Thursday 15 December 2011

Christmas Dinner With Colleagues from Work

Hello girls!

In my yesterday's post, I mentioned that I'm getting ready for my Christmas dinner party with colleagues from work...
Well, we had so much fun yesterday, we ate, sang and danced until late in the night!
Of corse, we took a bunch of photos & I'd like to share some of them with you :)

We are a good team, very crazy & fashionable!

Here is what I wore for the occasion:


Sorry, my booties got a bit dirty yesterday, due to the fact that our restaurant was in a middle
of nowhere (only fields arounds us) & it was raining...ughh!

& now, the party pics!

With my dear co-worker, Stefi

You guys have already met Stefi, through one of my videos (when we were shopping together at italian open market!)

In case you haven't seen this video yet, you can watch it here:

...back to the dinner party pics! ...

The Blondes ;)

Me & my co-worker from Brasil, Junior.
People were teasing us that we look like two actors...(from the mexican telenovelas, I added! :))

Two blonde Croats ;)
Me & my co-worker Riky.

My blonde co-worker, Anna.
Sometimes people just mistake us, lol!

Anna & I with our co-worker Ivan, who seemed to be very happy in our company ;)

Me with the brunettes :)

For the occasion, I've decided to curl my hair.
 This is something I like to do for a special occasions, because I don't wear my hair often like that, so when I do, it does feel special, hihi, plus, another reason for wearing it like this, is that I usually get tons of compliments ;) 
(& let's be honest, getting compliments always feels nice!)

I do have a tutorial on how to effortlessly acheive this hairstyle, without damaging your hair by applying heat on it- there is no need to curl it with a curling iron!
To learn my "secret", watch my hair tutorial here:

I hope you enjoyed this quick blog post (I haven't filmed a video/vlog about this dinner party, so this post is my little exclusive for my blog! ;)

Did you guys already have Christmas dinner parties with your colleagues from work?
Are these dinner parties something you enjoy attending?
Do you & your colleagues make a good team and have fun together even outside the work?

As every team, ours isn't perfect either, we have our problems & differences, but we always try to work on solving them...sometimes we're successful at it, sometimes we're not, but overall, we do have fun together! ;)

Happy Holidays!
♥ from Italy,

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