just around the corner, there are more occasions for parties and special events, that require some sort of a dress code. Picking out the right type of undergarment is very important because it can really help in shaping our silhouette and make the clothes fit nicer and just be more flattering on us.

Since I became a Mum, my tummy isn't so flat as it used to be, and if I want to wear a very tight fitting clothes, skirts, or dresses, then  I'm happier when I wear, for example, shaping tights underneath.
My waist has pretty much stayed the same, but many Mums need a bit of a help with that too (after pregnancy your body, especially hips, just becomes a bit wider, and that's it, so it's a good thing there is a clever way to visually help us in accepting our new shape!)

Often I get asked what is the best shapewear for tummy and waist and my answer is to always stick to your size and choose medium constriction to smooth lines, or if you want a "total body transformation", go for stronger constriction.

Among some of the best websites I like to visit for shapewear inspo is Loverbeauty , as they have the biggest possible selection of undergarments and shapewear for all sizes and purposes. I also like the variety of different colors and models they offer, the selection is just amazing!

Their motto is what stood out to me the most: They believe that regardless of size and age, every woman can be beautiful and stylish. Beauty should be a source of confidence, and they're here to help you out in making all the anxiety disappear! That's such a cool message :-)

So, as my work dinner with colleagues is coming up, I wanted to check out their selection of tummy control bodysuit , something that will make me feel confident enough in my new, bodycon dress.

Fun fact! Did you know? Many researchers have found that wearing shapewear can help someone to shed some extra weight. Shapewear is a type of garment that gives off compression to many areas of the body, helping to create a slimmer looking appearance. This means it can help to compress stomach fat, hip fat, thigh fat, arm fat etc.

This undergarment item is actually ideal for post partum recovery, it's tummy control body shaper that will help new Mums get back in shape quicker!

This shaper panty tummy control shaperwear and butt lifter is a must have in your wardrobe; if you're wearing a very formfitting dress, this will help in making your figure more flattering.

Another very useful and handy item to have is this deep V neck backless shapewear, it's seamless and has the slimming effect.

Here are some of it's features: 

1.) Hand made from performance fabrics that breathe and slim without flattening your body.
2.) A true fashion solution - It is perfect for low-back and plunging necklines and is virtually seamless.
3.) Built in bra for maximum cleavage without an underwire.
4.) Adjustable straps for versatile wear.
5.) Double layer powermesh gives all over firming, smoothing and slimming for a curvy silhouette.
6.) Contoured hemline prevents bunching and riding.

At Loverbeauty they always have a very cool "sale" section, worth checking out, and also, "what's hot", to stay in touch with the newest arrivals or best sellers!
If you want to get some classic and basic body shaping undergarments to your wardrobe, take a look at their web store!

*in collaboration with Loverbeauty
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