Monday 5 November 2012

VLOG: October's Snow & The Day of the Dead in Croatia

Hello girlies!

I haven't vlogged in a while, I just wasn't feeling inspired, plus I haven't been out & about much...
Ever since this bad weather arrived I was all about house-work-grocery shopping, nothing much was going on...ughh :(
So my recent trip to Croatia was the perfect occasion to put together a new vlog!
I went to Croatia on the occasion of The Day of the Dead ( November), it's a holiday in Croatia, and we have a tradition to spend this day visiting the graves of our beloved ones who are no longer with us on this Earth, bringing them flowers, lighting the candles and saying prayers...
My entire family has roots from the town in the Croatian mountains of Gorski kotar, called Delnice, so ever since I was a child, every year around the Day of the Dead, I would go to the graveyard there, to remember my late family & relatives...
This year, it was painful, because my Dad sleeps there now...

My Dad & I, on my wedding day, 21.07.2007. in Italy

Tears are falling from my eyes now, as I'm writing these lines, but I promise you, my vlog wasn't about sadness, but it was about making the most out of every single day of your life, and about re-connecting with the family, about getting in touch with your roots, and about remembering that my beloved ones who are no longer alive, keep living in me & through me...
And this is what gives me strength to keep going on & to live my life with joy & happiness!

You can watch my vlog, see what was I up to during my trip, (and also see the October's snow!! yes, it was that cold!), here:

Here are a few random pics that I took during my short stay in Croatia:

When we were in Delnice, we went to this cozy little bar/restaurant "Tron"
I took some pics of the interier, as I really liked the way it's decorated :)

Interier of "Tron" restaurant, decor in old/mountain style
A part from the decor, have I mentioned, the food was yummy?
Def. must return here! ;)

Re-connecting with my uncle Miljenko & I :)

A gift from my Mum for my house in Croatia :)
This flower decoration is beautiful!

Have I mentioned, by the end of my vlog, I'm also showing you some bits & bobs that I bought while I was in Croatia, at DM and Kozmo drugstores? haha, I know you always enjoy my beauty hauls :)and this time I was very pleased with some low price/high quality croatian beauty products! I will be talking more about them in my upcoming beauty videos...

I was sad to leave my home in Croatia, the atmosphere was so warm & pleasant & whenever I'm there, I can really feel the presence of my Dad in his house :)
But, this past Friday, I had to work, so I had to go back to Italy! At least I managed to spend a few nice days in Croatia :)

Thanks for joining me on this trip & for watching my vlog!

Kissss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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