Sunday 31 July 2011

OOTD from Italy: Luxe Lavender & Mint Green

Hello guys!

Another quick blog post, before I'm off to my vacations...

I updated my MissFashionKitty channel with another OOTD video!
You can check it out HERE!

& here are the pics:

Interesting detail on the back, covered in sequins!
This top is soo cute!
I really like this casual/girly/colourful look for a hot summer days!

Here is the complete list of the clothes/brands I was wearing:

  • Colourful top: Bought at italian open market for 3 €
  • White shorts (a summer MUST- HAVE): Amadeus Jeans (bought in Croatia years ago)
  • Wedges: Mr. Joseph (again, a croatian brand)
  • Sunnies: H&M (this season's)
  • Purple bag: H&M (from past summer, or even two summers ago?...)

Other accessories...
  • Flower shaped bracelet: Bought in Croatia
  • Silver beaded bracelet: Bought in Italy (INA market)
  • Wrap bracelet: Made by myself!

(you can order these, I make them!)
Click here to visit my b-deas handmade jewellery blog!
  • Earrings: my local 1€uro store in Italy
  • Connector ring: Bijou Brigitte
Do you like this outfit?
What would you wear on a hot summer day for a casual walk/running earrands type of a day?

I'm off to packing (I think I'm slightly panicking, I don't have a clue how to make a selection and narrow down the things I want to bring with me on my trip!!!)

I'll stay in touch over the next weeks & do at least just a short updates :)

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Remember, you can enter as many times as you want!

Kiss from Italy,
Have a great summer!!!

Summer Goddess (Sunset Inspired) Make Up

Hi girls!

I was inspired by summer, by the colour of the sunset at the beach, and also by the colour of my earrings... create this "Summer Goddess" make up!

You can watch my step-by-step video tutorial HERE!

For this look, I was using the eyeshadow 88 palette, the lipgloss/lipstick palette & the make up brushes, all from bornprettystore!

Here is the look:

A close-up of the eye make up

I really like this lipstick combo!
I think I'm going to be wearing this look often :)
If you want to see which two lipstick colours from the palette did I
mix together, check out my video tutorial!

& here are the palettes (sooo gorgeous!!!)
You can really do numerous of different looks with these two palettes, the quality is very satisfying and the price is awesome!
1). 30 Color Lip Gloss Gel Lip stick Makeup Comestic Mirror
costs only 8.54 $
2). 88 Colors Eyeshadow Blush Pro Colorful Makeup Palette-E88
costs only 19.14 $

30 colour lip gloss gel/lipstick palette

Pic taken with a flash

Colours in the natural daylight

88 Colours Eyeshadow Blush Pro Colourful Makeup Palette

Pic taken with a flash

The eyeshadows in a natural daylight
You can buy the lipgloss/lip stick palette HERE!
You can buy the E-88 eyeshadow palette HERE!

There is a 10% off for all my readers/viewers, and you can have this discount on any product from bornprettystore
Just enter this code: SONJAK31

I highly recommend for a convenient priced, yet a very good quality products!

You can check out my older reviews on their products HERE & HERE!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or the company directly!
They are a very pleasant  people & have got a great customer service!

Have a lovely Sunday my darlings,
Love xx

Summer Haircare: Kérastase Soleil & Kemon Kroma- Light

Hello you guys!

Today I'd like to blog about my favourite summer haircare products!
I've mentioned the Kérastase line as my favourite haircare line many times... 
For summer hair care I  turn to them, always! ;)
Here are my favourites I always recommend to mantain your hair healthy & long even after your summer vacations:

Bain Après- Soleil
Nourishing & caring for your hair.
Use it after a day at the beach or swimming in the sea, to
restore your hair with moisture & shine!

Masque UV Défense Active
Filtre Photo- Defense
Care Index 3
 When UV rays come into contact with the oxygen in the air, free radicals may be formed. These cause the lipids and keratin found in the hair fibre to deteriorate, leaving it dry, dull and prone to colour- fading. The deterioration of the hair fibre is exacerbated by water and humidity.
The more fragile the hair, the greater the damage caused by harmful UV rays. This is the case with colour- treated hair: over time, as it is exposed to the sun, the hair fibre not only becomes dry, dull and prone to colour- fading, but also damaged.
The Recherche Avancée L'Oréal has created a UV filter that has a particular affinity for the hair fibre to help protect colour- treated hair against the drying of its structure by the sun's UV rays.


