Friday 5 December 2014

Dear Santa, I need a new set of hair extensions... ;)

Hi guys!
You often ask me about my hair & do I wear hair extensions.
I've already spoken about this several times, in my posts and videos: I have naturally long hair, and on day to day basis, I don't wear hair extensions.
However, being on youtube and having a beauty/fashion blog, I was asked by different companies to review their hairextensions.
As I never wore hairextensions before, I thought it would be fun to try them out, so currently I have two sets of hair extensions (that's a lot of hair!).
I can't even clip all of them in, so, for the purpose of my videos/ photos, sometimes I'll add a few wefts!
I often do that when I need an extra volumised hair for creating interesting side braids, or other creative hairstyles!
The hair extensions that I have blend perfectly in with my hair colour, and are really seamless in my hair!

As I found that playing with hair extensions is a fun game, and as I already have two sets of silky straight hair, next on my wish list is a set of wavy hair extensions (as I often like to wear my hair wavy, but I don't always have so much time to curl all my hair & then go ahead and curl all my extensions too...that's a lot of curling!)

I found this hairstyle that I really like

Other question that I often get asked, is to recommend you a web store that sells good quality hair extensions at affordable prices!
The company that I have collaborated with on several occasions is and I was always very satisfied.
Because we're in festive season, there are many online Christmas deals 2014 so if getting a set of hair extensions was on your wish list, now it's the right time to place that order :)

From Wigsbuy I'm also loving these following styles:

I'm in love with this hair colour!

Beautiful, romantic hairstyle

Let me know if you've ever ordered from this website!
I'd love to hear your experiences with their hairextensions! offers a big selection of wigs and hair extensions in many different styles, colours and lengths so you'll most certainly find what you're looking for :)

The jewellery that I'm wearing in these photos is from PIKA jewellery, my own jewellery line!
More details about it will be posted soon on my blog ♥

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  1. :-)))))))))))

  2. I love long hair...i have never try extensions but yours are amazing!!!very cool... Bye darling kisses

  3. I've got long hair so I have never try extensions, but you look amazing! :)

  4. very cool post, I would be able to live without extensions now!!

  5. Dear Santa, I need them too :)))


  6. Baš ti je lijepa kosa, ja nikad nisam nosila ekstenzije :)

    Military coat - check out the latest post! :)

  7. Fab post! Hope you can visit my blog. Let me know what you think about it and if you wanna follow each other.

    MY BLOG: Sammie The Stargirl

  8. Beautiful long hair and beautiful hair color.
    I always love long hair.<3
    Kisses from BKK <3

  9. Awesome post! I love your hair. Happy Monday! :)

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  10. Amazing hair! <3

    New post:

  11. Amazing hair! I really love extensions as long as it looks natural, then it's absolutely beautiful! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Such a beautiful hair! Amazing color too!

  13. Hello! Thanks :) Yes, I can, I'm heading over to your blog now! xo

  14. First thank you for your comment:)
    This is nice post, and the photos are very beautiful. I hope you will visit my blog again .


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