Sunday 26 February 2012

Fashion Haul: Benetton, H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear, Bershka!

Hi girls!

I have a new fashion haul for you!
February is coming to an end, and that means the end of the winter sales is near!

These here are some of the goodies that I grabbed as a "last minute" occasion, most of them were discounted at more than
 80% OFF, so I ended up paying 1-3€ for most of them!
We really have a great sales in Italy!

Do you, in your country, also have such an amazing sales?

Check out my new haul video here:

I went to the nearby United Colors of Benetton & Sisley outlet and this is where I found this gorgeous cape!
I was looking for it, ever since the past September, but I never found it in the Benetton stores.
I saw it in Carly's fashion haul & I instantly knew I had to have it in my wardrobe!
When I finally found it at the outlet, and for 70% OFF the retail price, I was sooo surprised and excited!!!

I'll be wearing this cape now, at the end of winter and in the first days of spring, with my skinny jeans and brown riding boots, or wedges!
 This was all that I got at Benetton's outlet and then I went to check out my H&M store...

I found this faux fur cardigan that I'll be wearing on top of my plaid/checker shirts..and jeans

Another cute cardigan.
This one isn't too warm, so it's going to be perfect for the early days of spring!

Homewear & PJ bottoms!
Boring stuff, but only 1€ each; now I'm going to look cute when chilling out at my new home! ;)
(after having done all the cleaning, and the moving,!)

I love the green colour of this casual/comfy sweatshirt/hoodie!

My best-buy from H&M this week has certainly been this black bag from the men's dept.!
 I was on a lookout for a nice Chanel style purse for a while...I found this red purse at Bershka for only 5.99€!

A couple of purchases at Zara...

Sparkly, golden ballet flats!
These are comfy and look so pretty on!

Peter Pan collar trend is huge for the next season!

I got this black, Peter Pan Collar (leopard print) dress at Zara TRF

Moving onto Pull&Bear fashion store...
(one of my favourite ones!)

I got this wool, knitted dress!
It's soo my style & I enjoy wearing it already! :)

A quick hair/hairstyle update:

It's been two months since I visited my hairdresser in Croatia!
With the buying of our first place and the move and all...I haven't had a chance to travel to my country to visit my family & to pop in for a quick visit at my hairdresser's salon!
I do have a bit of a visible roots, but so far I'm fine with that...
(with all that "ombre" hair going on & all...)
When I really don't know how to style my hair, I just quickly do a tiny side braid, and it instantly looks cuter/better!

Hopefully this serves you as an inspiration!

Have a lovely Sunday!
Kissss from Italy xx


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