Thursday 3 March 2016

Roadtrip to Slovenija with my doggy Lancia ♥♥

ENG: Here are some photos that were taken when we were travelling to Croatia. On our way we 
stopped in Slovenija for a quick break and also because we found this really cool spot for taking photos.
We were travelling with our cutie pie Lancia (look how tiny she is here! She grew up so fast, lol!)
The weather was chilly, but still perfectly sunny and the sky had this amazing blue colour...I love days like this!

...Days like these lead to
Nights like this leads to
Love like ours
You light the spark in my bonfire heart
People like us we don’t
need that much just someone that starts
starts the spark in our bonfire hearts...

James Blunt "Bonfire Heart"

HR: Evo fotki koje su nastale na nasem putovanju u Hrvatsku. Putem smo se zaustavili u Sloveniji (sto inace rijetko cinimo, jer uvijek nam se zuri doci doma!), kratko smo predahnuli od puta, a i lokacija na kojoj smo se zaustavili svidjela nam se za fotografiranje.
Putovali smo sa Lancicem (kako je ovdje bila mala! Tako se brzo izduzila i narasla!).
Vrijeme je bilo prohladno, ali i savrseno suncano, a boja neba intenzivno plava...trenutak za zabiljeziti! Volim ovakve dane :-) i gore stihove poznate pjesme "Bonfire Heart" Jamesa Blunta ♥

If you'd like to get to know my cutie pie Lancia a little bit better, here is the fun video tag for you:

JACKET: Hollister
WATCH: Jord, mod. Sully in Natural Green
BOOTS: Promod
BAG: Stradivarius
NECKLACE: Italian open market (Mestre) 1€ find!

You can now take advantage of the Spring discount offer at Jord and purchase your wooden watch!
Iskoristite proljetna snizenja i nabavite si svoj drveni Jord sat!

The code for mine is 26BLOOM20 (Sully in Natural Green)


  1. Fotografije predivne a pas presladak! Super post! <3

    Vildana from :

  2. Amazing pictures and great outfit dear.
    Your dog is so cute.Wish you have a great holiday.
    Kisses from Germany.xox

  3. Lancia is so cute!!! Love the photos.


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