Saturday 31 March 2012

Spring Fashion Trend: Sequins & Sparkles OOTD!

Hello lovelies!

How are you all spending this weekend?

I'm actually supposed to be working, but I caught this virus, so this weekend instead of a busy working schedule, I'm at home resting, taking the advantage of my sick days...
I'm actually kind of glad that I got this virus because in this period of time, I really, truly dislike (I'm trying to use a polite term here) my job and the fact that I'm going to have to work every Sunday now..for the rest of my life! (with the new italian law being released, allowing the shops to stay open 24/7, without any respect for the Sundays or festivities!)...
I just feel I'm in a crappy period ...or I just feel like that because of all these changes happening all at once, and with the arrival of Spring (but I should be happy about that, I love Spring!)
I know I have plenty of reasons not to feel this way and to actually be quite happy...and I think I'm going to have to list them all in my head, or on a piece of paper, just to remind myself of all that I have in my life ♥

Any other suggestions on what could I do to cheer myself up?
What do you do when going through similar periods, when you just feel blah, without having any really strong motive?

With the arrival of Spring, I enjoy being able to wear more light textures/fabrics, trendy outfits, layer less, and do a bit of a spring- shopping (even though, I don't need much, because I already have troubles getting all my stuff to fit into my wardrobe! And, with having moved, I had to get rid of quite a lot of footwear and clothes that I wasn't using anymore, but was occupying a lot of space!)

I also enjoy getting back on track with filming my OOTD vids! :)

So here you can check out my newest one:

& I took a few pics:

I really love this super sparkly sweater that I got recently at H&M (29.95€), I think it's just soo pretty, and so me, so my style at the moment!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

I'm going to catch up on some of my favourite tv shows, looking forward to seeing what happened next in "The Secret Circle", "The Vampire Diaries" and "Pretty Little Liars" and...oh, I have a never ending list of the shows I absolutely need to see!
I missed out on a lot in these 3 weeks while I was without the internet!

Kisss from Italy!
Love you all :)
xx Sonja

Thursday 29 March 2012

My Current Beauty & Fashion Favourites (part two) Fashion

Now, moving onto my fashion favourites...

As Spring is finally here, I'm very much into bright, vibrant colours, but pastel colours as well...I also love anything sparkly, with sequins, gold & silver...

I bought some of my favourite sweaters of the moment, at H&M recently...

You can check out my new fashion favourites here:

I love this super sparkly top from H&M (currently still available in stores for 29.95€)
It's covered in silver sequins ♥
I wore it yesterday for a pizza & night out with my girlfriends :)
But I can also dress it down & wear it even for grocery shopping!

I got this vibrant colour top with golden flecks in a size S.
It was in promotion, discounted from 29.95 to 15€ so I couldn't pass on it!
I really love this colour on me in Spring time!

I also got the same top, but in a different size and colour!
I really liked this neutral colour, but it was the only one left- size L...
I tried it on anyway and was very pleased with this oversized fit!
I can wear it off my shoulder for a more sexy look ;)

My sequin top, dressed down, with a grey cotton jacket by Diesel
on top!

I found out that I can pretty much wear any size, when it comes to tops, sweaters, cardigans and such...
just the "feel" of the outfit changes :)
That's great news, as it opens up much more possibility for shopping ;) hubby will def kill

Bye-bye for now!
Have a lovely evening ♥
It's good to be back & posting again :)
♥ youuuu all!


My Current Beauty & Fashion Favourites (part one) Beauty

Hello blogger world!

I'm finally back and it feels good!
I've been away for almost 3 weeks and went through a real internet detox, lol, so now I'm trying to catch up on everything that I missed while I was gone!

I'm (almost) settled in my new place and the Spring has arrived, so I'm happy! :)

I have a few favourites, the products that I have been loving a lot lately, that I'd like to share with you in this post...

You can also check out my current favourites in my new beauty video, here:
( warning: the quality is kind of crappy and I do appologize!
I still need to figure out the best spot for filming in my new appartment, I promise my next video will be much better!)

