Wednesday 4 August 2021



Hello beauties!

I got asked by OOMYNAILS to pick out a couple of press on nail tips and do a review and a little tutorial on how to apply fake nails.

OOMYNAILS is a press-on nails brand that dives in beauty and natural nails protection. They have developed a total of 200-300 press-on nails styles, and 20-30 new styles will be introduced every week to keep up with the fashion trend.

I picked out these 3 sets:

These are among their best sellers!

They are all so pretty, I didn't even know which ones should I try first.

I decided to go for this gorgeous lavender colour, and then, to use the rainbow print ones when I'm on my summer vacations.

I absolutely LOVED how these nails looked on, and they're also really great quality! But I removed them almost immediately after finishing my review, because I simply couldn't do any housework, they were just too long (I'll probably have to shorten them the next time I decide to use them).

These nail kits are also very affordable, and you can choose from many different styles, shapes, prints and colours! They're also super easy to put on.

In this video I review OOMYNAILS press on nail tips & put them to a test.

Have you ever tried using press on nails? How did you like them?

xo from Italy,


  1. Wow! These nails look gorgeous. I absolutely adore that lavender colour. It looks wonderful on you. I haven't tried press on nails but I am definitely interested in them!
    the creation of beauty is art.


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