Saturday 29 January 2011

Top Nail Polish Colours (Trendy Nails For Winter 2011.)

As you know, I enjoy painting my nails& experimenting with nail art& just wearing different, sometimes even "unusual" sort of speaking, colours of a nail polish. 

So I wanted to do a little round-up of my top favourite nail polish colours for this season!

Here they are (I didn't put them in any particular order):

  • Mettalic silver is a must-have this season!

Essence Multi Dimension 3in1 nail polish
# 19 Rock 'n' Roll

With this nail polish, it feels as if I'm wearing jewells on my

There is only one word that comes to my mind when trying
 to describe this particular colour: GORGEOUS!
  • Mettalic gold is also a very trendy colour!
Wet 'n' Wild nail color
# 231 Shield/ Bouclier
  • Another ultra-popular nail polis colour is this greyish-purple-dark brown...a very unusual shade!
It feels to me that I'm raving about this particular colour
all the time!
Layla Nail polish Ceramic Effect
# 12

  • A dark blue nail polish colour has been featured by many fashion magazines this season!
I spent only 0.99 eurocents on this nail polish.
The quality is awesome!
"Quando e' solo per te"
# 21

  • I like to wear my dark blue nail polish with a hint of a blue glitter on top! ;)
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
Xtreme Wear Nail Color
# 4860- 24
Shooting Star
  • Another one of my faves is by Sally Hansen! A deep plum colour; I always get lots of compliments when wearing it !
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color
# 4860- 14
Plum Power
  • Last, but not least, here are my Avon faves!!
I'm loving this greyish/blue colour!

Avon Nailwear pro
Blue Flare

  • And, even in winter time, there is a room for a nice delicate colour such as this one:
Avon Speed dry +
Nail enamel
These are my faves this winter, I have been wearing these nail polishes the most!

You can also see all these polises featured in my new youtube video:

What are your favourite colours of the nail polishes for this winter?

Have fun painting your nails&
be trendy!

xoxo, Sonja

Friday 28 January 2011

Announcing A Little Blog Giveaway!

As I've mentioned in my haul video, I have this cute "Rescue Ballerinas" to giveaway :) to one lucky winner who will be randomly chosen!

You can watch my video here:

"Rescue" ballerinas
size SMALL
36/37 european

They're so cute!!
And I love the colour!
All you have to do to enter this giveaway is:
  • Be my blog& youtube (eipysgudps) channel follower
  • Write me a comment under this blog post saying that you'd like to win this ballerinas, and leaving your username& the contact info.
This giveway is open INTERNATIONALLY.
Make sure that, if you're underage, you have your parents permission to enter my giveaway, because, in case you win, I'll need your shipping address.

I will have this giveaway open until the February, 15th. 2011. so you have plenty of time to enter.
You can enter as many times as you'd like to, but please, bare in mind that you only need to leave me a comment here, do not comment under my youtube video where I announced the giveaway!

I believe the rules are pretty clear& simple to follow!

Do enter in many& good luck to you all!

There'll be more giveaways comming soon :)
Thank you SO MUCH for all your support!!!

xoxo, Sonja

Winter Sales Madness! OMG What Did I Buy??

Hello my dear shopaholics! ;)
The sales are currently ongoing& it's one of my favourite periods to renew my wardrobe!
I'm always on a look for affordable prices& good deals!
Even though, I must say, I always avoid shopping on the first day of the sales (Lots of crowd freaks me out lol- takes away all the fun out of the shopping!)
Plus, by the end of the sales period, the prices are bound to go even further down, so one can find a real steals!!
I always like to see the situation like this:
It's me, the customer, who is in the advantage here, when it comes to sales.
The fashion store needs me to buy the clothes, more than I need to buy the clothes!
And why is that?
Well, because the season is comming to an end and it is in the fashion store's best interest to sell all the "old collection" because the new is about to arrive, plus for them, the storage costs more than actually selling their clothes at 70% or even 80% off!
So, by buying the clothes on sales, I'm actually doing them a favour, they need to get rid of those items!
It's just the way it works.
I know about retail ;)
So my dear readers, listen to these words of "wisdom" and try not be caught by the sales fever!
You can get some big advantage out of the period of sales, if you just keep calm& your head clear :)

I did buy a few things that I found are just too cute to miss, so I thought I might share my haul with you ;)
So here it comes, all in pics:

A ultra trendy pom pom hat!
Mine is in dark blue colour.
Fashion store "Imaty", 8 €
Silver& Black bracelet.

