Wednesday 7 August 2019


Hello lovelies!

Recently I picked some new items from H&M, to add to my summer wardrobe so I thought I'd share it with you :-)
I bought everything on sales, so it was pretty affordable and budget friendly!
I'm very much into florals, so you'll see a lot of pretty floral prints, and also some cool tees for everyday (Stranger Things collaboration with H&M is my fave one!)

I bought this super comfy cotton bodysuit to wear it with jeans or high waisted skirts. I think it's lovely!

This floral print dress won me over! Unfortunately it's quite see through so you can either wear it as a swimsuit cover up, or put a nude slip dress underneath (which is exactly what I did!)

This high waisted floral print skirt is so lovely! This is probably one of my most worn items this summer! I wear it with denim shirts or fun print cotton tees.

This is a nude slip dress that I got from H&M underwear section. 
Now that I have it, I think why I haven't gotten something like this sooner? It's truly a must in everyone's closet!

This next cotton tee is in collaboration with Stranger Things and Netflix. Needless to say, I love it! I also got some other pieces from the collection but I'll be showing you that in another haul!
The S size runs a bit smaller than usual, but it's still OK on me and I love to wear it with high waisted jeans.

Nirvana is one of my favourite bands of all times! I bought this tee even though it was from men's section, and a size L. It's so big on me it almost looks like a dress, but still a bit too short, so I wear it for sleeping or just lounging around the house paired with simple shorts.

A velvet scrunchie! Just like the ones I wore back in the days when I was in middle school! This is so great for your hair as it won't pull it, it's super soft and great even for up doos and messy buns!

How do you guys like this haul?

I also filmed a fashion haul video where I try these items on and I'm also showing you a few more bits that I got from H&M, and also Zalando and Lidl, so take a look:


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