Wednesday 7 September 2011

The Hottest Trend Around: Layering Bracelets (& My Bracelet & Ring Collection!)


Most of you know this fact about me already: I have a soft spot for jewellery & accessories of any kind!
I love to play with them to spice up the styling of my simple outfits :)
I have always enjoyed layering different types of bracelets on my wrists!
Even though, this trend just recently "exploded", it isn't as new, because I remember layering my bracelets even when I was in a high- school!
I make bracelets myself, two methods I've learned back in my school days, so I was always very creative with layering my bracelets!
I also know how to make "name bracelets", the bracelets with your name on it, but I haven't done one in such a long time!
If I find a time to do one these days, I'll share it with you :)
So this summer, layering bracelets was again a big MUST, when talking about my personal style!
No matter what the occasion was & how my outfit looked like, I was layering bracelets!

Let's take a closer look...

My bracelets come from a different stores: Some of them are from my local 1€uro store, some are from Promod, H&M, some are my handmade (B-deas Jewellery)...

I have prepared a video for you guys where I talk about how you can layer your bracelets & make the most out of the bracelets you already have in your collection!
(In the video I'm also showing you my bracelet & ring collection)

Check it out here:

Rings are my passion as well!
I do have quite a few interesting models in my collection!
The more unusual, the better ;)

Here are the rings I picked out recently from
I LOVE this website for its super affordable jewellery, their ring collection is sooo amazing, I'm in temptation to order EVERYTHING!!!
At cca 1.00 $ a ring, I could probably even do that!!!
So here are my new "toys"...

New rings in my collection!

I can't decide which one I like best!

I love pandas!
This one is sooo cute :)
 Cute Panda Shaped Rhinestone Embellished Ring US$ 2.70

I love these two bold rings together!
It reminds me on Aria's style (in one of the episodes of "Pretty Little Liars", she was wearing
similar styles of rings, together like this!)
 Unique Old fashion charming Fox Ring US$ 0.78

Old Fashion Lovely Bowknot Hat Ring US$ 0.65

This rose ring instantly attracted my attention!
I saw the exact same ring at "Bijou Brigitte", but for 12.90 €
(I mean, WHAT???)
I got this ring with my previous order from Wholesale-dress, and it was cca. US$ 2.00 (!!!)
I'd give you a link for it, but apparently it's no longer available (SOLD OUT!)

Dainty Peace sign ring.
I hold the peace message close to my hear!
 New Rhinestone Embellished Anti- war Peace Pattern Ring Golden US$ 1.05

This Deer ring is really an interesting piece of jewellery!
Retro Style Hot Sale Fashionable Deer Ring US$ 0.45

I hope you enjoyed my collection & these few links that I shared with you, where you can shop the biggest trends for less!

Which one is your favourite ring out of all these?

Have a lovely day & KISSS from Italy,

Ciao, Ciao! xx

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