Wednesday 12 December 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories for mobile phones, tabs & computers

Hello guys!

Holidays are just around the corner, so I thought I'd write a few posts on topic "Gift Guides", I hope these will be helpful!

Nowadays we all have mobile phones, they've become a necessity. Especially when the phone is new, we want to protect it from damaging, by putting it in a nice cover.
Covers are also great option when you want to update a bit a look of your old phone.
Personally I think it's important to have good quality covers, that will stay nice looking in time and that will serve it's purpose of protecting our phones.

Phone covers can actually be a great gift idea for this upcoming holidays! It's a nice gift to find under the christmas tree :-)
Also, covers for all other types of your fave devices: laptops, tabs etc.

I really like this cover for Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab  made with luxurious genuine leather.
It's simple, elegant, practical and great quality.

It's very practical as it has large capacity storage bag and also pen bag, it gives you easy access to fingerprint scan.
You can also find a card pocket and a place for post it notes, so you can be very organized.  is a Chinese company founded in 1998. FYY specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling mobile phone cases, computer cases, tablet cases etc.
They have a long tradition and a long list of very satisfied customers.

If you are wondering what to give to your friend or a family member, something from this store might be a good idea!
Accessories and covers for mobile phones, laptops and tabs are actually a great gift for mothers !
I'm sure that your Mom will be excited and surprised with this useful, practical and great quality gift, a very thoughtful gift indeed!

Also check out the new release and new products section, to see all the newest designs!
I'm sure that you'll find something that you love!

* in collaboration with fyystore


  1. Molto bello e utile. Ciao ciao.

  2. ohh i love this, so practical.


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