Tuesday 17 April 2012

Kiko Make Up Milano Ultra Sonic Cream Against Imperfections Caused by Cellulite

It's time for a...

...beauty product review!

The Summer is on its way and we all want to be in our best shape when it comes, so we can proudly walk along the beach in our tiny bikinis! ;)


But, I'm serious when it comes to trying and giving my best to prepare my body for the warm weather and more revealing clothes.
In this period of time, I usually start using some kind of anti- cellulite cream (body firming etc.)
This year, my choice was this luxurious Ultra Sonic cream by Kiko Make Up Milano.
Combined with healthy diet and active lifestyle, this cream really works!

As I'm applying it on a daily basis, I thought a quick review is in order :)

I filmed a review, you can check it out here:

Here is how the product looks like:

You'll get 150 ml/ 5.6 FL.OZ. of the product

I really like the design of the bootle!
The product looks (and feels) so luxurious!

I'm happy that you can easily dose the right daily quantity of the product with the pump!

Make sure to be consistent when applying this product!
I apply it regularly, every day, after my shower (usually in the mornings, when getting ready for the day!)


- Precious textures that leave the skin moisturized and supple from the very first application.
- Delicate fragrances that envelop the senses and make every single application remarkably unique.


Treatment with an "ultrasound" effect to fight imperfections associated with cellulite, orange- peel skin and localized fat deposits.
Innovative, moisturizing and silky cream that is quickly absorbed.
The K2 cavitation- like complex works by simulating the effect of ultrasound treatment on the skin, effectively fighting imperfections caused by cellulite.
It thereby contributes to stimulating a reduction of fat deposit volume and thickness, improving microcirculation on the skin surface, encouraging the elimination of excess fluids, and restoring the natural structure of skin tissue. The skin fabric looks reshaped and firm, with a visible reduction in orange- peel skin and dimpled fat.

Results obtained using Ultra Sonic once a day:

- Skin visibly suppler and more moisturized.
- Reduction in thigh circumference (up to -2 cm in 1 month)
- Reduction in knee circumference ( up to -1.5 cm in 1 month)
- Figure reshaped (80% of the cases in 1 month)
- Reduction in the appearance of orange- peel skin (76% of the cases in 1 month)
- More radiant and even- toned complexion (90% of the cases in 1 month)

(clinical- instrumental test conducted on 30 women. Self- evaluation test conducted on 30 women.)

How to use:

Apply to body on perfectly dry skin at least once a day for a month. Massage with circular movements until completely absorbed.
Continue applying the product during the following months to improve and mantain the achieved results.

Hypoallergenic= formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions.
Non comedogenic. Paraben free.

My tips:

- Be consistent in applying this product, don't forget to apply it daily after showering.
- Always lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
- Make sure to apply this product by massaging it into your "problem" areas until its fully absorbed.

Currently, Kiko Make Up Milano is having a promotion on their "Perfect Body" line, and you can get this cream for ONLY 5€!
Don't miss out on that!
You can check out for this product at Kiko stores, or on- line!

One "candid" shot of me, while filming my review video ;)

I recommend! ;)

Ready to get in shape for summer?
Yes, Kiko! ;)

Hope you found this review helpful!
If I can help you out by answering any of your beauty related questions,I'd be glad to do so!
Don't hesitate to leave me your comment, I love to hear from you!

xoxo Sonja

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