Fashion store "Imaty"
5 €.

I <3 this bracelet, it's rocker/chic/edgy!
Brown boots.
This model is very trendy this season!

Boots brand: Top 'Or
Fashion store "Imaty"
19 €
Sweatpants by Zara TRF
9.99 €

The cutest sweatshirt by Zara TRF
9.99 €
Pay attention at the back detail ;)
Colourful scarf by H&M (Young girl dept.)
3.75 €
A top with bows& black lace details on the edges.
Fashion store: "Pull& Bear"
2.99 €
Intimissimi top (from Intimissimi Outlet)
3 €
Intimissimi is a very famous brand in Italy.
For my US readers: I was told you can find intimissimi corners in the VS stores!

Simple grey T-shirt
3 €
by: Tzenis (bought at Intimissimi& Tzenis Outlet)

AC/DC T-shirt!
I <3333 it!!!!
3.75 € at H&M (Young Boy dept. Mine is size 10-12 years)

I love the AC/DC logo covered in sparkly metal studs!
Anyways, this is my haul, these are the things I bought recently!

I hope you guys like it!

What did you buy on this year winter sales?
Just let me know in the comments section, I'd like to know! :)

You can see my fashion haul video here:

Also, don't miss on entering a small giveaway that I'm announcing in this video& holding here on my blog!
More info in my next blog post :)

xoxo, Sonja

Thursday 27 January 2011

WINTER FASHION: What To Wear When Travelling In Cold Weather (OOTD)

Hello girls!

Recently I took a very short trip to Croatia.
I had to go there to pick up my new ID so basically I just stayed there one night.
It was a long trip for such a short stay, but I was happy because I got to see my family!

Before we actually left for Croatia, I filmed a short video about my outfit.
It was pretty cold that day, so this might be helpful for you guys, if you need an inspiration on what to wear in a cold weather :)

All wraped up, feeling warm& ready to travel!
Here is where I got the clothes from:
  • Blue scarf: H&M
  • Cropped braided wool cardigan: H&M
  • Brown turtleneck: H&M
  • Belt: Topshop
  • Skinny jeans: Bershka
  • Boots: Lea Foscatti
  • Pom pom hat: Imaty's fashion factory
That's it girls!
Have fun on your next upcomming travellings, be warm& stay trendy ;)
&... Don't forget to check out my video feat. this outfit (on my MissFashionKitty channel):

xoxo, Sonja

My Current Favourites (January, 2011.)

Hello my lovely girls!
I used to do my monthly favourites videos, but a while ago I stopped, just because I didn't have new favourites every single month. Basically, the products that I loved so much in, let's say, January, I continued loving in February: I didn't have new favourites to show you every single month.
But, as I noticed, my monthly favourites videos have always acheived lots of views,so I supposed these are the types of videos you enjoy watching on my channel. So I promissed you I would occasionaly do these videos, called "The products that I'm Loving Right Now", or, "My Current Favourites"- basically, whenever I feel I have some exciting new stuff that I absolutely love, that I want to show/share with you.

So these here are the products that I'm absolutely LOVING right now! :)

Balea hand lotion (Balea is a brand exclusive to dm drugstores)
Balea Body butter Mango
I love the scent& a thick consistency of this cream: It's very nourishing,
perfect for the cold winter days. It mantains the skin of your body soft&
I just recently discovered this make up remover by
Bioderma& I highly recommend it, even for the most sensitive skin!
Bioderma Sensibio H2O (Sensitive Skin Micelle Solution)

OMG these are my favourite face care products ever!!!
Sisley Paris: Very expensive, but worth every cent!
Really does a miracle for my skin.

Sisley Paris Express Flower Gel
(hydrating, toning& firming mask)
Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask
(reduces fine lines and puffiness)
Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics
Lip Scrub.

