Wednesday 28 September 2011

Shopping at Italian Open Market With My Friend Stefi! Vlog/OOTD/Haul!

Hi girls!

This is going to be a quick blog post, due to the fact that I just uploaded a new video on my youtube channel, & I think you'll enjoy watching it :)

Yesterday I went at the italian open market with my good friend Stefania & she kindly agreed to be featured in my video & say a few words about her outfit & just a big, big "HI (or, CIAO, ehm!)" to all of my lovely viewers & subbies!

We had a lovely time together and I managed to find a few nice pieces at a great price, so my conclusion was: "We have to go more often at the italian open market!"

In my video, I'm also showing you what did I buy, so make sure to check it out, you can click on the play button bellow, to watch it:

You'll see a gorgeous green coloured oversized blouse that I got for only 3 €, a Burberry inspired silk/cotton scarf & loads & loads of fun accessories: Earrings, bracelets and... colorful COCONUT WATCHES!!!

& yes, I remembered to quickly show you my OOTD :)

I wore my new faux leather shorts (& yes, I am preparing a video on how to style a faux leather shorts!)
by Tally Weijl fashion store.
I wanted to keep this styling casual chic, so I went for the oversized top by Matthew Williamson and a linen, military green, loose, vest from H&M.
When talking about a leather shorts, my fear is always to appear too sexy, agressive or "out there", which leads into trashy...this is why I completed the styling with oversized clothes on top and a pair of simple, black ballet flats!
I wanted to lead this styling into a trendy/casual/chic/rocker inspired direction!
You tell me, did I suceed in that?  (Hopefully I did!)
My ballet flats are Flyfor brand, bought here in Italy.
I'm also wearing: Chanel logo earrings,

Black leather cuff bracelet from H&M (men's dept.)
Avon jewellery watch with Swarovski crystals.
Black "Diva style" sunnies from H&M.
I bought my grey/black bag in Trieste, Italy, a few years ago.
My white skull scarf (that I was wearing as a bag accessorie) is from accessorize store called "Vanity".

I completed the styling with this adorable, sparkly Panda ring that I got at
and the price of it is only $ 2.70!
You can purchase the same ring here, CLICK HERE!

& I think this is it! ;)

My dear friend Stefi & I.
Un bacio a tutte!
xx Sonja
Ciaooo, ciaooo! ;)

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette Review & Daytime Eye Tutorial!

Hello girls!

Yeay for another make up tutorial! :)

I recently got, at my local Sephora, the "Naked Eye" palette by Too Faced cosmetics.
This palette is GORGEOUS and AWESOME for a beautiful, pretty, polished day time looks, when you just want to look & feel great without even having to put too much effort into acheiving that!
It's also suitable for creating more intense, smoky eye make up for an evening out, or a special occasion!

At italian Sephora this palette retails at cca 34 something €, but I had a 10% OFF coupon, so I ended up paying 30 € for it.
Still pricey, but worth the price! :)
The colours are soo pretty & the quality of Too Faced products, especially the eye shadows in unquestionable, at least in my opinion!

My Naked Eye palette by Too Faced cosmetics :)

This pic was taken with a flash.

Without a flash- colours in the natural daylight!

Little hearts stand for the favorite colours of mine in this palette!
Which ones are your faves?
Let me know! :)
This palette also comes with a small eyeshadow applicator brush, but I'm not really using it because I trust my make up brushes more, to deliver the perfect result! ;)
The Naked eye palette is great even for the beginners, if you're just starting with all "the make up thing", their simple instructions will let you know how to easily acheive three of the most popular looks from the palette!
Obviously, you can acheive much more looks, you can combine all these eyeshadows, based on your immagination and creativity!

In my video, besides a quick review on the palette, I'm also giving you a simple make up tutorial on a daytime appropriate eye look!

& this is the result (attention: picture overload! I had too much fun with my camera, lol!!!)

Too Faced Day look HOW TO:

1. Sweep In The Buff from lashes to brow.
2. Press Pillow Talk onto the eye lid.
3. Blend Like a Virgin into the crease and outer lash line.


& yes, there is more! O_O

I hope you enjoyed watching my review/ tutorial!
As you can see, I enjoyed creating it, it was so much fun & I loved the result!
This is the look I'm going to be wearing often for work & every day running earrands & things like that...

Kisss, kisss from Italy
xx Sonja

Tuesday 27 September 2011

Pretty Little Liars Make Up Tutorial: Aria (Avon Extra Lasting)

Hello my beauties!

It's been a long time since I've done a make up tutorial!
But these days I felt inspired to do I was watching one of my favourite tv shows, "Pretty Little Liars" and got to an idea to film Aria's make up inspired tutorial :)
This is such a fun show & all the girls on the show are so cute & fashionable!
Aria Montgomery is one of my favourite characters on the show, so her look is the look I've decided to recreate first
 (I m-a-y do other characters, but I'm not sure yet...send me in your requests, if you'd like me to recreate make up looks of the other girls on the show!)

Obviously, I don't resemble at all, not a tiny little bit, to Aria (Lucy Hale), but my make up does!
& this is the point of my tutorial :)
This look will go well for both blondes & brunettes, it's perfect for daily wear and on the occasions when you just want to look extremely pretty, polished & put together.
So go ahead girls, try  the "Aria" make up!
 It is a really simple look to acheive, and I used all the products that can fall into a 
"Beauty on a Budget" category!

