Sunday 7 November 2021

Men's fashion trends guide fall & winter 2021.

 Hello guys!

In my today's post I'm going to talk about mens fashion for this fall & winter season, and also some gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

As festive season is just around the corner, giving a nice quality piece of clothing to your male friend, brother, boyfriend, husband or other male part of the family, might really be good idea!

The important thing is to learn to know their taste in clothes and also find something that's appropriate for the season. Regardless of whether this will be a gift to put under your Christmas tree, or your male half just needs some help and guidance when it comes to renewing their wardrobe for cold weather season, it's always a good thing to explore some on line shopping deals and best offers.

I personally really love vintage fashion, so here are some vintage men clothing that I like:

I really love plaid shirts! It's a staple item even in my wardrobe and I always wear it all year round, and in fall and winter season, I opt for thicker materials.

This casual stand-up collar plaid jacket is just perfect for fall season and I'm sure it would be a greatly appreciated gift.

Here is another retro men's simple knitted cardigan. I love it because it's simple and goes well with everything. The beige and black colours are basic colours around which you can build your entire style.

Soinyou brand is known for a great selection of men's clothing items, from trendy and up to date pieces, to classic staples or true vintage inspired pieces.

In this period it's important to find good deals and affordable but good quality products, so cheap sweaters online are a must!

Here are some of my favourite pieces:

This stripe knited polo style sweater is a must! It's a very classic clothing item that we all love, as it's something you simply can't go wrong with!

Here is another cute round neck striped contrast casual long sleeved sweater that many men will like. It has a bit higher neck and again, it's very classic style that absolutely goes well with everything. The colour combination is just great and it isn't difficult to style with other pieces!

My last pick for this inspo list is this round neck contrast long sleeved knitted sweater:

I think this might be really cozy and warm, and perfect for colder fall and winter days!

Let me know how do you like these pieces and would you consider any of these as a gift idea for under the Christmas tree?

I'll talk to you soon!

* in collaboration with Soinyou

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