Friday 29 June 2018

Extremely Pigmented Matte Liquid Lipsticks Under $4!

Hello beauties!

Recently I got a chance to test out a few products from

Actually a funny story: was my first ever collaboration, back in 2009. when I opened my youtube channel! I'm glad to say that our collaboration has lasted through all these years, this just goes to show that I'm very happy with their products!

This time, I decided to try out some of the newest items that they've added to their stock.

Bonnie Choice Matte Liquid Lipsticks seemed appealing, so I actually picked 3 shades of pretty nudes (apparently, I love my nudes, lol! And, I couldn't make up my mind which one I liked best!)

These lipsticks are waterproof and long lasting (super long lasting, may I add! They're perfect for those occasions when you don't have a chance to touch up your makeup, as they'll last through a long day at work, lunch breaks, dinners out or all night party!)
At first, they can feel a bit drying on the lips (which is something I dislike, but majority of matte lipsticks feels like that), so make sure to apply a nourishing lip balm beforehand.
The good news is that, even though they feel a bit drying, by the end of the day they won't dry out your lips! Some matte lipsticks can make your lips super dry, cracked even...these won't!
They're extremely pigmented and have this pretty velvety finish on the lips!

Here are the three shades of nudes that I picked out:

From top to bottom, lipstick swatches: #3 SHOWGIRL, #4 LEE, #5 POSH

The price of these lipsticks is only $ 3.59 each, which is an amazing price, considering the quality and the overall packaging. They can stand side by side to many high end, more popular (and very pricey) similar products!

Shades #3 and #4 are pretty similar, but one is more towards nude and the other has more pinkish notes to it.

There are other shades available (8 total, ranging from nudes, to reds, to dark ones)

Soon I'll be filming a video review where I'll show you how all these shades look like on my lips, so make sure to stop by (please subscribe if you haven't yet) my youtube channel!

There is also a little treat for all my readers, I have 10% off coupon that you can use for anything from the site, including free shipping!
At checkout use SONJAK31 also has in its offer everything you'll need for nail art, skincare, make up etc. so take a look!

Let me know, have you ever ordered anything from bornprettystore?

Which is your favorite brand for matte lipstick?

xo from Italy, 

* check out my fashion & beauty articles at Glam Express

Thursday 21 June 2018

Zaful Summer Fashion: Summer Outfit under $50 budget

Hello lovelies!

You guys already know that Zaful is one of my favourite on line web stores! They have always trendy new arrivals, really good quality items, speedy delivery (even when it's standard shipping), and friendly and efficient customer's service. What more can you ask for? The prices are also very competitive, and the offer is most times even better than in your most popular high street stores!

In a relatively short span of time, Zaful has become one of favourite shopping destinations of many fashionistas, bloggers and influencers.
Now, Zaful is celebrating their 4th anniversary so on their website you'll find numerous great deals, true bargains, coupon codes, free shipping deal etc.

For my readers, Zaful agreed to offer this exclusive code that you can enter at checkout to get a bit of discount: ZafulW
(if you buy 25$ worth of items, you just need to pay 22$, if you buy 50$ worth of items, you just need to pay 44$.. )  (based on how much you spend, you have a certain discount, here are a few examples 25$-3$ off, 50$-6$ off, 100$-12$ off)

I want to take advantage of their anniversary deals, so I browsed through their web store's offer, to find the perfect summer outfit for under $50 budget!
Here is it! I love it and I want to share it with you :-)

This HONEY tee is one of their super popular items. There are many customer's reviews, and they recommend going a size up when ordering this tee! It's very cute and I'll probably end up putting it in my shopping cart ;-)

In my last order, I had 2 pairs of pants and they were perfect in quality and fit! I thought I should order another pair, as Zaful has some of the hottest trends available now in stock!
Thes khaki high waist pants are a very popular model, but I'm not yet sure whether to go for my usual size, or to size it up! The customer's reviews are split when talking about this, some recommend sizing up, some say it fits true to size...
What should I do? Do you already have these pants? Let me know!

To complete the look, I went for this "Water Wash Do Old Baseball Hat" 

This model comes in a variety of different colors, but I went for this reddish one, as I wanted to match my whole styling. Baseball hats are so in right now, and they're also a great sun protection. An absolute must if you're out & about, or at the beach!

Here's a complete look for just a tad bit over $40! I think that's pretty good!!!

How do you like this styling? Let me know what are your Zaful faves at the moment, are there items you have on your wish list? Remember, now it's the right time to place that order and take advantage of many discounts Zaful has prepared for you :-)

* in collaboration with Zaful

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Charcoal Teeth Whitening | BIANCO SMILE Premium Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush + Oral Hygiene Tips for Healthy Teeth!

Hello guys!