So cute & pretty! Lucy Hale :)
I <3 the earrings!
Always so fashionable ;)

This is pretty much the make up I was going for in my tutorial!


& here is the list of all the products I needed for this look!

  • Too Faced shadow insurance
  • Avon 8in1 palette neutral tones
  • Avon precision glimmer in Dune
  • Avon gold eye-liner 24k golden brown
  • Avon extra lasting liquid eye liner pen, black
  • Avon extra lasting mascara, black
  • Avon Super SHOCK mascara in black
  • Avon extra lasting lipstick totally twig
  • Avon extra lasting lip gloss in perpetual pink
  • Avon true colour blush in russet
  • Sleek limited edition Mediterranean collection blush in Santorini 889
  • Manhattan highlighter Pearls of Tahiti
  • CK Calvin Klein eyebrow pencil in blonde

The "tools" you're going to need to recreate this look:

  • Born pretty brow brush
  • Born pretty small blush brush
  • Born pretty large angled blush brush
  • Dior backstage collection blush brush
  • Barbara Hofmann exclusiv small angled eyeshadow brush
  • MAC 217 blending brush
  • Make Up Forever professional 14S pencil brush
I've you're about to purchase something from the Born Pretty make up & accessories webstore, don't forget to use your coupon code for 10% OFF your entire purchase!

I hope you enjoyed watching my make up tutorial & that you liked this look!

Stay beautiful!
Kisss from Italy
Ciao, ciao! xx

Monday 26 September 2011

Early Fall at the Italian Beach...

Hello girls!

So how was your Sunday?
Mine was very relaxing :)
My hubby & I went to Lido di Jesolo, a famous seaside resort in the Veneto region of Italy.
We didn't bring our bathing suits, but when we arrived there, we wished we had!
The weather was beautiful, sunny & warm!
We really enjoyed our walk, ice- creams & pizza cut!

We took a few pics for my blog...
This is how the early Fall looks like in Northern Italy...

I hope this beautiful weather lasts long because I'm not eager to experience the cold just yet!
(...Well, I never am, actually!)

Kisss from Italy xx
Ciao, ciao!

Styling Ideas: Four Fashion Outfits for the Early Fall Season!

Hello beauties!

How was your weekend?
I hope everyone relaxed & enjoyed these still warm & sunny days of the early Fall (at least here in Italy, the weather has been treating us well these days!)

Yesterday I uploaded a new fashion video; I put together four different outfits that I believe are just perfect for the early Fall season.
If you haven't had time to check it out yet, you can do that now, by just clicking on the play button bellow:

I hope my video gives you a bit of an inspiration on how you can dress for this transitional period of time; I know I'm always a bit puzzled when Summer transitions into Fall, and I need a new ideas on what to wear! ;)

So let's check out the outfits I've prepared for you!


This look is very Fall-ish!
I love the dress!
This dress was a gift from my Mum, she bought it somewhere in Croatia.
Leggings are from Pitarello fashion store, bought this summer, on sale.
 I figured this colour would work well in my wardrobe, and I still didn't have a pair of leggings in this colour, so it was a great buy, as on sale they were reduced to only 3.50 € !
Bag is by Max & Co.
Brown, braided belt is taken from a long shirt that I bought at Stradivarius store.
My leather boots are Jany Gold (made in Italy).
My green chandelier earrings are from one jewellery store in Croatia.
Cuff bracelets: Skandal fashion store (Croatia) and H&M (men's dept.)
Coconut watch is a souvenier from Sardinia, other bracelets are from H&M.


Another outfit that I enjoy wearing in these early Fall days!
I love the casual, yet chic feel that it has :)
My dress is from Pimkie store (the belt came together with the dress).
Camel color cardigan with sparkly rhinestones is from H&M.
Bag is by Bershka (white cat pendant is from Funky Fish, bought in Croatia).
Socks are from H&M.
Boots are bought here in Italy.
Cuff bracelets are from Skandal and H&M.
Gold layered chain bracelet is my handmade piece CLICK HERE for my handmade jewellery!
Coconut watch is from Sardinia, a souvenier from my summer vacations, wrap bracelet is from H&M.


I love high waisted skirts!
They're still a big MUST- HAVE in my wardrobe!
My white top is from H&M, so is the skirt!
The wide blue belt is from Jennifer fashion store.
The necklace was a great find, at the italian open market, it cost me only 1 €!
Ring is from H&M (people always admire this ring and compliment me on it!)


Do you remember me mentioning in my TOP Fall 2011. Fashion Trends how cheetah print/leopard print is going to be one of major trends for this Fall season?

So I picked out this high waisted leopard print skirt!
The skirt is from Pull & Bear.
Leggings are from Mango, black tube top is from H&M.
Faux leather vest is from Jennifer.
My black ballet flats with sequins are bought here in Italy, and are by a brand Flyfor.
Sunnies are from Stradivarius.
My elastic black belt with an interesting buckle detail is thrifted from my local thrift store here in Italy.
Black cuff bracelet is from H&M (men's dept.) and other bracelets are from Accessorize store and from my local 1€uro store!
Watch is from Avon jewellery.
A pop of red colour! My bag is from H&M, earrings are handmade by my friend Liley who kindly gave these to me as a present :)

I hope you guys liked these outfits!
Do let me know which one is your favourite & why!
What is your style going to be like in these beautiful, warm days of an early fall season?

Kiss from Italy,
Ciao, ciao!
xx Sonja

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