Tuesday 26 March 2013

♥ Nail Polish Trends from bornprettystore.com ♥

Hello beauties!

Today I'd like to show you four new nail polishes that I got from   bornprettystore.com

I really like this web store because the prices of their products are very affordable, and I was always very pleased with the quality! They offer a vast range of beauty products, such as make up, nail art supplies, hair accessories and other accessories...

This time, I've decided to broaden up a bit (my already big!) nail polish collection, and I ordered four new shades of nail polishes. Two of them are ideal for winter/autumn/colder days, and two of them are fun, bright colours, ideal for spring/summer!

Here are my picks:

My personal favourites out of these four shades, are number 33 and 38! 
These nail polishes are very inexpensive (2.95$), they dry very quickly, and are very long lasting! Overall, I'm quite impressed!
I've picked out these four shades, but on the website, the colour selection is very, very big!It was actually quite difficult to make up my mind!
You can check out these nail polishes here!

Don't forget, you can have 10%OFF your purchase + FREE SHIPPING worldwide, with the following coupon code: SONJAK31

If you want to see a full review of these nail polishes, you can watch my video, here:

Which one is your favourite shade?

Thanks for stopping by, kisses from Italy ♥♥

xoxo, S.

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