I love this lip scrub!
It smells so nice& it takes good care of my lips!

Kerastase Elixir KUltime
Versatile Beautifying Oil
All hair types

Essence sun club 100% splash proof eyeliner pen (01 ultra black)
Avon Super shock gel eyeliner/ eye-liner gel (black)

Bare Minerals
Get Started kit
Here they are, my absolut favourites that I've been using on a daily basis lately.
I highly recommend these products.
I will also do a more thorough review on some of these products& some of these I've already talked about (Bare Minerals e.g.)
All these products are so good that they deserve a separate& thorough review, but if you have any favourites from these, that you'd like to know more about first, just leave me a comment& I'll try to film a review on that product first! :)

As always, you can check out my "Current Favourites" video on youtube, by clicking on the link bellow:

Have a nice day!
xx Sonja

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Debby Color Play Nail Polishes: I'm enjoying my prize!

Some of you might know, might just still remember, that this past spring I entered a make up contest that the make up brand "Debby" was holding on their facebook page.
The theme was to create your favourite look for spring/summer!

Here are the pics with the look I created &entered the contest with:

The look was based on the bright colours such as green& gold.

Coral/peach colour lipstick was perfect for this look!

Green eyeshadow by Pupa Make Up.

My favourite highlighter of all times: Dior Amber Diamond (02)

Sephora Green Idyll palette with cream eyeshadows, lipgloss& a blush!
I <3 this palette, the colours are simply gorgeous! :)
And, guess what??
I WON the second prize!!!
I was thrilled when I found out that my make up look did so well :)
You can watch my tutorial on this look here:

The prize that I was supposed to get was awesome too!
10 brand new nail polishes from Debby Color Play collection for Spring& Summer!
Now, the only downside to all this is that I never knew I would wait for 5 full months for my prize to be shipped :(
I guess they just lack in organisation, because they said they would ship the prize by the beginning of August (I won the contest in June, or July), and then they just..well..didn't send it!
I didn't want to be too pushy, so I asked only twice, three times max. during this past five months, about when were they planning to ship the prize or whether they've misplaced my address, but I never got any clear answer.
I'm a bit sorry about that part, but aside from that, I always knew Debby is a good company, it's basically Deborah's "little sister", as I like to call it.
It's designed for younger customers, very trendy, colourful, playful.
And Deborah is very well known italian cosmetic brand!
It's been on the market for a while now, I remember my first nail polish being exactly by Deborah!
During high-school days, among us girls, Deborah's concealer in stick was very popular...and the eyeshadows too!
lol, I remember buying the white and black mono eyeshadows by Deborah& then I didn't know what the heck am I supposed to do with them!!! lol
I wasn't very skilled with make up back then...
But reminescing aside, I finally got my prize from Debby this month (the beginning of January) and the colours are fabulous! Of course, as you'll be able to see, they're more appropriate for the Spring& Summer season, but there are a few polishes that I can wear in this period too& still look trendy :)

Let's have a look at my prize:

10 Nail polishes by Debby brand :)

These polishes don't come by a name, but only a number.
From the left to the right: 79, 80, 81, 82, 83.

From the left to the right, these are colours number:
74, 75, 76, 77, 78.
I have to say, the colours are very pretty, very pigmented (two coats are more than enough!) and quite long lasting.
For this season, I would definitely still wear the colours: 78, 79, 80, 82 and 83.

And here is how they look painted on my nails! ;)

All 10 polishes on my nails! :)

Which one do you like best?
Which one of these would you choose to wear in autumn/winter season?

I already played with them (I'm like a child when it comes to make up- lol!) and here is one of the nail looks that I came up with:

With the polish # 82 (Milky pink) the possibilities
 of creating different looks are endless!

To paint my tips in a hot pink, I used essence tip painter!
I just know, I'm going to enjoy these nail polishes so much!
Thank you Debby!
Even with this big delay, these polishes are still on time for me to have fun using them :)
You can check out Debby's website here:

Also, don't forget to check out my video, where I talk a bit about all these polishes& present them to you ;)

Be colourful& playful!

xoxo Sonja

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