I teamed up with Bianco Smile to share with you my best oral hygiene tips for healthy teeth and gums, and also, I got to test out their Premium Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush.
Bianco Smile is a company that specializes in teeth whitening products, based on charcoal.
They have 100% natural, vegan options, replacing harmful chemicals that make your gums sensitive, with other whitening agents that bring out even better result!

Charcoal teeth whitening isn't any news for me! Since I was a kid, I used to listen to the stories of my grandmother's brother and his beautiful white teeth! Back then, there weren't so many beauty products available on the market, so he was actually using charcoal to whiten his teeth! This story stuck with me, so I wasn't surprised when this whole "new trend" of charcoal teeth whitening exploded in our beauty community!

In this video I talk more about the bamboo toothbrush and I also test in out on camera! Check it out

The toothbrush is very lightweight and the bristles are soft and safe for the gums. I'll keep testing it for the next couple of months, and, hopefully, it'll help to lighten my teeth for at least one shade.
I'm pretty content with how my teeth look like, but I noticed that during my pregnancy, they went a shade darker! I don't know if that was pregnancy related, or just a coincidence, but I don't drink coffee and I'm not big on drinking tea, so I don't know what else might have cause it.

I'm obsessed with good oral hygiene, and having healthy teeth is so important for me! 
Visiting dentist for regular check ups twice a year is a must, and so is brushing my teeth after each meal. I also recommend flossing before going to sleep, and using a good mouth wash. In alternative, coconut oil pulling is also something that works well!

Personally, I prefer investing in good oral hygiene, than buying a new lipstick and I really believe that here, in our beauty community, we should talk more about the importance of it!

Also, Bianco Smile products are approved internationally and abide by healthy and consumer regulations. Their products are tested by professional experts and aren't tested on animals.

Replacing your toothbrush every 2-3 months is a must, and obviously after each flu or cold.
Bianco Smile instagram community is ever growing and thousands of satisfied consumers are sharing their "before" and "after" pics!
I'll be sharing soon my results too, so make sure to follow my instagram if you aren't yet! (Stop by and say "hi"!)

I hope that you like this little improvised photo session from my bathroom! ;-)

Monday 18 June 2018

New In: Zaful

Hello lovelies!

I have a "new in" post to share with you :-)
I got some bits from one of my favourite on-line fashion store, Zaful and I really love everything that I've chosen, so here are a few photos and a quick review.
I hope this is going to be interesting in case you were thinking about getting the same things.

I'm really into high waisted wide leg pants this season, and Zaful has got some really pretty models. This was my first time ordering pants (bottoms) from Zaful, as usually I always went for top parts, knowing that it's easier to pick the right size.
But, before ordering I checked well my measurments and the item's description, and I have to add, other customer's reviews were super helpful too!

I got these Striped Color Block High Waist Wide Leg Pants in medium, as most reviews recommended to go a size up from your usual size.
I wasn't wrong, they fit perfectly, they're very flowy and light, ideal for the summer heat. The slit isn't too high, so I can even wear them for work. I feel super chic when wearing them :-)
The price was awesome too! Only $14.99 as a special deal.
You can get yours here

Another pair of pants that I ordered were these Belted Stripes Wide Leg Pants, and these I got in a size small. Again, it was a wise move to listen to other customer's reviews and go for a size that I usually wear. These are a perfect fit!
They're made of a really nice quality material, and they aren't seethrough! Again, very fresh, lightweight model, perfect for summer heat.
Order yours here

I really, really wanted to buy a floral kimono this season! They're a big trend and all the high street stores carry them right now! I found this pretty Belted Floral Kimono Blouse which is supposed to be very similar to the one Zara had in their offer. I went for the size S and if they had a size smaller, maybe it would have been better as this has quite a large fit. But, overall I'm happy with it.
Get yours here

Last, but not least, I got these cool Leopard Pattern Match Black Sunglasses
I like how they look like on me, and they aren't too heavy. This is also quite popular model this summer!
They cost only $5.44 and you can order a pair here

The shipping was surprisingly fast! I got the packages in 10 days more-less (and that was with standard shipping). I can say by now that I'm a very happy Zaful customer, as I'm always returning to shop there and my closet is quickly getting full of their clothes and accessories ;-)

Zaful is currently celebrating its 4th anniversary!!! They're getting bigger by day! On their website you'll find many promotions, coupon codes and special deals every day, so make sure to take a look!

I have a special code for you as a little surprise gift! Add ZFAnn when you make your oder and save:
Over 25usd save 3usd
Over 50usd save 6usd
Over 100usd save 12usd

I'm sorry for all the photos being taken indoors, but between work and taking care of my little one, it's hard to find time to organize a whole photo sessions like I used to. Anyways, I wanted to share this post with you ASAP as there are currently great promotions going on at Zaful, so you don't miss out! In case you need my measurments for your reference when making an order, I'm 170 cm tall, cca 55kg, I usually wear size XS-S both on botton and top part (34-36 EU).
I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to leave me your comments, I'd be happy to help :-)

Happy shopping! ;-)

 * in collaboration with Zaful

Summer's coolest! My must haves for the summer 2018.

