Friday 29 October 2021

Bridesmaid dresses trends autumn/ winter 2021.

 Hello lovely people!

I have another fashion post for you, and this time I want to recommend some very pretty dresses for special occasions.

My chic dress is a brand I recently discovered and I really liked their selection of bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding day is one of the most important events in our lives, and we all want this day to be just perfect, from the selection of the dress, to making sure that the dear guests we invite, have nice day celebrating with us.

Choosing the right bridesmaid dress is a real task, because it's very important that the lovely bridesmaids feel and look their best.

The whole wedding ceremony is quite expensive, but there are also budget friendly options. I can offer you some cheap bridesmaid dresses options here:

These long V-neck chiffon bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous! I love the dusty rose colour and what a pretty bouquets!

This is another very pretty option, simple long mermaid tulle dress, very elegant and sophisticated.

When it comes to picking the right colour, it all depends because the options are endless. More subtle and gentle colours are more popular, but there are also bright colour options that are trendy right now.

There are two very popular colours for bridesmaids dresses this season. As we're heading towards the cold weather, darker colours are also popular options.

Here are some blue bridesmaid dresses that I like:

This simple V neck chiffon navy blue bridesmaid dress is very pretty and makes the white dress of the bride stand out even more.

Green bridesmaid dresses are also very nice option, and there are many different shades of green to opt for.

I really like this dark green shade, it looks very elegant, and the spaghetti straps mermaid emerald model looks great with simple white bouquets.

Velvet bridesmaid dresses are perfect when wedding ceremony takes place in winter and cold weather.

This long sleeve burgundy velvet bridesmaid dress is perfect for fall and winter weddings.

I really like my chic dress selection of pretty and elegant dresses at affordable prices. I really like pastel and neutral colours when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, but I have to say, when it comes to velvet bridesmaid dresses, I prefer bold colour options, such as burgundy, blue or green.

Let me know which one is your favourite!

* in collaboration with MyChicDress

I have a little holiday wish...

 Hello lovelies!

It's almost November, the end of the year is coming very soon, and so the holiday season is just around the corner! I already started thinking about possible gift ideas, and I have some ideas to share with you!

I think it's important to start thinking about the holiday gifts for your loved ones early because then you won't find yourself worrying at the very last minute, and maybe having to settle for what might not have been your first option.

I think make up is always nice option to give to your Mom, sister, girlfriends, or other female parts of your family. It's very cute to find under the Christmas tree, some make up items that were on your wish list for a while.

You don't have to pay a fortune for nice holiday gifts, I have found wholesale makeup that offers great selection of popular make up brands, and I'll share some options here with you:

This NARS Afterglow eyeshadow palette contains twelve supercharged shades, and can provide you eye-cathing looks. I like natural shades, and also bold pink ones!

There are a lot of cheap make up brands, but good quality ones such as KIKO, NYX, Bourjois...

I used to buy a lot of Kiko products, and Bourjois is still one of my fave brands when it comes to affordable drugstore cosmetics.

Kiko has great quality and very pigmented eyeshadows, perfect for creating different looks.

NYX Liquid Suede lipsticks are very known and hyped, a lot of beauty bloggers recommend them and love using them. My favourites are neutral colours, but for the holiday season, I love the classic red :-)

Wholesale cosmetics is more budget friendly option, and you can also buy products individually.

Whilst I was browsing the offer of Wordmakeup webstore, I came across this gorgeous Anastasia eyeshadow palette and there are many different colour options you can choose from.

This Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette is perfect gift for whoever enjoys subtle, natural everyday looks, but also likes having fun with colour!

Another cult product is the Brow Wiz. It comes in many different colour options:

I like to pay that extra attention to my brows, I usually fill them in and slightly accentuate, because I love that bushy brow look, I think that it can frame your face and complete the entire make up look.

What do you think? What will be on your wish list for this holiday season?

I really like Anastasia eyeshadow palette and I also recommend those cheap make up brands that are also high quality and could be nice present for your girlfriends.

