Saturday 4 April 2020


Hello lovelies!

Happy weekend everyone, I hope you're doing well! 

In my today's post I'm going to share with you my newest order from

I have a new video up on my channel, reviewing femmeluxefinery, popular instagram fashion brand, is it worth the hype? In this video I try on their clothes, share with you my latest femme luxe order and give you some styling, outfit ideas! 

I hope you like it!
I've been working with them since the beginning of this year, so by now my closet is pretty full of their clothes and I feel like I can really recommend this brand to you! Awesome prices, very nice quality and always up to date with the latest trends! Enjoy 

Pink Oversized Knit Jumper - Hetty

I'm a big fan of soft pink color for spring and summer season. This jumper is oversized, which is a trend right now, and I like that casual, mommy vibe that it has! Yet still very chic and stylish!
I ordered it in a size M (8/10), but I could have gone for a size S as the model is actually pretty big!

If you like pink colour as much as I do, and are looking to add a nice pink piece into your wardrobe this season, femme luxe has got a big selection of cute pink tops!

Teal Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper - Lore

I again went for the size M (8/10 UK), and this model is another oversized, large fitting jumper dress. It's very light knit, so it's ideal for this period of time, first days of spring, when the weather isn't super hot yet, but it can be windy and cloudy.
I'm in love with this colour! Teal is definitely new in my closet and I'm thinking it's just the colour I needed to refresh my look this spring time!

At femmeluxefinery I found many other beautiful models of knitted jumpers and I feel like I want to have them all, lol!

Grey Mesh Tie Bow Front Ribbed Frill Top - Valente

This super cute top comes in variety of different colours, one prettier than the other: white, hot pink, orange, black, beige! It was hard to make my choice, but I figured I would wear grey a lot, as it's the colour I usually really enjoy having in my wardrobe, I think it suits me.

I ordered this top in a size S, and it's the perfect fit, it's also very stretchy and super soft so I already love wearing it!

This top is ideal even for special occasions (especially the white and black version), but if you're specifically looking for going out tops , femmeluxefinery has a big selection of those too!

Blue Half Denim Button Up Shirt Dress - Kimani

Shirt dresses are so cute & easy to style! I went for the size S/M (6/8 UK) and it fits just fine, the bigger size would be too big for me!
This particular model also comes in 3 colour option: white and light denim, white and black, and this colour option that I went for.

All white is one of the biggest trends of the season, so I wanted to style an outfit within that theme, and the little denim detail was just what I needed as a little pop of colour, or an accent to an all white look! How do you like this styling idea?

Shirt dresses are something I really enjoy wearing, so I'm sure that this season, I'm going to have a lot of usage out of this one! I like it so much :-)

I hope you liked my styling ideas!
Let me know which one was your favourite outfit/ item in this haul?
I want to say I like the teal jumper dress, and the grey bow jumper the most, but I'm super pleased with the other two items as well!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend so far, cozy at home, watching some good tv shows, reading a book, or browsing through your fave blogs and on line stores in a search for some spring style inspo!

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  1. Davvero molto belli, mi piace molto il rosa e l’ultimo. Grazie per la condivisione. Buona notte.

    1. grazie mille cara! come stai? tutto bene? buona notte! xoxo

  2. There are so many fabulous pieces here! You can never go wrong with a colourful sweater. Such great items to have in your wardrobe.
    the creation of beauty is art.

    1. Exactly! I love to wear colorful clothes, it brightens up my day :-) I really liked everything from this order so much! xoxo

  3. Fantastic choices you did!

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