Hey guys!

Here in Italy we've been having really hot and sunny weather! This weather put me in a mood to browse the internet in a search for trendy and cool new clothing pieces that could jazz up my existing summer wardrobe!

I came across this cool and inexpensive web store that offers everything you'll possibly need to build up (or renew) your wardrobe! The prices are really affordable, and the items you'll find there are definitely on trend.
They have anything from dresses, tops, bottoms, activewear, bags, shoes, accessories, and there is also an inviting sale section that is always worth checking out.

Warm season of the year is also when most special occasions take place. If you have a wedding ceremony, or any other special event coming up, take a look at womens special occasion dresses

Here is one that caught my attention:

When I go out, I usually always bring my son with me for a walk so that means that we go outside in the late afternoon hours because earlier the sun is just too strong.
For those occasions, casual maxi dresses with sleeves are ideal for me!

This here is an example of the dress I love:

This is such a popular model and I'd use one word to describe it: lovely! This season's must have!

Now that I'm a Mum, I don't like to spend a lot of money on myself, as I put my son as a priority! That's why I like when I find places that sell maxi dresses cheap
I'm a big fan of wearing maxi dresses in summertime.

I'm also loving this floral little number! 

This is such a pretty dress for those late afternoon walks, as well as for going to the beach.

Floral dresses long are very popular this season! If you want to be on trend, you need to have at least one in your closet! But one can never have enough pretty floral dresses, right? ;-)

Here is another pretty model that really caught my attention:

This is a very similar model to the first dress that I picked, but what can I do, I'm in love with those girly, romantic styles! This is another very pretty, yet casual model. I'm loving the spaghetti straps. This pattern doesn't require a lot of accessories, you can wear a delicate dainty necklace or a popular choker, and you're good to go! ;-)
It won me over with the colorful print and casual, yet sexy design! Perfect for those hot summer days spent at the beach!

I also came across some nice mini dress plus size that I'd recommend to my friend! She wants to renew her summer wardrobe and add some cool new pieces to her existing must haves.
She always has troubles finding lovely pieces that she likes, that actually flatter her body shape. Regular stores don't offer a lot when it comes to plus size items.

When I showed her the selection this store carries, she really liked these ones :-)

What do you guys think? Which models do you like best and how would you style them?

All the clothes are very affordable, you can find awesome deals and true bargains, so happy shopping!

* post in collaboration with talever

Tuesday 5 June 2018

Summer Fashion 2018. Inspiration Board

Hello lovelies!

As you already know, I've been working on creating my summer fashion wishlist, sort of an inspiration board, where I'll put all the items I'd like to add to my wardrobe to refresh my style.
I thought it would be fun to share it with you!

Summer hasn't officially started yet, but summer temperatures are already here and it feels like summer is already here! This afternoon the storm started, so I'm all cozy & warm in my living room, with my little son, sipping on a cup of tea and snacking on some fresh fruit...I have some extra time to work on this post, and browse through one of my favourite on-line shopping destination for pretty dresses, FashionMia, to select a few of my favourites!

Skater dresses are one of my favourite models of dresses, and they're also very flattering on my body shape. They come in many different and cute prints and colors, and here are some of the ones I like best:

This sexy V-neck solid pleated knitted skater dress is very elegant and feminine. It's great for work environment, but you can also dress it down for more casual days. Pleated skirt is also a very popular detail this summer. This model comes in many different color options, but I must admit, this is my favourite one!

Another dress that I loved is this one:

I usually go for more colorful options and crazy prints, but this season I'm leaning towards simplicity, clean lines and classic models that aren't too trendy, yet they never go out of style.
This round neck striped skater dress is definitely going on my inspiration board for summer fashion clothes! It's now even 80% off, which means I'll have to hurry up and place the order, right? ;-)

So these are the types of dresses that really flatter my body shape, accentuating my best features, but FashionMia also has a big selection of plus size dresses .
We all know that plus size fashion isn't so easy to find, as many high street stores simply don't make their clothes in bigger sizes.
The good news is that on this web store you can find many cute plus size models, so you don't have to give up on being fashionable in your plus size clothes!

Here are a few examples, these are a few dresses for various occasions:

This is a very gorgeous dress for special occasions

Here is one nice model for everyday wear:

And here's a fun print dress for the beach and hot summer weather:

I shared with you some of my favourites, and now is your turn!
Which ones are the dresses you'd like to wear this summer? Share with me your thoughts in the comments :-)

* in collaboration with FashionMia
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