My favourites are:

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner Corrective Concentrate enlarged pores
combination/oily skin
(tightens pores, refines skin texture)
non- comedogenic- hypoallergenic
Avon Naturals Moisturising mist hair spray macadamia & aloe
for all hair types

Debby Colorplay nail polish (# 81)
I'm loving the pastel colours for Spring!
Hair curling iron
Imetec Professional "Bellissima"
My new toy!
I'm really satisfied with this brand!
Kiko Make Up Milano Water Eyeshadow (101 Chromo Taupe)

Lierac Diopticalm Soothing balm and mask eye contour
(helps calm and decongest eyelids)

MISS COP eyeshadow mono creamy pearl (# 3)

Nivea Pure & Natural Action deo roll-on
Labello Pure & Natural Milk & Honey (Latte & Miele) lip balm
Phyto Phytokarité hair mask

This mask is very nourishing and almost butter-like consistency!

My two favourite nail polish colours of the moment:
Debby Colorplay (# 81)
Emily (#107) papaya (available at Schlecker drugstores)

I won 10 Debby colorplay nail polishes, all great colours for the Spring & Summer!

I really hope you'll try some of the products here mentioned, as I truly love & recommend them!

A big kissss from Italy ♥

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Small Spaces- Storage Ideas & Fitness Test! ;))

Hi lovelies!

Today, my hubby & I finished putting together the furniture in our small hallway...
Because I have too many things, we have to make the most out of the space we have...

We put together a closet and lots of a "shoe-storage" plastic boxes from Ikea (these are actually great for making the most out of the storage space!)

We had fun & took just a few quick snapshots of me in between my closet and shoe storage boxes!

There is such a little space left in between, that getting in there actually serves as a "fitness test", my hubby concluded! lol

Tomorrow we might just transfer our bed to our new home, which means we'll finally have our first night there!
&..this also means I'll be without internet for a ... (???)
These days, I was dowloading the season 3 and 4 of my favourite TV- show, "True Blood", like crazy!
I really wanted to see all the episodes, and I can't wait (I don't know how long) to start watching them again on-line!
You guys, I don't watch TV, it's been 7 years now, so internet is my everyyythinggg!
I guess I'll turn to reading books & listening to the radio now :)

Anyway, I wanted to post a music video for a song "Bad Things" by Jace Everett, that is a theme song of "True Blood" intro!
I don't like the intro that much, but I ♥♥♥♥ the songgg!
You can listen to it here:

On the other note, I'm slowly getting to know the road to my new place (been driving back and forth every day, for a week now!).
The journey to get to my work is going to be a bit longer, but the place where I'm going to live is so much prettier than where we had lived for the past (almost) 5 years...

I guess that's my little ramble for today!

Love you guys!!! 
Have a good night- I'm off to bed, as another long day is ahead of me!
Kisss from Italy
xx Sonja

Monday 5 March 2012

OOTD: Red Coat, Leopard Print Leggings & Gold Sequin Clutch!

Hello lovelies!

Here is my outfit of the past Sunday, when I went out with my hubby & friends for drinks & dinner!

Check out my quick OOTD video here:

Red coat gives to this outfit a perfect pop of colour & I just love my new suede-like wedge booties from H&M and my gold, sequin clutch from Accessorize!

Scarf: ZARA
Red coat: H&M
Sweaterdress with a thin, gold belt: H&M
Leopard print leggings: Benetton
Wedge booties: H&M
Gold sequin clutch: Accessorize
Fedora hat: Gifted from my Mum for this past Christmas
Connector (skull) ring & YSL "Arty" ring replica:

How do you like this outfit?

For the make up tutorial on this look, make sure to check out my "Lana del Rey Born to Die Music Video Inspired Make Up Tutorial"

♥ from Italy,
xoxo Sonja

Chic Girl Style: OOTD March, 2012.

Hello girls!

Another quick OOTD post ;)

You can watch my video here:

This is what I was wearing, to meet my friend Liley, at the centre of the town!
As she started working in Venice, we haven't seen eachother for a while, so we had a lot to catch up on!
We spent a really pleasant afternoon together, and did some minor shopping for the newest, Spring fashion trends!
(I'll try to do a haul soon ;) 

Oversized sweater top: H&M
Tunic dress with lace details: Italian Open Market
Scarf: Zara
Peggings: Italian Open Market
Boots: Italian Open Market
Bag: H&M (men's dept.)
Ring: H&M
Rosegold watch: Fossil

Hope you like this outfit!
xx Sonja

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