Tuesday 26 September 2017

This Month's Empties

Hello beauties!

A lot of you asked me to bring back my "Empties, Products I've Used Up" videos, as you seem to find them interesting and helpful.
Unfortunately, lately I don't have much time to film, and I already have a long list of topics for my future videos that I'd like to film. Nevertheless, I decided to introduce this new series to my blog, and occasionally (maybe even monthly), bring you posts with updates on the products I've recently used up, giving you my opinions and quick reviews!
This month I have 5 beauty products that I've used up to share with you. I'll also be giving you a quick review on each!
These are all body care / hair care products as I find that I use up products in these 'categories' most frequently.

Here I Have:

  • SUNSILK Hair Conditioner
  • FELCE AZZURRA  Shower Gel
  • BALEA Body Deodorant
  • CIEN Body Lotion in Spray
  • SUN DANCE After Sun Gel with Aloe Vera

My most favorite products, that I recommend and would gladly purchase again were the Balea deodorant and Cien Spray-On Body Lotion.
Both of these products are inexpensive, but really great quality.
I like the Balea deodorant because it doesn't contain aluminum (and these days it's hard to find deodorants that last whole day and are aluminum free).
Cien body lotion was available at Lidl supermarkets and it was a limited (summer) edition. It was very quick & easy to apply, it was a light and fresh mist and I loved the scent. Cien is a brand of beauty products exclusive for Lidl supermarkets and I have to say they're really stepping up their game! They're super affordable and it's just hard to believe one can come across such great products at a local supermarket!
This was a great product for those hot summer days, but also for all the busy Mums who don't have a lot of time to dedicate to their everyday beauty routine!

My least favorite products were these two: Sun Dance After Sun Gel with Aloe Vera
 (it was way too sticky for my liking) and SunSilk Proheat Hair Conditioner 
(this product was okay, but nothing special and that's why I won't be buying it again; there are so many better products for my hair out there on the market!) 
To be honest with you, I was never into SunSilk as far as my hair care routine goes, but I was "talked into" buying it, because with the purchase of two SunSilk hair care products, there was a detangling brush as a complimentary gift. The brush is actually quite good (very similar to Tangle Teezer, or Macadamia No Tangle brush. Both of which I have. But, apparently, I needed another similar brush...lol whatever)

Last is this Felce Azzurra, Delicate Shower Gel. My Mum bought it for me, from the local Drogerie Markt drugstore.

I liked the fact that it's super delicate, and contains no colors, no parabens nor silicones.

Felce Azzurra is an Italian brand and every so often I find myself purchasing their body talc or shower gels.

They're actually quite nice, good price and pretty essential beauty products.

Those were my 5 empties for this month!
Let me know, have you already tried out any of these products?

* read more at Glam Express


  1. Replies
    1. I usually love it! Unfortunately, this particular one was a bit too sticky for my liking :-/

  2. I love empties! I'm putting mine up tomorrow! You finished up a lot of products! :)


    1. I'm trying to do these type of posts every month! It's not that difficult to use up skincare /bodycare/ haircare products, but with make up is a different story, lol! xx

  3. Niektórych nie znam :O

    Zapraszam http://ispossiblee.blogspot.com/2017/09/jensowa-bomberka.html

  4. I'm glad to hear this! I'll try to make one every month :-) xx


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