A technological breakthrough, the Photo- defense filter fixes itself to the hair through electrostatic force. Charged with positive ions, it attaches itself to the hair, particularly to damaged areas of the hair which are highly charged with negative ions. Hair is protected against attacks by harmful UV rays, which cause the hair fibre to deteriorate.

Provides hydrophobic properties, repelling water and humidity.

Help restore the hair and provide softness. Thanks to the intensifying action of the product, the hair fiber is gradually strengthened with each application.

- Hair feels replenished
- Helps boost colour's radiance and shine
- Softness
- Helps protect hair against external aggressors (UV rays, chlorinated or salt water).

Micro- Voile Protecteur
A fine, light & dry mist suitable for
all hair types, especially developed for  a colour treated hair
exposed to the sun.
This product is like a SPF, but for your hair!
COMPLETE SOLEIL PROGRAMME (How to use this line for the best results):

Before and during exposure to the sun, help protect your hair by using Défense Ultime care index 3.

After exposure to the sun, cleanse hair with Bain Après- Soleil for colour- treated hair care index 1,2,3.
Massage through from roots to ends using circular movements. Rinse and towel dry.

Apply 1 to 2 walnut- sized amounts of Masque UV Défense Active concentrate. Gently massage the lengths and ends. Focus on sensitised areas. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

While I was in Croatia, I also paid a visit to my hairdresser :)
There is where I bought this colour- enhancing conditioner by Kemon.
My hairdresser works exclusively with Kemon brand, so I wanted to try out this conditioner to see for myself if it's worth all the hype!
It is a good product and it does miracles in detangling your hair!
You only need to apply a small amount of the product, even if you have a very long hair, like I do!
This product is going to last me cca one month and a half, which is pretty good, given the fact that I'm using it twice a week, if not even more often than that!
However, I was expecting this to (words of my hairdresser) "delicately colour my hair/enhance my hair colour" which this product has failed to do.
So I won't be repurchasing it, also because I think it's overpriced for the results it gives.
This product costs somewhere between 20- 30 € (I lost the receipt), and I think that's just too much!

Kemon Kroma- light
Colour enhancing conditioner

I hope you find my review helpful and if you're in a search for a perfect sun haircare line, definitely do try out the Kerastase Soleil :)
You won't be disappointed!

You can also check out my review video CLICK HERE TO WATCH! :)

My hair thanx to Kerastase :)

A LITTLE CHIT- CHAT: How are you spending this lovely Sunday?
I was working yesterday until late & today I have to start getting ready for my trip to Croatia as I'm officially on my vacations again! Yeay!!
I'll be off for two weeks, almost 3! Soo excited!
If I manage, I'll squeeze in a few blog posts today that I really wanted to do before my trip!
I won't be uploading new videos during my vacations, but I will film and I'll take my laptop with me so I'll stay connected :)
Maybe I'll throw in some short blog posts, to keep you guys updated!
Remember, my GIVEAWAY is still open, and it probably will be until I return from my vacations (so you have 3 more weeks to enter!!!)
You can enter my giveaway HERE and HERE!

Kissss xx

Monday 25 July 2011

Review/Haul: Catrice Make Up

Hello girls!

Have you ever tried Catrice make up?
If so, do you like this brand? Which one is your favourite product from Catrice?
I usually buy this brand in Croatia, at my local drugstore (for my croatian readers: I can't seem to find it at DM drugstores, so I buy it at Kozmo.)
A few weeks ago, I was here in Italy in Coin department store, and I discovered they had just recently introduced Catrice make up corner to their selection of make up & beauty brands!
I'm really pleased with that news, as I do like Catrice, they're good quality, drugstore price-range, but definitely following the latest trends in the world of make up & beauty!

I was fortunate to receive a gift from NESESER.HR, a croatian make up & beauty dedicated website, that I write my croatian blog for!
They've sent me a few of Catrice make up items and all the colours are so pretty & so wereable for this lovely, warm summer season!
(Well, almost all...I'll show you a colour of one lipstick that I'll definitely have to mix with other lipstick/glosses colour, in order to make it work on me!
Any suggestion on how to wear it will be very welcomed!)

