Thursday 28 June 2012

What I Wore on June, 2nd. 2012. (Travelling to Croatia)

Hello dolls!

Here is a quick OOTD video, the outfit I wore at the beginning of this month, for my travelling to Croatia.

I haven't posted it sooner, because that very same day EVERYTHING CHANGED in my life.
I arrived to my home in Croatia, and found my Dad's already cold body, lying on our living- room's floor: My Dad has fallen alseep with the angels and he wasn't going to wake up ever again... :(

It's strange how life changes...that same morning I was carefree, filming my OOTD vid, looking forward to travelling to Croatia and celebrating my upcoming birthday with my Dad...and that very same afternoon...nothing was ever going to be the same...

As I'm slowly getting back to Youtube & blogging, I thought I'd post this quick outfit video, because I actually really liked what I was wearing that day, especially the crochet, off-white dress.

I'm grateful for the life my Dad gave me, and I want to live it by trying to make the most out of it, every single day.
I want to live my life with joy and happyness, because I know my Dad lives through me ♥

From this post on, I'll start uploading some new material, videos that I filmed recently.
 I have a lot of things prepared for you and I'm excited for all the things that I'm planning to do, as I'm really putting my passion, my heart and my soul into it! :)

So, go ahead, check out my quick OOTD video from the beginning of this month, here:

(as you can notice, it was a bit chillier, so I was still wearing my leggings & my boots, now it's definitely too hot for that!)

Crochet dress: H&M (divided)
Faux leather gilet: Jennifer
Brown leggings: M.S. fashion stores (Croatia)
Boots: Stradivarius
Studded bag: Italian store (random, no-name)
Sunnies: Moschino
Carriage necklace: SammyDress
Angel wings ring: SammyDress
Bracelets: Random italian stores, Yves Rocher..
Rose gold watch: Fossil

I'll try to talk to you soon!
♥ youuu all!
Kiss from Italy,
xoxo Sonja

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