Thursday 31 January 2013

Asian BB Cream Review: LOHASHILL Blemish Balm ♥

Hello beauties!

I'm very pleased with the new B.B. cream that I'm using, so I had to share it with you in my review video & this blog post! :)

It's the LOHASHILL Blemish Balm, and it's the original Asian B.B. cream! Our market is currently overflown with B.B. creams, every possible cosmetic brand seems to be making one, from Dior, Garnier, Esteè Lauder, Lierac to Maybelline, L'Oreal etc.etc. ...
I've tried quite a few of these B.B. creams and even though I really liked some, in the majority of the cases, I felt as if I'm using a regular tinted moisturizer...maybe just with a tad bit more of the coverage...

"What's so special about the B.B. creams?", I thought...until I finally tried the original, asian B.B. cream! :)

Why am I so pleased with the LOhashill essential blemish balm?

Find it out in my video review!

Lohashill Essential Blemish Balm, buy it here!

This product retails at $15.21 and with the coupon code: SONJAK31, you'll have 10% off your purchase + FREE SHIPPING!

60 ml Lohashill Makeup Blemish Balm Super BB Cream 10 in 1
Essential Blemish Balm
available at:

I'm very happy with this cream because it covers really well, it blends well into my skin and quickly adjusts to my skin tone.
At first, it seems a bit oily, but then, after a couple of seconds, it completely transforms, it absorbs all the oil in excess from my face, and it gives me a matt effect that lasts all day long! I don't even need to worry about touching up my make up throughout the day & applying a compact powder to my oily T-zone, thing that I usually need to do, when using other foundations on my face! :)

In the pics, you can see the swatches of this B.B. cream; it is available in one shade only, that is supposed to adjust to every skin tone.
I'm very pale skin and this cream, when I put it on, is even too pale for me, with unflattering ashy undertones,(it can be scary at first, I thought it's just totally wrong shade!) but in a matter of seconds it adjusts to my skin tone and the colour that it developes is perfect!

However, I don't know how this would work on a very dark skin tones...

The blemish balm comes in a tube that holds 60ml of the product (which is quite a bit, considering that most of the foundations and face creams come in a 30ml).
I first apply it with my fingertips and then blend it in with a brush (Sigmax F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki). 
That combo is proven to work the best on my face, when applying this product!

The Lohashill Blemish Balm is many products in one: 
It substitutes your daily moisturiser, foundation, concealer, compact powder, and it also works as an anti-age! This cream will definitely give you the effect of "doll-like" skin, a perfect, flawless skin! :)Not many products can achieve that!

The cream also claims to have whitening effect (but I haven't noticed that; to be honest, I wasn't even looking for the whitening effect!)and it is supposed to diminish your fine lines and wrinkles with regular usage!
It is made with natural ingredients of different herbs and plants However, I'm sad I couldn't find the ingredients list on the packaging, at least not translated in english...maybe they were written in corean? I can't tell! :( 

I treat this cream as a part of my make-up, so every night before going to sleep, I make sure to remove it from my face and apply my night-time face moisturiser!

I truly recommend you to check out this product and give it a go!

Do you have a favourite B.B. cream to recommend?
Leave me your comments!

I hope this review was helpful!
Thank you so much for reading my blog, and don't forget to share this blog post & my video review with your friends!
Thank you so much for your support ♥

Kissss from Italy,

xoxo, S.

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