So, here are the goodies sent me:

I really, really love the colour of this lip gloss!

"The bronzed" eye liner has become my signature look
for summer 2011.!

I'm loving the bold colour lipstick trend!
In summer, I opt for less eye make up,
and give more attention to my lips with bright, bold

Ooops! this colour is not very flattering on my pale skin tone!
Any suggestions on how to make this colour more wereable?

The perfect every day, "go-to" blush!
A must-have in any girl's collection!

This champagne colour is the perfect
highlighter, but you can also wear it
as all-over lid colour, or a base!

Beautiful metallic green! Great for subtle, not too heavy, smoky eye!

Check out my croatian blog on HERE!

My previous blog post on Catrice make up that I use on a daily basis to create a nice, every-day look & & check out the make up tutorial HERE!

My new review/haul video:

xoxo Sonja

Friday 22 July 2011

Affordable Styles from & GIVEAWAY!

Hello girls!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company
They approached me saying how they like my fashion videos & my blog and asked me if I was willing to do sort of a collaboration with them.
I got to choose the items from their website, to later on present them to you in my reviews.
I was happy to say yes to this collaboration, because when I saw their website & their offer, I immediately knew this is something I'm going to like! :)
They sell everything from shoes, bags, accessories, women, men and kids fashion!
They're often updated with new arrivals & latest trends and...most exciting of all, the prices are VERY affordable, plus, there are no minimum orders, so you can spend as little, or as much as you want!
They ship worldwide, for the shipping cost to your destination, check out their website.

I spent hours browsing through their website, trying to pick out my personal favourites!
It wasn't an easy thing to do! :)

At last, this is what I've chosen:

1.)Leopard Dropped Short Sleeve Chiffon Blouse 5.41 $

2.) French Style Lace Long Blouse White 7.03$

3.) Beauty Flower- Shaped Retro Ring 2.22 $

To see how I styled these items, check out my VIDEO!

Leopard dropped short sleeve chiffon blouse

French style lace long blouse


& Now, the exciting part!!!

I've decided to host a little giveaway for you guys, as a sign of my love & appreciation of the amazing support you guys have been giving me!
It's one thing to talk about how great a company is, and another thing is to actually give to a couple of you, the possibility to actually see that for yourself!
I feel so lucky that companies are contacting me, asking me for a collaboration and I'm aware this wouldn't be possible without your support!
That's why I've decided to give something back, to you, my lovely audience :)
I want to make clear that I hadn't discussed this giveaway with the company, these items were meant for me to keep.
But, in the spur of the moment, while I was filming a video, it kind of came naturally to me, to organize this giveaway and hopefully, to make two of you smile :)

So, yes, there are going to be TWO winners!
I'm giving away two blouses, the leopard print one, and the white/lace one.

The Rules:
(Let's keep things simple!)
- Write me a comment saying which one of these blouses would you like to win and how would you style it!
- You can enter as many times as you want (the more times you enter, the better are the chances you'll win)
- Open internationally, for all my subscribers
- If you're underage, please ask your parents permission to enter my giveaway!
- You can enter with comments on my Youtube channel, under my video, or here, in the comments section under this post (or both!)
- I will choose a random winner(s) and notify you personally!

Have I left anything out?
If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me :)

Have a lovely day & enter in many!
Good luck to you all!


Thursday 21 July 2011

Easy Summer Hairstyles: Voluminous, Thicker, Side Braid

Hello my lovely readers!

It's really hot here in Italy!
I'm not complaining because I LOVE summer, but on a hot, sunny day like today, I didn't really feel like wearing my long hair loose!
I needed a quick & simple solution, but still keeping it cute & girly :)

Currently, this is one of my favourite hairstyles for every day :

Check out my VIDEO TUTORIAL to see how I quickly create this hairstyle!
You'll also see which products I recommend using for detangling your hair & giving it an extra shine!
If you have a fine/thin hair, and want to make your braid appear thicker and more voluminous, without wearing hair extensions, pay attention to my little trick on how to acheive so, that I'll be showing you in the video!

If you try this hairstyle out, do send me your pic, I'd love to see it!
You can send it to me at:
& I'll make sure to post it on my blog :)

Enjoy these hot summer days &
have fun creating cute hairstyles :)

xoxo Sonja

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