Monday 2 March 2015

Give your hair a makeover with hair extensions!

One of the most common questions that I get concerns my hair...Do I wear hair extensions?
I do own two sets of hair extensions that were sent to me from hair extension web stores to review on my blog and youtube channel.
I do like to play with them and create different hairstyles that require A LOT of hair, such as super thick braids etc.
However, I don't wear hair extensions on a daily basis, as my hair is already pretty long as it is! I think it's fun to put them in occasionally, even for just a quick photo session (like on the above photo, thanks to the hair extensions, my hair appears to be extra, extra long, and I love that!). I think every woman should own a pair of hair extensions, as they're also very handy for special occasions or evenings out, when you really want to look (and feel) your best!
It is important that your hair extensions blend perfectly in your hair! That's why the most important step is choosing the right shade of hair extensions for you.
Web stores will usually have a pretty accurate colour chart and also a good customer's service that should always be at your reach and answer any questions or doubts that you might have!
Today I'm writing about CC Hairextensions, one of the top web stores and the best hair extensions to buy. What I like about this site is that it will give you all the detailed instructions on how to accurately apply your set of hair extensions, offer customer's reviews and also suggest similar products that you may like!
You can also check out their youtube channel.

Wearing my hair extensions....
The first time I put my full set of hair extensions, I thought: "Wow, that's a lot of hair!..."
And I pretty much instantly felt like some celebrity, probably a singer, ready to take the spotlight on the stage! lol...

Anyway, at CC Hairextensions web store, you'll also find a big choice of hair weave, which is something I personally never tried, but I know it's also very popular, especially if you like wearing hair extensions on a daily basis, and you want to avoid the hassle of having to put them in and take them out every single day!

Whether you're looking for a set of hair extensions just for occasional fun and creativity with your hairstyles, or as a more permanent solution, I think CC Hairextensions will certainly meet your requests!

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  1. Amazing!!!! lovely hair <3


  2. Your hair look gorgeous!

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  3. Que bonito tu pelo. Bss


  4. Que bonito tu pelo. Bss


  5. direi che il colore è perfetto si fonde perfettamente coi tuoi ;)un bacione

  6. colore stupendo cara a presto e buona serata

  7. Beautiful hair!

  8. Lovely hairs check out my new post here

  9. adoroooo
    beautiful t shirt!!!

  10. Izgledaš sjajno, a tvoja kosa je famozna! Jako lep animal print na majici i divan make up! Savršeno :***

  11. I have kind of been thinking about getting extensions just so I'll be a bit less impatient for my hair to grow longer!!! I have always been concerned because my hair is curly and colour issues. Any advice?


  12. waouh ! Really impressive ! ;) kisses !

  13. Amazing! Fantastic hair!!

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    Have a nice day,


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