Monday 19 March 2018

#Mommymonday : Baby boy's fashion & food haul

Hello lovelies!

In today's episode of #Mommymoday , I'm going to share with you some bits that I got for my little son past week.
I went to Kiabi (where I often like to shop for my son's clothes, as the selection is nice, and the prices are affordable), Decathlon and Bimbo store.

I was looking for a sleeveless hoodie as I think it's great layering piece, especially for this transitional period of the year, when the weather can act a bit crazy... I couldn't find it anywhere, so I did some on-line research, and I found a really cute one available at Decathlon.
The price was € 7.99 and I was able to reserve it on-line and then pick it up in the nearby store the next day!

At Kiabi I picked a pairr of these cool, brown pants (the material is a bit more lightweight, so it's going to be great in warmer spring days.) I had some extra credit to use up so I ended up spending € 0.00 on these ones, but their retail price was € 9.

At Bimbo store (where I got most of the things from this haul), I stumbled upon this crazy sale of Primigi footwear! I couldn't believe it to my eyes! Primigi is one of the italian footwear leaders for kids, premium quality! Their footwear can be a bit pricey (40-50 €), and my son's first walking shoes are actually from this brand (we decided to get him only one pair but great quality shoes, instead of getting several "trendy" pieces, from highstreet brands.) When it comes to child's growing and developing feet, one should not pay attention on trends, but on the quality!
I grabbed this pair for only € 9.99 (which was incredible, and I didn't believe it was true until I actually paid for it, lol!). They didn't have any 21 sizes left, so I bought the 22 (he's now 20, pushing on 21), so these will wait a bit before he gets to wear them (maybe next fall?), but it was certaily worth getting them! Now I'll have to look out for the size 21 (maybe a bit more summery model!).
It wasn't a planned purchase, as I went to Bimbo store primarily to get some food and snacks for my boy, but I couldn't let this amazing offer go!

Next, here are some yoghurts and snacks that I picked at our local supermarket (and Hipp fruit purees I got at Bimbo store).
My son loves to have yoghurt for breakfast and it does good to his digestive system too! I like to but Teddi yoghurts as they're bio (organic) and super amazing.

As far as the fruit purees, I like to prepare them myself, with fresh fruit, but these Hipp ones are great and very practical when we're out & about and he feels like having a little midday treat!

As far as his daily meals are concerned, I steam veggies with Phillips Avent steamer & blender and then I mix it with meat (here I picked turkey, ham, rabbit, beef and veal.)
He now also eats small chunks by himself, of what we eat, but he does this more for fun than for fulfillment, so I tend to still blend main meals for him, and then let him "play" with smaller bits on his own.

These Plasmon, Mellin and Hipp meals based on milk are very easy and quick to prepare. I don't give these to him on a regular basis, but occasionally, for breakfast, or dinner.

These here are some snacks that he loves to snack on during the day...He has 8 teeth now (and 2 more on their way). We tried other forms too, but I ended up eating them, as he didn't care for them. These here are his favourites!

And here are some pasta, creckers and wholegrain cereal's flour (and corn and tapioca flour), that I also like to use when I cook his meals. The flours I use if I need to add a bit of density to the meal (and he actually loves when I add the corn and tapioca flour as it gives such a nice taste!). When we first started weaning, I tried rice flour, but it was making him constipated, so we switched to these other ones.

This was my little food & fashion haul! I hope it was interesting for all the mommas out there :-)

Happy names day to the light of my life, my little son! The great thing about having two names is that momma is gonna shower you with gifts :-)

Happy father’s day to all Dads ❤️ here are some memories from my Dad’s old photo album! My grandfather and my dad when he was just a baby! Today is also my Dad's Josip name day! And my son carries on his name😍


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  3. Una serie di cose bellissime e utilissime per i più piccini
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  5. Definitely lots of great items! And you look so lovely in that picture.

    1. Thank you so much Shannon :-) Only the best for my little one! :-) xx

  6. ottimi prodotti cara
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  7. Eccomi, condivido la scelta dei prodotti. Buona giornata.

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