Wednesday 15 December 2010


Hello my dear readers!

I welcome you to my brand new blog, MissTrendyKitty :)
I'm here to blog about my big passions: Make Up& Fashion!
Expect to see many OOTD posts, product reviews, make up tutorials.
You can also watch all my make up tutorials by just clicking on my pics (on the right side of this blog).
Choose the look that you'd like to see, click on my pic that represents that look& you'll be taken directly to my Youtube channel to watch the tutorial!

I really want to make this blog a place where I will interact with you guys, so don't hesitate to leave me your comments, requests& your general feedback!

I will concentrate this blog mostly on fashion& beauty topics, but every now& then you can expect a blog post on my personal life& other randomness :)
Basically this blog will follow my Youtube channels:
eipysgudps (My main Fashion& Beauty channel):
MissTrendyKitty (My "Secret Diary" channel):
MissFashionKitty (My brand new channel, my "baby". A place dedicated exclusively to my fashion videos, in english language, and make up tutorials in croatian language):

Please share the love& show your support by following my blog!

(aka MissTrendyKitty)

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