Do you have any make up item that you'd absolutely love to get? Share it with me in the comments :-)

* in collaboration with Wordmakeup

Thursday 28 October 2021

Noracora warm & cozy sweater


Hello lovelies!

Today I want to show you this warm & cozy sweater that I picked from Noracora web shop.

I love it! It's perfect clothing item for the fall and winter season, it's super cute and really comfy. I love that it has a turtleneck and also this combo of colours that really go well with everything.

Today I paired it with my super old Replay jeans, and dr.Marten's Jadon boots. I went for a little walk around my neighbourhood and just spent some time appreciating these lovely fall colours of the nature.

Soon I'll show you more outfits with my new bits from Noracora, as I'm really looking forward to styling them and showing you some outfit ideas for the Fall season.

On my instagram I started posting more often, and I'm also uploading short ootd video clips, so please follow me there if you like my work! (@sonia_verardo) Stop by to say hi! :-)

If you want to shop at Noracora, you can get 20% off your entire purchase by using: SNS2021 code at checkout!

Lijep pozdrav dragi ljudi!

Danas vam zelim pokazati ovu super toplu i udobnu pletenu majicu koju sam nedavno narucila sa Noracora web ducana.

Jako ju volim! Bas je savrsena za ovo jesenje vrijeme, slatka mi je ova kombinacija boja, a odlicna stvar je i sto ima malo povisen vrat (kao dolcevita), pa vas jos dodatno utopli, pogotovo ako je vani vjetrovito.

Danas sam ju nosila uz moje prastare Replay traperice i Martensice. Uputila sam se u malu setnjicu po kvartu, buduci da je vrijeme bilo lijepo, i uzivala sam u bojama prirode.

Na instagramu sam pocela cesce postati slicice i kratke ootd videice, pa me zapratite tamo, ukoliko vam se svidja moj rad! (@sonia_verardo)

Ukoliko zelite kupovati na Noracora stranici, mozete iskoristiti 20% popusta uz kupon SNS2021

Monday 25 October 2021

My new sunglasses by Koalaeye optical


Hello guys!

Today I'd like to show you my fab new pair of sunglasses! 

I already posted about this collaboration on my instagram @sonia_verardo (hey, let's follow eachother's ig accounts! Stop by to say "hi"!)

I always pay a lot of attention to the quality of my sunglasses, the important thing is to pick good quality lenses, and the frames that will best suit your face shape.

Designer sunglasses can be very expensive and overpriced, but you can have great quality sunglasses without spending a fortune!

Koalaeye optical is on line web shop that sells sunglasses and eyeglasses, and has a vast selection of different frames so you can choose a pair that can flatter your face shape.

It's very important to choose a pair of sunglasses that's right for your face shape. You can find very interesting and helpful tips on how to best choose your sunglasses, based on your face shape, here

I picked a pair of polarized sunglasses, model Celia, it's a classic acetate round sunglasses , that's very elegant, stylish and classic. It comes with a free anti-reflective coating, eyeglasses pouch and lens cloth.

I chose this pair because I wanted something that will be timeless and always up to date, and I really loved these subtle green coloured frames.

You can tell if your sunglasses are polarized by using the computer digital screen test. I like my polarized sunglasses because they give my eyes extra comfort and make my eyes rest, even when it's very bright sunny day.

All sunglasses are formulated to protect against UV rays and to minimize glare, but polarized lenses have been made with a special process to filter out this type of intense glare. This formulation acts almost like a blind or curtain, allowing only some light to pass through

You can have a special deal on the first pair at $ 4.99 (which is really awesome deal!), by clicking here

They also have a big selection of sports sunglasses for women and men and eyeglasses for men and women, with a really big selection of men's eyeglasses

I'm really happy with my new pair of sunglasses!

If you're looking for a new pair of sunglasses or if you need to get a prescription eyeglasses, Koalaeye is the best place to go to, as they're really professional, affordable and you can get great deals plus free shipping!

* in collaboration with Koalaeye optical

Wednesday 20 October 2021


 Hello lovelies!

