Wednesday 25 June 2014

Infinitine Jewellery Review: Dainty Arrow Necklace

Hello lovelies!

In my today's post I'd like to present you one very cool jewellery web store!
They're called infinitine and that's where I got my dainty arrow necklace from :)

I immediately fell in love with it, as it's such a cute, dainty piece! As soon as I started wearing it, people complimented me on this necklace and asked me where did I get it from.

Infinitine jewellery offers a really wide selection of trendy, unique and dainty pieces and I actually had troubles making my mind and picking out only one item that I liked the most :)

If you're looking for super cool, dainty and trendy jewellery, infinitine is the right place for you!

mini arrow necklaces $ 9.80

little big arrow necklaces (that's the one that I picked out!) $ 12.80

another beautiful piece that caught my attention, is this dainty, "spring daisy" necklace!

Arrow necklaces come in silver, gold and rose gold.
I picked mine in gold. Which one is your favourite colour?

Because this necklace is such a dainty and classy piece, you can wear it all the time, as your staple (must have!) piece :)

Me wearing my arrow necklace:

To find out more about Infinitine jewellery, check out my review video:

I hope you liked this little presentation of infinitine jewellery! Let me know which one is your fave piece out of the pieces they're selling on their web store! :)

Love from Italy,


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