Tuesday 15 April 2014

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder Review & Demo!

Today's post is beauty related (actually, make up!). 
I'm going to review the face powder that I've been loving at the moment!
It's the Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder, that I use in a shade #52 and it fits my complexion perfectly!

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder
# 52 Vanilla

Unfortunately, the Bourjois brand is impossible to get a hold of here in Italy (??? can't understand why!!!), so I usually stock up on my Bourjois faves whenever I go to Croatia.
The last time I was there, I went to my local drugstore and, browsing through the Bourjois make up, I spotted this product and thought I'd give it a go, because I do have a liquid version of it (the Healthy Balance foundation), and I love it, so I thought I'm going to be pleased with this one too, and I was so right!

This powder is packed with the good ingredients that take care of your skin: 

- Sharon fruit for hydration, 

- Yuzu fruit (anti-brilliance). 

It does have a very pleasant, fruity fragrance (but nothing too heavy!)

It leaves your face with a matt finish, but it'll also give it a very natural, healthy glow.
It's pretty long lasting, so once I apply it I know I'm set for the day (even when I work long hours, there is no need to touch up!).

Some beauty bloggers compare it to the Chanel's Les Beiges compact powder (which is highly talked about, but also it's so much more expensive!).
As Bourjois brand is actually "Chanel's little sister"; both brands are owned by the same company, the formulas they use are actually pretty similar (the difference being a packaging and a prestigious name!).

I have been using my Bourjois Healthy Balance powder every day for the past couple of months, to set my make up,
so as you can tell I managed to hit the pan on it!
Will be stocking up on this product the next time I go to Croatia! :))

In my video review, I also showed you a little demo on how I apply this product (depending on the results you want to acheive, I recommended using two different brushes...one is for more natural effect, whereas when used with another brush, this product will give you a bit of extra coverage, without the risk of looking cakey!)...

To see the application, and the brushes I reccomend, check out my review video:

My verdict about this product:

It's an absolut must-have in your beauty kit!
This product will really stand up to all your expectations :)

this powder will give you a matt finish, but it'll also allow your face too look very natural and healthy!
it's recommended for all skin types, but it'll be awesome for the combo/problem skin too, as it contains zinc, so it won't break you out or additionally irritate your skin!
I like to use it for my problem T zone and it really works its magic!

To see my review on the liquid version of this product, the Healthy Mix liquid foundation, watch my review video here:

I hope this was helpful!

Have you ever tried any of the Bourjois face powders?
Do you like Bourjois make up?
Let me know what are your faves, in the comments bellow!

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