Let me squeeze in another fashion post before I call it a day! I worked on creating some brand new content today for my blog, and youtube, so I guess I can say it was a productive day.

I haven't talked much here on my blog about the current situation in Italy, because it's such a difficult topic and it really upsets me, so I'm trying to avoid that by surrounding myself with creative tasks and positivity...the fact is that I'm suspended from work, starting from of October, and until of December, or longer, if this insane situation continues.

I've decided to be free and therefore the consequence is that I am not allowed to work anymore.

But, I have my creative outlet, and my creativity can't be stopped! So, something good may actually come out of this bad situation! I can talk more about the whole subject, if you wish, in another post (or I may do a video update), but I have to mentally prepare myself for it.

I'd also like to start blogging again in both languages, my mother tongue croatian, and english, as I used to do (it'll take me a bit more time, but I think it'll contribute to the whole blog's quality!) What do you think about that? Is it a good idea?

Anyway, back to the topic of this blog post!...I actually wanted to share a little fashion haul video and a couple of pics...This is probably my last Zara fashion haul, because I'm really turning more and more to second hand shopping, and my general conclusion is that Zara is overpriced (I only ever shop there on sales, but even then...)...I enjoy second hand shopping way more.

I also have a little fashion collab with Light in the Box that I included in this video, but I think I already blogged about that months ago, and shared the outfit photos here.

I got two loungewear sets, very cozy and comfy, I still wear them around the house.

As far as Zara bits, I got 3 things, very cute & warm for the colder weather, and I enjoy wearing them, I've said, I really, truly want to be less consumist and make the most out of the things I already have, shop sustainably, (there are so many great second hand items, even brand new, at such affordable prices!). More second hand fashion hauls, and even possibly my own second hand online shop, is definitely in my goals for the rest of this year, and the New year! (and I don't think it's too early to talk about it, because it's literally only 2 months left before the end of this year).

Fall 2021. fashion faves & what's new on my wish list!

 Hello lovelies!

In today's post I'm going to share with you a couple of my personal fashion faves for the upcoming cold weather. This autumn here in Italy has been quite sunny and warm, but today was the first chilly day, and I started thinking about pulling out from my wardrobe some warmer clothing items, and also creating a little wish list, regarding the items that I'd like to add to my already existing wardrobe, to update my style for this fall & winter season.

I like to buy my clothes on-line, because I like to take my time to really choose what's right for me, in the comfort of my own home, and also because I'm always interested in getting the best deals by looking for cheap women's clothing online

Holapick is one of those on line stores that offers many different styles at affordable prices, so everyone can find something right for themselves.

I like the fact that they have a variety of different colour options and sizes available, so if you really like one clothing items and you find that it suits you well, you can even get it in more colors! They always follow the latest fashion trends, so for the fall & winter 2021. season they offer a huge selection of casual tops for womens

Casual style is still very dominant, even in this post lockdown period. I feel like we all got so used on wearing only loungewear for staying at home all the time, so that now this is exactly what majority of people kept wearing even for going back to their usual everyday and work activities.

It's like noone wants to get out of their cozy and comfy clothes :-)

Here are a couple of tops that I put on my wish list for this new fall & winter season:

This is one shirt that I really love! It comes in different colour options, but this red/black/white is my fave one! It's very '90.-ies inspired, casual and cool.

I also like this warm & chunky sweater for colder weather. It gets pretty cold in the late autumn, and during the whole winter, here where I live, so a good chunky knit like this one is essential thing to keep me warm. I also really love the combo of colours in this sweater.

Next cute sweater is this soft and fluffy white V neck sweater with some lace detailing. I love to wear white clothing items, and also anything with lace is definitely my cup of tea. This cute sweater will definitely dress up even a simple pair of your old jeans.

The last item I wanted to share with you is really appropriate for this season, and the upcoming Halloween. I picked it out because it's fun & cute, and the material seems very soft and warm.

Let's all stay warm & cozy this season :-)

I hope you like my fashion picks, let me know which one is your fave item!

* in collaboration with Holapick

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