Monday 9 November 2015

Feather jumpsuit OOTD

ENG: Hi guys! I wanted to quickly show you this OOTD. I was kindly sent this lovely feather print jumpsuit from Trendsgal web store. It's really a lovely piece and with some extra layering, I can wear it even in the (warmer) days of fall.

Tomorrow I have to wake up super early for work! Actually I have to be up at 4 a.m. which is something that makes me anxious just thinking of it! I hate going to bed early and I don't know what bugs me most: Having to go to bed early, or having to wake up early! Plus, now we have the fog season, so ouside you can't see's not going to be easy driving through the fog tomorrow so early! Ughhh

But, let's think happy thoughts...isn't my doggy Lancia the sweetest? ;-)

HR: Bok ljudi! Htjela sam vam na brzinu ubaciti ovaj post i pokazati ovaj OOTD. Kombinezon mi je poslan od Trendsgal on-line butika i bas je super odjevni komad! Mozete ga nositi i u toplijim jesenjim danima uz slojevito oblacenje. Ja bih za ove malo prohladnije dane dodala deblje najlonke, ili tajice i po vrhu neki deblji, oversized kardigan, ili kaputic.

Sutra se ustajem jaaako rano zbog posla! U 4 ujutro ce mi zvoniti budilica, a to me cini bas anksioznom...Ne znam sto je gore, morati ici spravati rano, ili morati se ustati tako rano ujutro (tj. po noci!). Plus, jos je vrijeme magle, vani se ne vidi ni prst pred nosom, a ja mrzim voziti u magli!joooj!

Ali, mislimo lijepe misli...nije li moja Lancica preslatka? ;-)

JUMPSUIT: Trendsgal
NECKLACE: Mikey London
BAG: Zara


  1. Everything fits just perfect! Love it <3

  2. Prelep outfit,poljubac za Lanciu,saljem ti mail cim stignem i da Dobro jutro.:)

  3. Love your boots!

  4. Love this outift! ♥ I love your blog! ♥ Kisses from Montenegro :-*
    P.S Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog! ♥

  5. Hi Sonia , Looks gorgeous. xo

  6. Love the jumpsuit! The hat and shoes are so perfect<3:)


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